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Users are expected to follow these rules while participating on the Wandering Inn Wiki. While we try to cover the most common issues, the below list is not all inclusive. Breaking the rules repeatedly may result in your comments being deleted and/or being blocked from the site.

General Policies[edit | edit source]

The following guidelines apply to the social areas of the wiki. These include page comments, user pages, etc. The wiki side includes article pages, templates, categories, files, etc.

General civility is expected at all times. General civility is understood to be the following:

  • Be nice and treat people (including other users, the author, and members of the Official TWI team) with respect.
  • Personal attacks, insults, threats, bullying, slander, inflammatory remarks, and harassment are not tolerated.
  • Assume good faith of others.

Contribute positively:

  • Create a positive environment. Avoid starting conflicts. While discussing articles is allowed, bickering is not.
  • Comments are expected to be relevant to the topic. They should also be appropriate, i.e. exclude inappropriate language and inflammatory statements.
  • Like the official TWI website, critical opinions and comments are allowed. However, this is a fanwork for The Wandering Inn and we aim to maintain a positive environment for fans. Making incessant and frequent complaints on the wiki is considered trolling.
  • Comments are expected to use decent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Do not use excessive amounts of caps or chat speak.

Wiki Policies[edit | edit source]

The above rules regarding General Civility apply.

  • Do not vandalize the wiki. Examples include adding gibberish, editing text to include falsehoods, removing all content, etc. If you see a vandalized page, try to fix it yourself.
    • If you need help, contact an admin. If you see an IP or user regularly vandalize the wiki, notify an admin to ensure action is taken.
  • Do not call out editors for lack of content on pages. Everyone contributing to the wiki does so on their own time.
    • If you see something missing or something inaccurate, you are free to edit, contribute, or comment. We're always in need of more volunteers.
  • Editing conflicts: When there is an editing conflict, the involved editors are expected to first try to solve the issue on their own (i.e. stop editing the page in conflict, communicate with each other, and attempt to come to resolution). If they cannot come to an agreement, they should ask a neutral party or an admin to assist.
    • Edit warring, i.e. repeatedly reverting pages instead of discussing, is not allowed.

Prohibited Content[edit | edit source]

  • NSFW, sexually explicit images or content is prohibited.
  • Profanity within wiki articles is prohibited, unless directly quoting text from works in the Innverse.
  • Patreon: Knowledge and information from chapters locked behind pirateaba's Patreon subscription are not to be referenced until they are publicly posted on the TWI website.

Spoilers[edit | edit source]

  • The wiki's purpose and objective is to be a conclusive database of information regarding The Wandering Inn and other official stories taking place in the same universe. Spoilers on the wiki are unavoidable and readers are cautioned to beware spoilers at their own discretion.
  • As The Wandering Inn is a large and on-going work, we recognize that efforts to help hide spoilers for those seeking information on the wiki is appreciated. Though we cannot guarantee a reader will not be spoiled while browsing the wiki, standards the wiki has in-place to help avoid spoiling The Wandering Inn are:
    • Hiding the status of a character at the top of their page within their information box, such as Alive or Deceased or otherwise.
    • Placing a general spoiler warning at the wiki's main landing page.

Creative Commons Licensing[edit | edit source]

The wiki's content is under CC-BY-NC-SA licensing.