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A booru is a taggable image gallery. That means that each image in it can have multiple tags, indicating what can be seen in the image, from characters to kind of clothes. The Booru is a booru for all kinds of TWI Fanworks, including music and videos, but excluding longer Fanfiction, as there is no good way to display them.

If you want to contribute, check out the Tagging Guideline.

History[edit source]

The #fanworks channel on the TWI Discord was created during August 2017[1]. #gallery followed on February 20th 2019[2]. The point of #gallery is to have all fanworks together without people chatting/praising interrupting the art. However, it turned out a discord channel is sub-optimal as an image gallery, as it only allows text search and most images are named sparsely in there. In a discussion in July 2019 the idea of a booru for TWI was first brought up[3]. The idea was repeated in March[4] and May 2020[5]. Finally Ayutac, a long-time booru fan, took notice. But they first created a forum-based approach for fanarts, which they quickly regretted. With the help of LightningOwl[6] as admin they built up a real booru, free of charge but with advertisement. Around the same time, the first gallery was created in the old wiki[7]. The wiki galleries can be viewed by character or by artist, but these overviews are hand-made, while the Booru allows the same overview with its tags. Originally, LightningOwl did permission asking and uploading, but eventually Ayutac took over these responsibilities.

There was the issue of having the Booru with NSFW entries or not. First it was considered allowed, but that lead to unwanted NSFW advertisement, so a SFW variant was created to be used instead. Zelanters created the image counters still used today. But the Booru was relatively short-lived, due to the problems with NSFW display. On June 1st 2021 AxelTerizaki offered to host the Booru for free, based on free software[8]. The move was done and the old SFW Booru left behind with 1603 images. LightningOwl retreated as admin and was replaced by Axel. In the same month Ayutac began adding tags for spoilers, but it would take until October 2023 before they were finished. The NSFW entries could be added without unwanted advertisement. Their thumbnails were originally blurried. In April 2023 Aliased asked for a better solution[9], which lead to unblurred thumbnails but hiding the NSFW behind Booru login.

At some point, the Booru was added the the official TWI website. Since January 12, 2024 it is reachable under

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