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It All Starts Here

Welcome to the Community portal!
This is where [Wiki Warriors] come together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki.

How to Start Contributing[edit | edit source]

  • There are many, many articles, topics, characters and chapters to create and expand upon pirateaba's ever-changing Innverse. See a need? Fill a need.
  • Improve the various short articles by adding content. Alternatively, improve articles where the "Forsooth! Missing information!" template is used. See here for a list.
  • Un-orphan or delete some Special:LonelyPages. Some might need to be deleted, others linked from the proper pages to not be orphaned anymore.
  • Create the pages from Special:WantedPages, these are "red-links". Pages who have been linked to, but do not exist yet.
  • If you see information that should be cited, leave a {{cite}} to mark it for citation.
  • Find a page that should be deleted? Mark it for deletion by adding {{delete}}. Give more information to the admins reviewing the deletion within the page or edit comment if you can!
  • If you know a particular chapter that can be used as a reference, use <ref> or {{ref|Interlude - King Edition}}
  • To follow the changes to the wiki, and to look out for new users and edits use recent changes.
  • You can find a list of useful templates on Category:Templates.
  • Want to upload Fanworks or Fanart? Start by checking out the Wiki's Fanworks Policy. Artist permission granted? Great! Refer to the Fanart Upload Guide.
  • See Help:Editing Tools for tools that might help you during your editing journey.

Awards and Levels[edit | edit source]

This wiki uses an awards and leveling achievement system to reward editors for their contributions. These systems reward nothing but fluff and prestige.

See Help:Awards for more Awards details.
See Help:User_levels for more wiki User Level details.

Want to Discuss?[edit | edit source]

Special Projects[edit | edit source]

Archived or Completed projects are stored at Category:Archived Wiki Projects

Wiki Projects with Specific Goals or Improvement Plans

  • Create pages for characters without a page, refer to this list here, thank you Pallandor.
  • Inconsistencies should be updated regarding the Stone Spears Tribe and Volume 8
  • Add image cards or panels to the Main Page, for popular pages. E.g. Erin, Ryoka, Characters, Classes, Skills. etc.
  • Add link to Help:Awards within UserProfile page.
  • After everything else...Investigate Semantic Mediawiki, an extension that essentially turns wikis into machine-readable databases. Potential to solve our many, many manually generated lists, alternative to the resource-intensive DPL extension. Or its light-weight alternative: Cargo

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 <--Wanted Chapter Synopses:

  • Have an idea to improve the wiki? Add more here...