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Spells are a function of the System that governs Innworld. They are abilities similar to Skills but which are instead only gained and used by Magic users. Spells are fueled by Mana and categorized into different tiers.

Boxed and Free Spells[edit | edit source]

The spells cast by most [Mages] and other spellcasting classes is "put inside a box" as Teriarch puts it. It is not necessary to use magic, but the boxed magic is far easier to learn, less mana intensive,[1] and safer to use. This is because this system of magic manages complex parts of the spell behind the scenes, which also results in the spell having standardized details regardless of who is casting it without factoring in Skills, like the speed of the spell. This is something the vast majority of [Mages] are unaware of. In contrast, creating a spell wholesale without aid from the system lets the caster modify every part of the spell. For example: firing a Tier 1 spell at the speed of a bullet.[2]

Tier Magic[edit | edit source]

Spells are organized into different Tiers based on effect and strength.

A spell capable of being cast by all mages is generally thought of as Tier 0 or Tier 1 Magic, while a spell that belongs to Tier 2 is more potent, requiring a better mage and longer periods of study to learn it. Tier 3 magic is generally the bar for most mages, with most knowing only one or two spells of that level. Anything higher gets into the range of extremely powerful magic, becoming exponentially stronger and just as hard to learn.[3]

To cast spells of specific tiers, it usually requires for the mage to have reached a certain level.

However, lower-level mages can cast higher Tier magic with enough practice and time. Ceria received the knowledge of how to cast [Fireball], a Tier 3 spell, when she reached Level 18 in her [Elementalist] class. It is not known, however, if all magic related classes gain a spell of that tier upon reaching said level.[4]

According to Pisces, there are seven or eight Tiers of magic as well as a speculative ninth tier of magic, but no [Mage] has ever cast or discovered a Tier 9 spell and Tier 7 spells are a thing of myth to the average Innworlder in the modern era.

Leveling[edit | edit source]

[Mages] can level by solely casting spells, but it is not very efficient.[5] Studying spells allows a mage to gain far more experience, making it far more likely to level up using that method.[6]

List of Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Tier # Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Cooling Breeze] 0
[Firespark] 0
[Flashbang] 0 Casts a weaker version of a stun grenade. 2.28
[Flashlight] 0 Emits a cone of light that looks like any flashlight beam, from the caster's finger. 2.25
[Grow Grass] 0 Conjures a patch of magical grass on a surface.
After a while, the grass disappears.
5.06 M
[Heated Air] 0 Generates enough heat to melt snow. 10.00 L
[Hot Hands] 0 Generates enough heat to boil a kettle of water.
With concentration, it can also ignite a stick.
6.41 E
[Light] 0 Conjures a ball of light to illuminate the surroundings.
[Light Bubble] 0 Conjures a bubble of light. 9.55 (Pt.1)
[Noise] 0 Produces a warble sound.
[Spark] 0 Conjures heat.
[Thorn Hand] 0 Conjures thorns on the user's hand/paw. Two Rats
[Water Spray] 0 Conjures water.
[Arrow of Light] 1 9.24
[Bone Dart] 1
[Cooling Wind] 1 Removes cold from one target, without generating heat, to create cold air. 8.60
[Detect Death] 1 Detects the Death Magic which congregated in corpses.
Can also be used on someone's body to verify if they are dead.
[Earth Clod] 1
[Electric Jolt] 1 Conjures a lightning jolt.
[Everdawn’s Radiance] 1 A Shaman Mental Spell that conjures a bright star that has a calming and reassuring emotional effect on anyone who sees it. Krshia
[Flare Burst]
1 9.24
[Flick Fire] 1
[Frozen Wind]
[Frozen Winds]
1[7] Conjures a freezing breeze. 1.22
[Glitterfrost Gust] 1 Sprays ice and water in a blinding sheet of snow particles laced with wind. 8.53 FH
[Light Arrow] 1 Conjures and projects an arrow made of light.
It is less powerful than an actual arrow, because it is a blunt impact, but it has the same force, like a hammer to the jaw at worst.
7.09 K
6.22 D
[Lucky Glimmer] 1
[Mud Splatter] 1 9.23 GGGGGGGGG
[Scribe Text] 1
[Shock] 1
[Stone Shard] 1 9.24
[Water Jet] 1 Shoots a jet of concentrated water.
The water jet can be accelerated and compressed to shoot out like a beam of force.
8.36 H
[Wind Jet] 1 Shoots a jet of compressed air. 9.37 HO
[Call Object] 2 Moves an object to the caster.
[Chameleon][8] 2
[Create Snow] 2 Conjures snow.
[Flame Bolt]
[Fire Bolt]
[Flame Jet][8] 2 Conjures a jet of flames.
[Flame Scythe][9] 2 Conjures a scythe of flames.
[Flame Spray]
2 Conjures a spray of flames.
[Flash] 2 Generates a blinding light.
[Ice Floor]
[Icy Floor]
[Frozen Floor]
[Floor of Frost]
2 Covers the ground in slippery ice. 2.00 H
[Ice Shard]
[Icy Shard]
2[7] Conjures and projects a dart made of ice.
[Illumination] 2 Conjures orbs of light that illuminate over a hundred meters around the caster.
Also allows the caster to change the angle and intensity of the light.
It can only illuminate where the caster has been.
1.00 H
[Jet Spray] 2 Conjures a jet of water.
[Light Sconce] 2 8.12 T
[Lightning Jolt] 2
[Lightning Orb] 2 Conjures an orb of lightning.
[Mud Slap] 2 Conjures a splash of mud.
[Shock Volt] 2 Conjures a shock of electricity. 2.00 H
[Snowball] 2 Conjures a snowball.
[Steel Arrows] 2 Conjures and projects an arrow made of steel.
[Sticky Webs] 2 Conjures a sticky threads for binding.
[Stone Dart][8] 2 Conjures and projects a dart made of stone.
[Stone Spray][9] 2 Conjures and projects razor-sharp stone shards. 5.18 S
[Tripgrass] 2 Conjures grass that snags the target's legs to trip them. 3.30
[Acid Orb][10] 3
[Arrows of Sand] 3 Conjures and projects arrows made of magical sand out of the ground, that bursts and releases a stinging and blinding cloud of sand. 7.13 K
[Detect Truth] 3[11] Detect when someone is truthful.
[Dome of Heat] 3 Forms a heated dome.
Normally the dome has a radius of 10 feet around the caster, about 5 feet over their head, but with more efficacious mana the range can become bigger.
9.38 TV (Pt. 1)
[Fire Orbs] 3
3 Conjures and launches one or multiple balls of fire.
[Flame Arrow] 3[12]
[Flaming Swathe] 3 Conjures a long stream of fire.
[Flash Hooves] 3
[Flash Step][13] 3
[Fox Fire] 3
[Gale Winds]
3 Produces strong winds. The Competition
[Icy Spear] 3
[Ice Spike][7] 3 Conjures and projects a spike of ice.
[Karas Duststorm] 3 A dangerous multi-target Battle Spell that conjures and shoots a roaring blast of dust, sand, and stone at the targets, which can blind and tear skin off at close range. 8.12 T
[Lightning Bolt][10] 3
[Magipierce Bolts] 3
[Message] 3 Allow 2 casters who know this Spell to send each other messages from great distance. 8.46 G
[Razorwind] 3 Conjures and projects sharp winds.
Casters may also compress the summoned winds into as shield.
7.16 L
[Rhinoceros Beetle’s Might] 3
[Stone Fist] 3 Conjures rock around the caster's hand. It can be strong enough to crack a boulder like it was nothing. W.D (Pt.3)
[Stone Spear][10] 3
[Stun Spear] 3 7.29 B
[Ward of Preservation] 3 9.37 HO
[Ward of Purity] 3
[Water Umbrella] 3 9.18 E
[Arcane Barrier][14] 4
[Call Lightning][15] 4 Call/Summon lightning from the sky.
[Calming Winds] 4 Conjures a breeze that calms people down, by making their hearts beat slower and draining them of emotions like worry, fear and anxiety.
Does not work for those who have natural spell resistance and whose emotions are to strong. 
[Chain Lightning][16] 4
[Communication] 4 Allows 2 casters who know this Spell to talk with each other from great distance. 8.46 G
[Create Food] 4 10.01 L
[Deathbolt] 4[17] Conjures and projects a black bolt of death magic.
Depending on the caster's strength, it can instantly kill anyone below Level 15 to 30.
Armor and Shielding Spells can't defend against this Magic.
5.55 G
5.56 G
[Delayed Fireball] 4 7.41
[Earthen Bulwark] 4[18] Rises a defensive wall of earth. 9.15 VM
[Earthen Pillar] 4 Raises or conjures pillars of earth.
Can be casted with the force of a battering ram.
8.58 PFH
[Earthen Spire][19] 4 An Earth Manipulation Spell that shapes the earth into a huge solid rocky stalactite and projects it at high speed. 6.16
[Extended Lightning Bolt] 4
[Force Barrier]
[Force Wall]
4 Conjures a force-field barrier/wall. 5.29
[Haste] 4
[Ice Lance][8] 4 Conjures and projects a massive lance made of ice.
[Ice Wall][20] 4 Conjures a wall made of Ice.
[Icy Lance]
[Icy Lances]
[Invisibility][7] 4 Renders oneself unseen.
[Joyous Spirits] 4 A Mood Spell that positively increases the target's mood, even if they are at rock-bottom. 8.27
[Lion’s Strength] 4 6.32
9.69 H (Pt. 1)
[Mana Barrier] 4 A green barrier outlines the User and prevents contact. 10.02 Y
[Ray of Electrocution] 4
[Ray of Incineration] 4 Shoots an orange-red beam that instantly incinerates anything on contact. 8.46 G
10.04 V
[Razor Whirlwind] 4 9.42 E
[Shatterbolt] 4 Conjures and projects a silver translucent bolt as thin as a needle, with enough force to pierce through plate armor. 3.36
6.19 H
[Siege Fireball] 4[21] Conjures and projects an overcharged version of the [Grand Fireball].
It takes the form of a ball of roiling flames as tall as a Human in every direction and as bright as the sun, that explodes in a massive explosion.
5.51 G
[Spear of Light] 4[22]
[Valeterisa’s Complex Seeker Projectiles] 4[23] An extremely complex Spell that incorporates the [Measure Distance] Light Spell to shoot hundreds of thin rays of light that bounce from place to place until one hits the Target(s) to mark their location. Than once detected the Caster fire dozens of Seeking Spells, of their choice, that will began bouncing, copying the vector of one of the light spells precisely, until they hit the Target(s).

During this time the light rays will still keep bouncing, so that even if the Target(s) were to move they wouldn't be able to escape them, and the Seeking Spells that are being guided to them.

9.15 VM
[Valmira's Comet] 4[24] Conjures a single shining, multi-color, burning comet. Flies slowly. Comparable to [Valmira's Comet Storm], albeit only a single comet. Interlude – Adventurers (Pt. 3)>
[Void Air] 4 Removes the air in an area.
[Arc Lightning] 5 Conjures and projects a bolt of lightning that shoots up, arc downwards in a long curve—slower than regular lighting, and subdividing, becoming dozen of lightning bolts that would hit the targets. 7.13 K
[Beam of Fire] 5 Shoots a beam of fire that explode everything along its line of fire.
As the beam is slower than a regular arrow, it is eminently dodgeable.
If its effects are reduced it becomes comparable to a Tier 4 Spell.
8.70 E
[Blackfire Fireball][14] 5
[Deep Slumber] 5
[Denial of Observation] 5 A specific spell that can fight off a higher-level scrying spell. 6.11
[Field of Deepest Slumber] 5 Puts people within its area of effect to sleep. 9.17 R
[Five-Fold Arcane Barrier][14] 5
[Fortification of Mithril] 5 Enchants an object with Mithril-grade toughness. 8.76 B
[Grand Lightning] 5 Cast a grand bolt of lightning 8.64 K
[Personal Levitation] 5 8.72
[Pestilence’s Touch] 5 Chapter 6.54 K
[Resonance] 5 Trade and Travel
[Rivet-Lance of Flames] 5 Launches a jet of white-hot flames. Strong enough to break a magical barrier. 9.14 VM
[Serpent of the Five Elements] 5 Creates a hundred-foot serpent made out of five different elements to strike the target. The elements it is made from may vary. For example: a body of light with an ice maw, lightning whiskers, fire scales, and trailing clouds of darkness. 9.51 Z
[Sphere of Inner Reflection] 5 Defensive Spell that conjures a sphere around the Caster or a Target. Can take a Tier 7 mass-attack Spell without breaking. 8.26 FK
[Thresk’s Seekers] 5 Diffuses a beam-based spell into multiple short beams, and transforms them into writhing serpents, which seeks and attacks their target.
The spell is named after [War Mage] Thresk.
8.70 E
[Valmira’s Comet Storm] 5 Conjures multiple shining, multi-color, burning comets. Flies slowly. Similar to [Valmira's Comet], albeit more complex and conjures multiple comets. 5.29
[Arrows of Razzimir] 6 A long-range light magic spell that cast an oversized, blinding [Arrow of Light] as large as a ship, which can be throwed across a thousand miles.
Spell strong enough to leave charred, pits of glass on a sandy beach.
8.78 F
[Blessing of the Winter Warrior] 6
[Earthquake] 6 Saliss the Adventurer
[Hand of Quiet Closure] 6 Intercontinental spell that summons a hand of ashy lines from the sky towards the target, which makes whatever it touches vanish. 9.70 (Pt. 3)
[Magic Null] 6
[Storm Keep] 6 Gather a massive amount of electricity into a ball of lightning in the sky, to rain down lightning at the opponents. 4.05 K
[Restoration][26] 6 TBA

It only assumes a set amount of damage. And it merely restores.
It has little to no effect on magical beings or damage.

[Room of Paradise] 6 8.60
[True Seeing][27] 6 Capable of seeing through all but Tier 8 magics, and even they begin to fail with this Spell. 6.50 I
[Valmira’s True Comet Storm] 6 An Army-Killing Spell were the Caster cast an advanced version of the [Valmira’s Comet] but instead of conjuring a single Tier 5 comet, the Caster conjure dozens upon dozens of Tier 5 comets, and they can keep going until they can no longer channel power into the Spell.
Like its lesser version the comets explode when they hit something big enough or with an equivalent amount of power, as anything lesser will not detonate them.
8.04 T
[Wave of Seething Acid] 6
[Arrow of Winter: Glacius Pillar] 7 7.35 C
[Cage of Pallass] 7 A City-Wide Defensive Spell.
It is strong enough to even resist hits from a regular [Mage] capable of casting Tier 7 Spells.
[Foundational Recreation of Mundanity] 7 Recreate any non-magical item.
The more complex and technological advanced an item is, the more mana it requires to reproduce.
9.41 (Pt. 1)
[Hellfire Pillar] 7 Death and Stitches
[The Thousand Gateways of Orlaey] 7 7.36 C
[Zone of Slow Time] 7 9.23 GGGGGGGGG
[The Impartial Gaze of Isthekenous] 9 An unavoidable spell that reveals everything about the target while being unseen and unnoticeable.
Only accessible to the Grand Design of Isthekenous.
[Detect Magic] 1[28] or 3[7] A sensory magic that detected magic.
The Casters can also allow others to see any detected magic by causes anything with magic to glow with a magical aura.
Casters with a more refined knowledge of magic are also able to gather more magical data, which allows them to sense the magic aura intensity, and even what nature/element the magic is.
[15 Second Message] Unknown Send a Message 15 second in the past. 8.74 DR
[A Hundred Thousand Seeking Arrows of Deathlight] Unknown Interlude - Death and Stitches
[A Thousand Shooting Stars] Unknown Conjures miniature comets to strike opponent. 8.28
[Absorb Life] Unknown 8.85
[Absorb Mana] Unknown The Caster takes in the mana 9.15 VM
[Absorb Recollections] Unknown
[Accelerate Spell] Unknown
[Accelerated Movement] Unknown
[Acid Orb Volley] Unknown
[Acid Rain] Unknown Conjures a rain of acid to fall on the Targets. 8.19 H
[Acid Spray] Unknown
[Acid Storm] Unknown
[Acid Wave] Unknown
[Acidic Blightwater] Unknown Death and Stitches
[Activate Greater Teleportation Rune] Unknown Death and Stitches
[Advanced Telekinesis] Unknown
[Aegis of Saimune] Unknown 8.28
[Aerial Burst] Unknown Conjures a shockwave that blast the target off their feet and into the air. 6.22 D
[Aerial Shield] Unknown A [Barrier] Spell that hovers in the air. 9.15 VM
[Age of Frost] Unknown Snap-freeze an entire area, which coats anyone and anything in it in frost, in a moment. Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Ailendamus’ Lancearrows] Unknown
[Air Volt] Unknown
[Airless Box] Unknown Suck the air out of the targeted area. Chapter 8.45 O
[Alter Spell] Unknown 9.15 VM
[Alter Velocity] Unknown 8.28
[Amplify Hearing] Unknown
[Amplify Sound] Unknown Amplify Sounds.
[Analysis: Mana Trace] Unknown
[Anchor Spell: Self] Unknown
[Ancient Form] Unknown
[Anti-Flame] Unknown
[Anti-Magic Ward] Unknown
[Animate Dead] Unknown Reanimate a dead body into an Undead.
[Animate Frostmarrow Behemoth] Unknown 8.78 F
[Animate Ghouls] Unknown Reanimate a dead body into a Ghoul. Gravesong Book One
[Animate Vermin] Unknown
[Annie’s Contemplation of the Mind] Unknown Delver into ones own mind to contemplate specific knowledge.
The Spell is named after the [Mage] Annie, who had once delved deep into the realms of mental magics.
8.70 E
[Antigravity] Unknown Orients an object’s weight in the opposite direction. Innovation and Invention
[Apista’s Jetflame] Unknown
[Appraisal] Unknown Allows the Caster to see someones Classes, Levels and Skills. 7.07
[Appraisal of the World’s Eye] Unknown
[Aqua Lung] Unknown Allows to breathe underwater. 9.34
[Aquatic Sinkhole] Unknown 8.70 E
[Arc of Midnight] Unknown Enchantment that turns a plain blade into a pitch-black, massive magical blade, that can cut a person in half. 4.46
9.69 H (Pt. 1)
[Arced Grand Lightning] Unknown
[Arcane Familiars] Unknown 9.25
[Arise, Forests of Estiphole] Unknown Sprouts giant trees from the earth. 9.06
[Arlell’s Articulation] Unknown
[Arm of the Stone Giant] Unknown Conjures a stone pillar. 9.70 (Pt. 2)
[Armor of Thorns] Unknown Conjures vines covered in huge thorns from the ground, to engulfed the body of whoever the Caster wants into an armor of razor-sharp thorns and twisted vine. 5.08
[Army: [Firebolt]] Unknown
[Arrows of Filled Glass] Unknown
[Arrow of Fire] Unknown
[Arrow of Stone] Unknown
[Arrowform: Bird] Unknown 9.57 B
[Arrows of Flame] Unknown 8.85
[Arrows of Lightning] Unknown
[Arrows of the Lightning Queen] Unknown Cast 300 arrows as fast as electricity could move. 8.70 E
[Astral Binding] Unknown
[Astral Clock] Unknown Allows the Caster to check the time. 8.61
[Aura Binding: (Spell)] Unknown
[Aura Detection] Unknown An Aura-based Detection Spell that sense the presence of auras in the Caster's vicinity. 8.04 T
[Aura Mute] Unknown Hides the Caster's aura from Aura-based Detection Spells / Skills. 8.04 T
[Aura Reader] Unknown See the Target Classes/Levels from their Aura. 8.04 T
[Aura Shield] Unknown Blocks the effects of Auras. 7.13 K
[Aura Tracers] Unknown
[Babble] Unknown 8.72
[Ball Lightning] Unknown
[Bane] Unknown 9.63
[Barkskin] Unknown Enchant the skin into a bark-like to make it durable enough against daggers and to an extent swords, to give a degree of cold resistance due to the thicker exterior and to take in light to provide for energy. 3.36
[Barrier Breach] Unknown Allow the Caster to pass through a magical barrier.
Does not work with every type of barriers.
[Barrier of Air] Unknown
[Barrier of Light]
[Light Barrier]
[Barrier of Scintillation] Unknown
[Barrier of the Wind] Unknown
[Barrier of Thorns] Unknown Conjures a wall made of thorns.
[Bat’s Ears] Unknown Makes ones hearing as good as that of a bat. 9.38 TV (Pt. 1)
[Battlefield of the Frozen World] Unknown Have all the ice in the Caster's frozen territory becoming deadly to their enemies, like having spikes of ice coming out of frozen floor and walls, developing jagged edges on [Ice Walls] to be as a thin line of ice as sharp as a razor, and set up static traps all over the frozen territory. 8.58 PFH
[Beacon] Unknown
[Beam of Zillac] Unknown Conjures a destructive fiery orange laser. 8.35
[Bear’s Strength] Unknown
[Beguiling Aroma] Unknown
[Bind Spell] Unknown
[Binding Cords] Unknown
[Binding Cords – Iron] Unknown Conjures a series of thin Iron cords from the Caster fingertip that binds the target. 5.60
[Binding Ropes] Unknown
[Black Burst] Unknown
[Black Shroud] Unknown
[Blackflame Fireball] Unknown
[Blade of the Earth] Unknown Conjures a sword out of the ground.
[Blighted Bolt of the Forsaken Lands] Unknown Shoots a massive lightning bolts that looks putrid, to the Target. It also inflicts the Target with the pollution and twisting toxins of Rhir's Corruption. 9.35 O
[Blindness] Unknown
[Bliss] Unknown Removes negative feelings in the Target and replaces them with a nice feeling. 9.14 VM
[Blood Demon's Lightning] Tier 5-6 Melds a curse into a lightning bolt, which will appear as crimson lightning, to strike a single, small target. 9.06
[Blood Drain] Unknown
[Blood Lightning] Unknown
[Blood of Enemies, Boil] Unknown Hex Spell that causes the Targets to attack those who they perceive as their future enemies. 8.28
[Bloodbat Swarm] Unknown Conjures a swarm of magical glowing black bats with red eyes, that fly to the target to tear and absorb their blood. 5.56 G
[Bloodcaller’s Curse] Unknown Enchantment that turns a weapon red and causes every bleeding wounds inflicted by it to not heal, even with a Healing Potion. 5.62
[Bloodfury] Unknown Enchantment that slightly grows people and creatures, and propelled them into a battle madness. 5.31 G
[Bloodletter] Unknown
(Birevine, Toricel Shieldplant, Sendipe Bush)
Unknown A Spell that has varies variation with different effects, which are:
Toricel Shieldplant
Sendipe Bush
[Blooming Fireball] Unknown 8.04 T
[Blue Blaze] Unknown
[Blue Bolt] Unknown Cast a blue bolt of magic. 8.64 K
[Blue Lightning] Unknown The Caster conjures a blue lightning bolt. 7.58
[Blue Lightning Bolt] Unknown
[Blue Ray of Lesser Disintegration] Unknown The Caster shoots a blue ray that vaporize what it hits. 7.58
[Blur] Unknown Blurs the targeted area. The Hangover After
[Boar's Strength] Unknown
[Body of Diamond]
[Diamond Body]
[Body of Flames] Unknown
[Bolt of Spite] Unknown
[Bolt of the Ice Witch] Unknown
[Bolt of the Lightning Giant] Unknown Conjures a massive lightning strike at Target Area. 8.28
[Bone Claws] Unknown Grown sharp, wicked bone talons, around the tips of the Caster fingers.
[Bone Fracture] Unknown Fracture Bones, even enchanted ones.
Needs the Caster to touch the bones in some ways to work.
Does not work on living people.
8.19 H
[Bone Rapier] Unknown Conjures a Bone that takes the form of a Rapier.
[Bone Shiv] Unknown
[Bone Wall]
[Wall of Bones]
Unknown Conjures a wall made of Bones.
[Bone Wheel] Unknown
[Boosted Velocity] Unknown Boost the speed of fired projectiles. 8.67
[Bound Fireball] Unknown Bound a complete [Fireball] Spell to be immediately used later. 8.04 T
[Bound Compression] Unknown Bound a Compression-style Spell on something so that it can be uncompressed later. 8.04 T
[Bound Spells] Unknown The Caster prepares a Spell, then unleashed it when they want.
A powerful Caster can bind up to a 100 Spells.
8.70 E
[Breath of Life – Extended] Unknown
[Bridge of Light] Unknown Conjures a bridge of solid light.
The design and features of the bridge can be altered so that the Casters can make its look different from others like making it look semi-transparent, with gently molded colors along the vein of yellow such that they turned to green twining tendrils like vines around the railings, orange where the bridge met stone or wood, blue down the center and etc.
8.04 T
[Brisk Breeze] Unknown
[Bubble of Air] Unknown Compresses the air into a bubble to suddenly uncompressing it at once on the Target. 8.04 T
[Bubble of Displacement] Unknown
[Bubble of Purity] Unknown 8.28
[Bubble of Silence] Unknown
[Bugward] Unknown Prevents bugs from getting near.
[Buoyancy] Unknown
[Burning Blades] Unknown Enchantment that sets blades on fire. The flames last for at least 3 minutes. 5.47 G
[Burning Floor] Unknown
[Burning Grand Lightning] Unknown Cast a bolt of greater lightning that set what it hits and the air on fire. 8.64 K
[Burning Lightning] Unknown Conjures lightning that both electrifies and sets whatever it struck in flames. 4.13 L
[Burst Arrows of Light] Unknown
[Burst of Air] Unknown 9.70 (Pt. 1)
[Burst Speed]
[Burst of Speed]
[Bursting Arrow] Unknown
[Calm] Unknown
[Calm Emotions] Unknown 9.38 TV (Pt. 2)
[Camouflage] Unknown
[Candle] Unknown
[Capture Image] Unknown 9.15 VM
[Cauldron of the Salamander] Unknown 9.35 O
[Caustic Acid] Unknown
[Cenidau’s Complete Chill] Unknown 7.56
[Chains of Ivory] Unknown Conjures bone-pale ropes of magic to ensnare the Target. Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Chains of Steel] Unknown Conjures a long chains of metal that shoots forwards and wraps around the Target for capture. 8.23
[Chameleon Skin] Unknown 8.00
[Charm] Unknown
[Charm of Thoughts] Unknown A Mental Spell that gives the Mind a bit of an edge against [Sleep], [Confusion], or other such spells. 8.38 H
[Charming Visage] Unknown
[Chaos Flamewheel] Unknown
[Claw of the Deep Abyss] Unknown Conjures a vortex of void, with a hand that shot out of it to grab and drag the Target into it. Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Claw of Volke] Unknown

9.38 TV (Pt. 1)

[Cleanse] Unknown
[Cleansing] Unknown
[Cleansing Bubble Barrier] Unknown 9.40 GG
[Cleansing Wind] Unknown
[Clear Emotions] Unknown 9.14 VM
[Clear Weather]
[Clear Skies]
Unknown Delays and other bad weather like storms and typhoon from happening by suppressing localized rains and winds.
Has the side-effect of making the delayed weather worse when it does hit.
Multiple and/or over use of this Spell over time can cause a Magical Typhoon and a Sympathetic Storm to occur.
[Clone of Cete] Unknown 8.70 E
[Clone Person] Unknown
[Cloud of Darkness] Unknown 7.60
[Cold Air] Unknown Conjures and blow cold air. 8.46 G
[Coldfury of the Lizard] Unknown
[Cometfall of the Harpy Queen] Unknown 8.70 E
[Command Undead] Unknown Takes control of undead. Gravesong Book One
[Complete Grief] Unknown 7.02
[Complete Hush] Unknown More advanced version of [Hush].
[Complete Silence] Unknown
[Concealed Presence] Unknown
[Condensation] Unknown Condense and gather the moisture in the air to form water. 8.53 FH
[Cone of Brilliance] Unknown Trade and Travel
[Cone of Silence] Unknown Creates a cone of light. Solstice (Pt. 1)
[Confounding Obliviousness] Unknown
[Confusion] Unknown 8.19 H
[Conjure Prepared Dish] Unknown
[Conjure Sticky Pebble] Unknown
[Conjures Midnight Familiar] Unknown
[Conjures Pebble] Unknown Conjures a pebble. 8.61
[Contained Room] Unknown
[Contained Sound] Unknown
[Coordinate Lock] Unknown Death and Stitches
[Copycat] Unknown
[Cornucopia] Unknown Foody Discussions
[Crackling Armor of the Lightning Emperor] Unknown A bolt of lightning shoots down to encircle the Caster and forms a helmet, armor, and a jagged lance of lightning.
The lightning-armor delivers a fatal charge to opponents on impact.
[Create Glass Bottle] Unknown Foody Discussions
[Create Lesser Sand Golem] Unknown 8.12 T
[Create Mana: Death] Unknown 9.15 VM
[Create Mana: Earth] Unknown 9.15 VM
[Create Mud Golem] Unknown 8.12 T
[Create Water] Unknown
[Create: Pebble] Unknown Death and Stitches
[Crimson Storm of the Blood Demon] Unknown Has the same effect of [Blood Demon’s Lightning] Spell, but unleashes a thousand bolts of hex-lightning, instead of one. 9.06
[Crippling Indigestion] Unknown 9.17 R
[Cross Flameblast] Unknown 8.80
[Crystalized Thoughts] Unknown
[Curse: Bad Luck] Unknown Isles of Goblin and Minos
[Curse of the Dunce] Unknown
[Curse of the Frozen Flesh] Unknown Death and Stitches
[Curving Blades, Blood Torrent] Unknown
[Cushion] Unknown
[Darkness] Unknown Dims light to make the effected area more dark. Can also literally dim the sun shining down from above. 7.21 KQ
[Darkness Arrow] Unknown
[Darkness Pool] Unknown
[Darkvision] Unknown
[Deafness] Unknown
[Death King’s Mirage of the Living] Unknown
[Death Wail] Unknown Sonic-based Spell infused with Death Magic to kill anyone it's used on.
[Deathblast] Unknown Conjures and projects a black wave of death magic.
A stronger version of the [Deathbolt] spell.
[Deathlance] Unknown Higher Tier version of the [Deathbolt] and [Deathblast] Spell. 8.28
[Deepwood Barkskin] Unknown A superior version of the [Barkskin] Spell.
[Defy Gravity] Unknown Makes the Target not be affected by gravity. 9.13
[Delain’s Fist] Unknown 7.31
[Delayed Fireball] Unknown
[Delayed Spell:(Spell)] Unknown 9.15 VM
[Delirious Happiness] Unknown Makes the Target feel like everything is inconsequential and giggle uncontrollably. 9.06
[Detect Aura] Unknown
[Detect Guilt] Unknown
[Detect Heat] Unknown 7.52
[Detect Intention] Unknown
[Detect Lies] Unknown Detect when someone lies.
[Detect Life] Unknown Detect the presence of life.
[Detect Magic] Unknown
[Detect Minute Life] Unknown The Great Race
[Detect Parasites] Unknown 8.12 T
[Detect Poison] Unknown Detect if there is poison in something/someone, by having a black coloring appear were the poison is. Conversations
[Detect Rot] Unknown Detect the presence of rot.
[Detoxin] Unknown Removes poison from someone or something.
Deferent poisons may require to alter the casting of the Spell.
[Diamondheart] Unknown
[Diamondshard Spray] Unknown Conjures and projects glittering shards of diamonds, with some as long as daggers. 4.49
[Directed Compressed Burst of Air] Unknown
[Directed Fireball] Unknown
[Directed Spell: (Spell)] Unknown Binds another spell, such as an area of effect spell, and aims it in one direction. 9.15 VM
[Dirt Spray] Unknown
[Disintegration Orb, Beam Dispersal] Unknown Interlude - Death and Stitches
[Dismiss Specter] Unknown Forcibly send away ghosts. 8.75
[Dispels] Unknown Negates weak Spells and Enchantments. 8.05 I
[Dispel Magic] Unknown 7.52
[Dispel Magic: Mana Clash] Unknown 8.33 R
[Dispel Phantasmal Warriors] Unknown 7.36 C
[Displacement] Unknown
[Display Memories: Factoid] Unknown 9.38 TV (Pt. 1)
[Distant Vision] Unknown
[Dome of Air] Unknown 9.38 TV (Pt. 1)
[Dome of Water] Unknown 9.35 O
[Doppelganger] Unknown
[Double Cast: (Spell)] Unknown
[Doubled Echo] Unknown
[Doubled Spell] Unknown
[Downpour] Unknown Call/Summon a heavy, drenching rain.
[Drain Momentum] Unknown Death and Stitches
[Draug Strength] Unknown
[Dry Clothing] Unknown
[Dual Binding: (Spell)] Unknown
[Dual Cast: (Spell)] Unknown
[Dust Arrow] Unknown
[Dust Cloud] Unknown
[Dust Storm] Unknown
[Eagle Eyes]
[Eagle’s Eye]
Unknown Spell and/or Enchantment that makes things appear larger. It adapts to focus on distant images. 9.23 GGGGGGGGG
[Earbreak Siren] Unknown Produces a wail of sound that is harmful to the ears, especially to those who have superior hearing. 8.34 R
[Earth Cannon] Unknown Interlude – Wistram Days (Pt.1)
[Earth Wall] Unknown
[Earthen Floor] Unknown
[Earthshape] Unknown 9.48 BTIPRLJMWVRV
[Earthshift: Stone Flows Through Me] Unknown Allow the Caster to pass through the ground like they were entering water by having the earth, be it stone and soil, dislodge and moved aside around them. 8.70 E
[Echo] Unknown 8.12 T
[Elemental Suppression: Air] Unknown Renders any Spells, Skills and other Air related Abilities, ineffective. 7.58
[Elven Concentration] Unknown
[Emberash Spray] Unknown Spray hot ash. 9.37 HO
[Emergency Exit] Unknown
[Emergency Teleport] Unknown
[Empower Spell]
[Empowered Spell: (Spell)]
Unknown Vastly increases the power of a Spell. 9.15 VM
[Enchanced Focus] Unknown
[Enchantment: Adamantium's Strength] Unknown Death and Stitches
[Enchantment: Flashfire] Unknown 7.36 C
[Enchantment: Leaden Weight] Unknown 7.36 C
[Enchantment: Void Resistance] Unknown Death and Stitches
[Enhanced Casting: Tier 4] Unknown
[Enhanced Flame Spray] Unknown
[Enhance Spell: (Spell)]
[Enhanced Spell: (Spell)]
Unknown Increase the power of a Spell. 9.15 VM
[Enhanced Strength] Unknown
[Enlargement] Unknown
[Entangling Vines] Unknown Conjures thick, green ropes of plant matter from the ground, to engulfed the target and anchor them into the ground to rendering them immobile. 4.19
[Erase Memory] Unknown
[Evercut] Unknown
[Everburning Firestorm] Unknown
[Execution of Foes] Unknown Conjures a giant glowing sword to strike down. 9.70 (Pt. 1)
[Extended Spell: (Spell)] Unknown The Caster conjure the intended Spell further then it would normally be possible from them. 8.26 FK
[Eye of Clairvoyance] Unknown
[Eye of Mana] Unknown 9.66
[Eye of Revelations] Unknown
[Faint Presence] Unknown
[False Life] Unknown
[False Sound] Unknown
[Far Chat] Unknown
[Far Speaking] Unknown
[Faraway Voice] Unknown 7.54
[Farcast: (Spell)] Unknown
[Far Sight]
[Fast Fireball] Unknown Cast a [Fireball] that is literally faster than the average [Fireball]’s speed. 9.49
[Fear] Unknown
[Fear of the Mighty] Unknown
[Featherfall] Unknown
[Featherweight] Unknown
[Field of Suppression] Unknown
5 or 6
[Finger of Gigantism] Unknown Enlarges the target. Stories
[Finger of the Fire Giant] Unknown 8.82 (Pt.2)
[Fire Arrow] Unknown Conjures and projects an arrow made of fire.
[Fire Support: (Spell)] Unknown
[Fire Wall] Unknown Conjures a wall made of fire.
[Fire Wheel] Unknown
[Fireblast] Unknown
[Firefly] Unknown
[Firespray] Unknown
[Firestorm] Unknown
[Fissure] Unknown
[Five Alchemies: Anchorage] Unknown 8.70 E
[Fivefold Arcane Barrier] Unknown
[Flame Floor] Unknown
[Flame Geyser] Unknown Conjures flames as fast as a geyser. 8.09
[Flame Paw] Unknown 9.37 HO
[Flame Pillar] Unknown Creates a circle of flames around the Target which then erupts into a pillar of fire. 9.14 VM
[Flame Rapier] Unknown
[Flame Ray] Unknown
[Flame Resistance] Unknown
[Flame Salamander’s Skin] Unknown
[Flame Snake] Unknown
[Flame Strike] Unknown
[Flame Swathe] Unknown Shoot a jet of fire in a large area. 8.42
[Flame Veil] Unknown
[Flame Wall] Unknown Conjures a wall made of flames.
[Flameshield] Unknown 7.57
[Flaming Lightning] Unknown An Attack Spell that set on Fire and Electrocute the Target at the same time. 8.38 H
[Flare] Unknown
[Flare Firefly] Unknown Cast a brilliant flare of fire. 8.64 K
[Flare Orb] Unknown
[Flare Wyvern] Unknown Conjures a a fiery form that flys at the Target. 7.42 M
[Flareshriek] Unknown Conjures a single mote of light that detonates and renders all who see and hear it both blind and deaf for a few seconds, just like a Stun Grenade. Its effect is the same of the [Flashbang] Spell, but instead of the deafening sounds like a bang, this one sound like a shriek. 8.19 H
[Flash Fireball] Unknown
[Flash Foot] Unknown
[Flash Move] Unknown
[Flash Rain] Unknown 7.34 C
[Flash Rainstorm] Unknown
[Flash Stepped] Unknown 8.04 T
[Flesh Regrowth] Unknown
[Flashfire] Unknown
[Flashfire Jet] Unknown
Unknown 9.15 VM
[Flight of the Phoenix King] Unknown 8.28
[Floods of Gaarh Marsh] Unknown
[Floor of Mud] Unknown
[Fly: Speed of the Swallow] Unknown Allow the Caster to fly as fast as a swallow bird. 8.70 E
[Flying Bone Club] Unknown
[Flying Wheels] Unknown
[Fog of Apathy] Unknown Conjures a mist that dampen emotion. 7.31
[Force Arrow] Unknown
[Force Beam] Unknown
[Force Bolts – Volley] Unknown 8.14 N
[Force Orb] Unknown Conjur and shoots a near-invisible orb of force. 8.14 N
[Force Shield]
[Forceful] Unknown
[Forcewalls] Unknown Conjures a wall of force that can block multiple [Fireballs] or people pounding on it, before going down. 7.31
[Forcewall: Bubble] Unknown A [Forcewalls] added on, thatConjures a force bubble around the Caster or their target for their protraction. 7.44
[Forest of Stone] Unknown Raises huge expendable pillars of stone out of the ground around the Caster, with ‘branches’ shooting out of the central pillars, which decreases their mass, to sacrificing only miniscule bits of themselves to block incoming attacks, like Spells. 8.04 T
[Fortified Body] Unknown
[Fortified Material: Steel] Unknown Makes materials like leather, as strong as steel, but not as hard. 7.26
[Fortress of the Ice Queen] Unknown
[Fourfold Arcane Barrier] Unknown
[Frictionless Surface] Unknown
[Frost Armor] Unknown
[Frost Arrows] Unknown Conjures and projects arrows made of ice.
[Frost Bloom] Unknown Conjures and projects a bubble of hoar frost that detonates into a freezing blast. 5.13
[Frost Geyser] Unknown
[Frost Ray] Unknown 8.00
[Frost Resistance] Unknown
[Frost Vortex] Unknown
[Frost Wyvern’s Breath] Unknown
[Frostbite] Unknown
[Frostbite Wave] Unknown
[Frostbody] Unknown Protects the body from freezing and avoid frostbite. 8.64 K
[Frostbolt Swarm] Unknown 9.69 H (Pt. 1)
[Frostdart Swarm] Unknown
[Frostskin] Unknown 9.49
[Frozen Armor] Unknown Conjures and engulfs the Caster into an armor made of ice.
[Frozen Grand Lightning] Unknown Cast a bolt of greater lightning that blast the Target and then turn into frost. 8.64 K
[Frozen Heart] Unknown
[Frozen Shield] Unknown Conjures a shield made of ice.
[Full Body Synchronization] Unknown
[Furry Spiders] Unknown 7.41
[Gateway] Unknown
[Gauntlet of Force] Unknown
[Gazelle’s Dexterity] Unknown
[Geas] Unknown
[Gecko’s Pads] Unknown 9.39
[Geyser of the Water Serpent] Unknown Death and Stitches
[Glacial Spear] Unknown
[Glass Needle Spray] Unknown
[Glitterdust Storm] Unknown
[Glorious Radiance] Unknown
[Gnawing Hunger] Unknown Overwhelms the Target with so much hunger, that they eat even if they don't want to. 8.03
[Grand Fireball] Unknown Conjures and projects a blazing fireball that explodes.
[Grand Lightning Tidal Wave] Unknown Cast a bolt of greater lightning that blast the Target and then turn into a wave of water that rushed around the Target. 8.64 K
[Grand Teleport]
[Grand Teleportation]
Unknown 8.61
[Grand Tempest] Unknown Turn the air in the sky into lightning and wind. 7.59
[Grassy Meadow] Unknown Has the same basic spell effect of [Grow Grass] in which it grows grass. 8.67
[Gravity Well: Reversed] Unknown 8.38 H
[Grease] Unknown 7.38
[Greater Appraisal] Unknown 9.17 R
[Greater Bindings of Light] Unknown Conjures powerful strands of light to restrain the Target. Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Greater Deathbolt] Unknown


[Greater Dispel] Unknown 8.28
[Greater Fire Resistance] Unknown Grants those affected by it to have greater immunity from high temperature Fire and Heat. 9.15 VM
[Greater Frostward] Unknown
[Greater Geas] Unknown
[Greater Haste] Unknown Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Greater Invisibility] Unknown A Greater version of the [Invisibility] Spell that renders not only oneself unseen, but also undetectable from certain Skill and Spells as well, like [See Invisibility] and [Heatsense]. 6.48 T
[Greater Light Bindings] Unknown Conjures burning loops of light to ensnare the Target. Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Greater Lightning] Unknown
[Greater Lightning Bolt] Unknown A Greater version of the [Lightning Bolt] Spell.
It's destructive power can blow apart a coach.
[Greater Lightning Ward] Unknown Protects against greater electricity bolts.
Does not work well if the lightning is altered.
8.64 K
[Greater Resistance: Cold] Unknown
[Greater Scry]
[Greater Scrying]
Unknown 8.16
[Greater Spellshield] Unknown A greater version of the [Spellshield] Spell that erects a barrier that dissipates at least any Attack Spells up to Tier 3 that cross into it. 8.04 T
[Greater Teleport]
[Greater Teleportation]
Unknown Compared to the regular [Teleportation] spell, it changes dimensions. 9.46 S
[Greater Time Slow] Unknown Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Greater Translation] Unknown
[Grounded Wheels] Unknown
[Grounding Totem] Unknown
[Gust of Air] Unknown
[Gust of Wind] Unknown
[Halt Momentum] Unknown
[Halt Spell] Unknown 9.48 BTIPRLJMWVRV
[Hammer of the Obsidian Giant] Unknown 7.36 C
[Hand of the Spectral Giant] Unknown 9.38 TV (Pt. 2)
[Harsh Light] Unknown 9.42 E
[Hawkeye] Unknown 8.78 F
[Heart of Darkness] Unknown
[Heat Vision]
Unknown 9.55 (Pt.1)
[Heated Room] Unknown
[Hellfire Palm] Unknown
[Hex Eater] Unknown 7.55 E
[Hex of Damnation] Unknown Isles of Goblin and Minos
[Hidden Spot of Deep Freeze] Unknown 8.60
[High Jump] Unknown
[High-Speed Flight] Unknown 9.15 VM
[Holy Flame of the Agelum] Unknown Engulf entirely or partially someone in bright flames.
The flames can momentary hurt even the strongest of the Seamwalkers, and seems to have some effect on Dead Gods as well.
8.82 (Pt.1)
[Homing Fireball] Unknown
[Homing Spell] Unknown
[Howl of the Blizzard] Unknown
[Hundredfold Light Arrow Volley]
[Hundredfold Arrows of Light]
[Hurricane of Acid] Unknown
[Hurricane of Darkness] Unknown Turns the area pitch black, blinding those within unless they can use other means of sight, like thermal or magic vision. 8.84
[Hurricane of Flames] Unknown Interlude - Death and Stitches
[Hush] Unknown Dim all sounds, even loud once, in a Targeted area. 9.13
[I Call Open the Manaforge] Unknown 8.28
[Ice Armor] Unknown Covers the Caster body in an armor made of ice. 5.44
[Ice Dart] Unknown Conjures and projects a dart made of ice.
[Ice Hedge] Unknown Rise a small wall made of ice the size of a hedge.
[Ice Pillar] Unknown Raises a pillar of ice from the ground where the Caster targets. 9.02
[Ice Spear] Unknown Conjures and projects a spear(s) made of ice.
[Ice Spray] Unknown Sprays ice shards.
[Ice’s Caress] Unknown
[Icy Grasp] Unknown
[Icy Wind] Unknown
[Icebody] Unknown Alters and changes the very quality of the Caster own Mana Element to that of Ice. 8.70 E
[Iceflesh] Unknown
[Identify Magic: Elements] Unknown
[Impact Guard] Unknown 8.14 N
[Impact Shield] Unknown 7.38
[Impact Shockwave] Unknown
[Implosion Well] Unknown 7.36 C
[Improved Featherfall] Unknown
[Incendiary Darts] Unknown
[Incinerating Radiance] Unknown
[Inferno Floatmines] Unknown The Spitoon
[Inferno Light Arrows] Unknown
[Inferno Skin] Unknown
[Infuse Spell: Poison] Unknown
[Ink Spray] Unknown
[Insanity] Unknown
[Insect Bane] Unknown
[Intangible Snatch] Unknown
[Invisible Arrow] Unknown Interlude – Wistram Days (Pt.1)
[Invisible Fireball] Unknown
[Invisible Spectrum] Unknown Makes Light-based Spells invisible. 9.14 VM
[Invisibility Field] Unknown Renders every thing in a small area unseen.
[Iron Bones] Unknown
[Ironskin] Unknown Enchant someone's skin to be as durable as iron. 8.35
[Isolation Bubble] Unknown
[Ivory Wall] Unknown Conjures a wall made of ivory.
It is a higher-level of the [Bone Wall] Spell.
8.77 B
[Jolt] Unknown Delivers a small electric shock. 9.08
[Kelpic Regrowth] Unknown Uses kelp to repair books. 9.56
[Killer Fishies Attack] Unknown 9.39
[Lance of Light] Unknown Gravesong Book One
[Lance of the Bone Giant] Unknown 8.74 DR
[Lancearrow of Light] Unknown
[Lances of Perdition] Unknown Trade and Travel
[Land of Paradise] Unknown 9.66
[Lava Orb] Unknown Conjures and shoot a burning orb of molten rock. 8.52 MN
[Lava Wave] Unknown Opens a small hole in the air to cascade magma at the Target. 8.28
[Law of the Lucifen: Cease Breathing] Unknown Creates a vast bubble of dark command like an aura. Targets within begin to choke to death. 8.82 (Pt.2)
[Law of the Lucifen: Halt] Unknown 9.68
[Law of the Lucifen: Hellbound] Unknown 9.68
[Law of the Lucifen: Punish Arrows] Unknown Set aflame, in dark flames, the bows of the enemy archers that have attacked the Caster. 8.74 DR
[Leaden Weight]
Unknown Enchanting Spell that Adds Weight to objects. 7.10 K
[Legions of Radiance, the Sundrenched of Caonis] Unknown A Summoning Spell that summon a thousand warriors made of sunlight, bearing the regalia of the kingdom of Caonis. Each one is so perfectly done in detail that only the gentle golden light making them up marked them as not real people. 8.61
[Lesser Barrier] Unknown
(Tier 1 or 2)
[Lesser Illusion] Unknown Gravesong Book One
[Lesser Paralysis Ray] Unknown

9.55 (Pt.1)

[Lesser Resistance to Ice] Unknown
[Lesser Teleport] Unknown
[Lesser Teleportation] Unknown
[Lesser Twister] Unknown
Unknown Saliss the Adventurer
9.15 VM
[Life Leech] Unknown
[Light Arrow Cascade] Unknown
[Light Beam] Unknown
[Light Bridge] Unknown Conjures a bridge of golden solidified light. 5.13
8.04 T
[Light Cane: Extended Materialization] Unknown Conjures from a far further distance than normal, a simple cane of light, like a shepherd might use, to hook and yank the Target. 8.64 K
[Light Flare] Unknown 9.29
[Light Nets] Unknown
[Light Orb] Unknown
[Light Spear] Unknown
[Light Stair] Unknown The Spitoon
[Light Wall]
Unknown A Wall-Defensive Spell thatConjures a wall of solid light. 8.04 T
9.69 H (Pt. 1)
[Lighted Arrow] Unknown
[Lightfold Armor] Unknown
[Lightfold Barrier] Unknown An Upgrade on the Defensive Spells [Light Barrier] and [Lightfold Armor]. 8.12 T
[Lightform Platform, Dais] Unknown Makes a dais of solid light. 9.14 VM
[Lightning Shroud] Unknown Conjures an aura of lightning around the caster. 5.08
[Lightning Storm] Unknown
[Lightning Tempest] Unknown Conjures countless bolts of lightning. 8.04 T
[Lightsand Arrow] Unknown Conjures and projects a bright arrow that bust into a shower of sand to blind an opponent. 6.13 K
[Lightweight] Unknown
[Limited Recreation] Unknown
[Localize Spell] Unknown
[Localized Earthquake] Unknown Conversations
[Locking Ward] Unknown Satar
[Locust Storm] Unknown
[Long Range Fireballs] Unknown
[Long-Range Repair] Unknown
[Long Range Teleport]
[Long-Range Teleport]
[Long-range Teleportation]
Unknown Saliss the Adventurer
8.78 F
[Loud] Unknown 8.12 T
[Loud Voice] Unknown Allows the Cater to speak in a loud voice. 8.70 E
[Loudness] Unknown Amplify noise.
[Luminosity] Unknown
[Mage Armor] Unknown
[Magic Anchor] Unknown
[Magic of a Thousand Souls] Unknown
[Magic Parasol] Unknown Foody Discussions
[Magic Picture] Unknown 9.43 L
[Magic Stone] Unknown
[Magic Tripwire] Unknown 8.64 K
[Magic Void] Unknown 8.70 E
[Magical Field: The Somber World of Blue] Unknown Engulfed a radius of a thousand feet around the Caster into a Blue barrier, which renders any attacks into it that are not coloured Blue, be it from weapons and spells, ineffective. 7.58
[Magma Spray] Unknown
[Magma Wave] Unknown
[Magnesis: Attraction Polarity] Unknown 8.80
[Magnify Image] Unknown 8.33 R
[Magnify Spell] Unknown
[Mana Bubble] Unknown
[Mana Burst] Unknown 8.28
[Mana Disruption] Unknown
[Mana Shield] Unknown 9.51 Z
[Manasource Shield] Unknown
[Markings of Speed] Unknown
[Mass Calm] Unknown A mass variation of the [Calm] Spell that is used on multiple people.
Fails if their emotions are to strong.
[Mass Cleanse] Unknown Like the [Cleanse] Spell but instead of cleaning a small area it cleanse a wider area.
[Mass Disjunction] Unknown Nullifies a Skill in a radius. 9.70 (Pt. 3)
[Mass Dispel Magic] Unknown 9.68
[Mass Enchantment: Haste] Unknown 9.67 (Pt. 1)
[Mass Featherfall] Unknown Slows down the descent of a group of people. Adventurers (Pt. 3)
[Mass Levitation] Unknown 9.38 TV (Pt. 2)
[Mass Paralysis] Unknown
[Mass Silence] Unknown 7.36 C
[Mass Silent Sickle] Unknown
[Mass Sleep] Unknown 9.67 (Pt. 1)
[Mass Stone Lances] Unknown
[Mass Teleportation]
[Mass Teleport]
Unknown 7.36 C
[Measure Distance] Unknown 9.14 VM
[Memory Search] Unknown
[Memory Transcription] Unknown 9.22 GN
[Mend] Unknown
[Mend Bones] Unknown
[Mend Flesh] Unknown Repairs the flesh of an undead. Gravesong Book One
[Mental Clarity] Unknown
[Merda’s Push] Unknown
[Meteor] Unknown
[Meteor Shower] Unknown
[Meteor Strike] Unknown
[Meteor Storm] Unknown Creates hundreds of fiery masses of stone, and launches them at the Target(s). 8.82 (Pt.2)
[Meteor Swarm] Unknown
[Midnight Shard] Unknown
[Might of the Glomroath Beast] Unknown
[Mind Blank] Unknown
[Mind Scene] Unknown
[Mindhaze] Unknown
[Minute of Speed] Unknown
[Mists of Madness] Unknown A Mental Spell that conjures an insanity-causing mists. 4.30
[Mites of Slumber] Unknown A higher-Tier variation of the [Sleep] Spell that involves Mites as a living vector to use a partially magical and partially a magically-induced sickness as a soporific effect.
This Spell is perfect to use on the unwary, and even Gold-rank adventurers are not unsusceptible to its effects.
[Mithril Body]
[Body of Mithril]
Unknown Turns ones body into a metallic one as hard as Mithril.
As the body has now metallic properties it becomes vulnerable to metal weaknesses like electric attacks.
8.82 (Pt. 2)
[Mithril Wall] Unknown
[Motionless Vortex] Unknown
[Mud Ball]
Unknown Conjures and shoots a ball of mud.
[Mud Pit] Unknown
[Muddy Ground] Unknown Turns the ground into mud. Adventurers (Pt. 2)
[Mudpit] Unknown Conjures on the ground a deep pit full of muddy, heavy liquid. Lifting Ants
[Mudscape] Unknown Turn a lot of surfaces into unpleasant mud.
Halting the spell before it actually mudified anything made of stone, can result in the rough stone becoming as smooth as polished marble.
[Muffle] Unknown
[Multi-Message Link] Unknown Enables multiple individuals to link their [Message] Spells together like a computer network chatroom. 8.60
[Multiplied Stone Fists] Unknown
[Muscular Restructuring] Unknown
[My Soul Shall Forge New Magic] Unknown 8.28
[Nekhret’s Ritual of the Underworld — Summon Soul: (Individual Name)] Unknown A Ritual Spell that summons from the Land of the Dead, the ghost of an individual who is deceased.
If the individual soul is not in the Land of the Dead, or their soul had been consumed by the Dead Gods, than the summoning fails.
The Spell is named after [Archmage] Nekhret.
[Network Teleport] Unknown Teleportation spell able to function within a Walled City. 9.15 VM
[Neutralize Odor] Unknown A de-scent Spell that removes unpleasant smells. 8.57 H
[Nightclouds] Unknown 9.41 (Pt. 3)
[Nighteye] Unknown Allows to see in the dark.


[Nonlethal Lightning Bolt] Unknown
[Noxious Fumes] Unknown
[Obsidian Skin] Unknown Turn the skin into a dark cracked obsidian, to provide extreme heat protection. Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Ogre’s Strength] Unknown
[Oil Orb] Unknown
[Oiled Floor] Unknown Makes the floor oily so others slip on it. 8.64 K
[One Thousand Arrows of Fire] Unknown 8.84
[Open Portal] Unknown
[Orange Light] Unknown Conjures an ominous orange light. 8.46 G
[Orb of Air] Unknown 7.26
[Outlandish World of Water] Unknown Conjures a huge hovering globe of water that looks like a miniature planet. The Caster then can spray at any Targets a million tons of pressurized blasts of water to pulverize them. 8.26 FK
[Overgrowth] Unknown Grows at impossibly fast rate plants, like a tree, it moments.
It has the side-effect of destroying the seedling’s potential for growth, thus causing all plants grown by it to wither and die within a week or less.
9.15 VM
[Pain] Unknown
[Pain Null] Unknown Nulls the Target's pain. 9.06
[Paint Spray] Unknown 8.28
[Panic] Unknown
[Paralysis] Unknown
[Paralysis Bolt] Unknown
[Paralysis Ray] Unknown
[Paralyzing Touch]
[Paralysis Touch]
Unknown 8.13 F
[Pealina’s Veil of Hush] Unknown Makes an area soundless. 8.64 K
[Pebbleshot] Unknown
[Pentagram of the Five Alchemies]
(Annihilation, Protection)
Unknown 8.70 E
[Perfect Muffle] Unknown
[Petrification] Unknown
[Piercing] Unknown
[Piercing Missiles] Unknown
[Piercing Shatterbolt] Unknown 9.15 VM
[Pillar of Earth] Unknown 7.62
[Pillar of Flame]
[Pillar of Flames]
Unknown 7.36 C
[Pillar of Flame, Unbounded] Unknown
[Pillar of Frost] Unknown 7.36 C
[Pillar of Lighting] Unknown 7.36 C
[Pillar of Obsidian] Unknown
[Pinpoint Spell: Needle’s Focus] Unknown 8.36 H
[Pitfall Trap] Unknown

8.77 B

[Plague of Filth] Unknown
[Plague Pustule] Unknown 9.28
[Platform of Air] Unknown Conjures a suspended transparent disc to stand on it, up to 10 feet above the ground. 4.19
[Playful Radiant Fishies] Assumed 3 Conjures animated animals of colored light. When touched, they dissolve and who or whatever touched them has colored sparkles stuck to them akin to a Tier 2 enchantment. 9.21
[Poison Cloud] Unknown Conjures poisonous gas clouds at the Targets. 8.06 RT
[Polymorph] Unknown Completely turn someone into a different form. 7.17 S
[Portal] Unknown
[Powerful Digestion] Unknown
[Preservation] Unknown
[Primal Fear] Unknown
[Prismatic Barrier] Unknown
[Prismatic Wall] Unknown
[Protection] Unknown
[Protection from Arrows] Unknown
[Pure Radiance] Unknown 8.70 E
[Purification] Unknown
[Purify Water] Unknown
[Quake] Unknown
[Rain] Unknown Call/Summon rain.
[Rain of Frozen Tears] Unknown Rains a deadly rain of countless sharpened tip of ice shards, like needles, as fast and as hard as rain. 8.58 PFH
[Raise Skeleton] Unknown Reanimates Skeletons.
[Raise Dead] Unknown Reanimates dead bodies into Undead ones.
[Rampant Magic] Unknown 9.69 H (Pt. 1)
[Rapid Teleportation] Unknown
[Rapier: Boneclad Enchantment] Unknown
[Raven Eyes] Unknown Enchant ones eyesight so that they can se nearly a 100 miles away. 7.49
[Ray of Dawn] Unknown
[Ray of Disintegration]
[Disintegration Ray]
Unknown The Caster shoots an orange-red light laser that disintegrate anything it pass through.
It can go through magical barrier and reinforced enchanted walls with ease.
[Ray of Entropy] Unknown
[Ray of Force] Unknown
[Ray of Frost] Unknown Shoots a ray of shimmering light that forms intense cold ice to whatever it touches. 2.22
[Ray of Shattering] Unknown Shoots a pale ray that can shatter whatever it strike to pieces. 8.04 T
[Razorfangs] Unknown
[Razorgrass Patch] Unknown
[Razorwind Disc] Unknown 8.79
[Recall Memories] Unknown Recall specific memories that are stored in one own's head.
[Recall Memory] Unknown Recall a specific memory that is stored in one own's head.
[Recast: (Spell)] Unknown Quickly re-casts the Caster's previous spell. 8.82 pt.2
[Reconstruct] Unknown Reconstruct any non-magical creation.
[Reduce Size] Unknown
[Reduce Weight] Unknown
[Reduced Fireball] Unknown
[Refraction Barrier: Flame] Unknown
[Regeneration] Unknown 8.00
[Regrow Wood] Unknown 8.12 T
[Regrowth] Unknown
[Remove Blindness] Unknown Restores the eyesight of someone who was temporally blinded by an intense flash of light.
Unknown if it can restores other types of blindness.
8.04 T
[Remove Deafness] Unknown Restores the hearing of someone who was temporally deafened by an loud noise.
Unknown if it can restores other types of deafness.
[Remove Fear] Unknown
[Remove Intoxication] Unknown Removes toxins, like alcohol intoxication, from someone's body. 7.26
[Remove Minor Stains] Unknown
[Remove Stain] Unknown 7.51
[Renew Plants] Unknown Renew dead plants.
Require huge amount of mana to renew some of the most magical plants.
[Repair] Unknown Repair any non-magical creation. It can also recharge any electronic objects.
The Spell fails to work if the damage is too great or the material too advanced.
The Spell can also recharge any electronic objects, like phones.
1.07 R
[Replay Memory] Unknown 8.70 E
[Replenish Mana] Unknown
[Repulsion Barrier] Unknown Conjures a barrier that push away anything that comes in contact with it.
[Repulsion Wave] Unknown Conjures and projects a wave that push away anything that comes in contact with it.
[Resist Element: Acid] Unknown
[Resistance to Lightning] Unknown
[Resistance: Cold] Unknown
[Resonance: Chitrx Metal] Unknown 9.50
[Restore] Unknown 9.51 Z
[Resurrection] Unknown 8.75
8.82 (Pt. 3)
[Reverse Gravity] Unknown Reverses the gravity of the Target so that they fall to the opposite direction of were gravity is pulling them. 9.13
[Rewind Memory] Unknown 9.14 VM
[Ritual of Land's Cataclysm] Unknown A [Grand Ritual] spell that creates a deep chasm in the earth and unleashes a volcanic eruption upon the Target(s). 8.83
[Ritual of the Cataclysm: The Storm of the Lightning Emperor] Unknown
[Ritual of the Lord of Bones] Unknown The Caster performs a ritual by using many bones to Summon a powerful Skeleton Lord.
The Caster can also use fully intact corpses for the ritual, as only the bones are used which fuse together for the summoning, leaving a sigil in the ground, while the rest is consumed by the Spell.
The Skeleton Lord fights like the things it was made of, so if the bones of a skilled warriors are used he fight like them, and if the bones of unskilled warriors are used then he perform fights poorly.
The full power of the Ritual is to designed to attenuate and customize a powerful lord of bones. First in construction, then customization by attune a varied weapon to the very heart of the Skeleton Lord, designing its entire battle strategy and combat prowess around a weapon so that the Skeleton Lord would fight with it, as an eternal weapon.
8.38 H
[Ritual of the Verdant Bloom] Unknown
[Room of Stasis] Unknown
[Room of Weightlessness] Unknown A Gravity Spell that null the gravity in a room-sized area. Luan the Giant
[Roving Silent Sickle] Unknown
[Rune of Paralysis] Unknown The Caster write a paralysis rune on something to activate later, to lock down the body and magic of those in its area of effect, but not their Skills.
Even when the body is paralysed the victims can still talk and even move their head slightly.
8.63 K
8.64 K
[Rune of Warmth] Unknown
[Salamander’s Embers] Unknown
[Salamander’s Skin] Unknown
[Sand Arrow] Unknown Conjures and projects an arrow made of sand.
[Sand Avalanche] Unknown
[Sand Spray] Unknown Conjures the sand around the Caster in a single point.
[Sand Sprite] Unknown
[Sand Veil] Unknown
[Sand Wall] Unknown
[Sanctuary of Light]
(Tier 1 or 2)
[Sanctuary of Protection] Unknown
[Scintillating Arrows] Unknown
[Scourge Color: Everpale White] Unknown Foody Discussions
[Scribe Thoughts] Unknown
Unknown So long as the Caster knows the Target's True Name (not an alias or nickname, and spelled with their true tongue language), they can find them over long distance and observe them.
If a person cannot be scryed, the location still can be. But when not bound to a person, the Spell has to be moved in every axis by the caster, requiring an entire class to manage it. Coordinate-based divination requires a thorough understanding of the geography being scryed, which is part of why it can't practically be used to scry underground to find dungeons.
A [Scrying] Spell can have a range limit of around a thousand miles of where it is targeted, and if the Target is in that area (and there is nothing blocking the Spell), the Spell would be able to find them anywhere within. If the Target is not within the targeted area then the Spell will find nothing.
The Spell doesn’t work on the dead.
1.09 R
8.04 T
Singing Ships
[Scythe of Blackwater] Unknown
[Sealed Space] Unknown
[Searing Flame] Unknown Gravesong Book One
[Searing Flash] Unknown
[Searing Light] Unknown
[Seas of the Everflowing Grass] Unknown
[Second Skin: Film Weave] Unknown 7.38
[See Heat] Unknown Allows the Caster to see heat sources, like body heat.
The Caster eyes flashed crimson when used.
[See Invisibility] Unknown
[Seeker Arrows of Lightning] Unknown Conjures and fires arrows made of lightning that seek the Caster's Targets. 9.15 VM
[Seeking Arrows] Unknown Conjures and projects shining arrows that seek the Caster targets. 4.08 T
[Seeking Flares]
[Seeker Flares]
[Sense Emotions] Unknown
[Sense Life] Unknown 7.40 ER
[Shade] Unknown
[Shade Barrier] Unknown
[Shadow Doppelganger] Unknown Foody Discussions
[Shadow Familiars] Unknown Summons creatures similar to golems and elementals, but less intelligent and devoid of soul and personality. They will hover in place until given an order, which they will do until their mana runs out. They can grip objects better than other [Familiars]. 9.14 VM
[Shadow Leap] Unknown
[Shadow Raven] Unknown Conjures a kind of swooping darkness that could actually extinguish something like a [Fireball] spell if it wasn’t exploding. 8.12 T
[Shadow Scythe] Unknown
[Shadow Walk] Unknown
[Shape Earth] Unknown
[Shared Vision] Unknown Copy whatever the Target sees on a reflective service, like glass, for others to observe. 9.33
[Sharpness] Unknown
[Shatterbolt Storms] Unknown
[Shatterspray Ice Spike] Unknown Fire an [Ice Spike] that detonates and sprays ice shards outwards. 8.53 FH
[Shield of Air] Unknown
[Shock Orb] Unknown Conjures an orb that shock the Target. 8.04 T
[Shock Veil] Unknown
[Shock Volt] Unknown
[Sightless Winds] Unknown
[Silence] Unknown
[Silenced Agony] Unknown
[Silent Air] Unknown
[Silent Sickle] Unknown Interlude – Wistram Days (Pt.1)
[Silverglow Enchantment] Unknown A Ghostkilling magic that temporarily enchant a weapon(s) to be capable of significantly harming Spirits, Undead, Djinn and other Non-corporeal beings. 7.16 L
9.55 (Pt.1)
[Siphon Luck] Unknown 7.36 C
[Sixty Arrows of Fire] Unknown 8.84
[Sky’s Blessing] Unknown
[Sleep] Unknown
[Sleep Mist] Unknown Blows a sleeping dust at the Targets to put them to sleep. 8.64 K
[Slick Spell: Ice Floor] Unknown Adjusts the ice of an [Ice Floor] Spell into a nigh-frictionless, wet ice, so that everyone slips on it. 8.58 PFH
[Slippery Floor] Unknown Interlude – Wistram Days (Pt.1)
[Slippery Footing] Unknown
[Slippery Ice] Unknown 8.78 F
[Slow] Unknown Slow down the movements and mind processing of the Target. Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Slumber] Unknown 8.00
[Smokescreen] Unknown
[Snap Freeze] Unknown Conjures a freezing cold blast.
[Snow Flume] Unknown
[Snow Plume] Unknown
[Snowballs] Unknown Conjures and tosses snowballs. 8.46 G
[Snowstorm] Unknown Conjures a snowstorm.
[Snowy Blast] Unknown Conjures and projects a blast of snow.
[Sobering] Unknown Sobers from alcohol intoxication. 8.53 FH
[Soften Earth] Unknown
[Soften Ground] Unknown Softens solid ground and materials. 9.70 (Pt. 3)
[Solar Ray: Wide Diffusion] Unknown
[Soothe] Unknown
[Soothing Presence] Unknown
[Soporifics Dust] Unknown
[Sorcerous Curse-Needle of the Witch of Webs] Unknown
[Speak] Unknown Two or more [Mages], and those who they allow, can speak with each other over long distances.
The background sounds are also audible from each other's side.
7.32 D
A Meeting of Druids
[Spear of the Lightning King] Unknown Fires a very powerful bolt of lightning. 8.82 pt.2
[Speech] Unknown
[Speed] Unknown
[Speed Spell – (Spell)] Unknown 7.40 ER
[Spell: Blink Trajectory] Unknown Teleports an already fired Spell from one path to another. 8.14 N
[Spell Purge] Unknown 8.04 T
[Spell Skill: (Skill)] Unknown Spell that imitates the effects of a Skill. Death and Stitches
[Spell Swarm] Unknown Conjures and fires half a dozen Tier 1 and Tier 2 Spells at the target. 8.14 N
[Spell-Aegis of the Wyrm Queen] Unknown
[Spellbreaker] Unknown 7.36 C
[Spellfocus Ward] Unknown An anti-magic spell in which the caster enchants a totem that they have made themselves. The totem focuses all of the opponents spells cast over the area and makes them miss their intended targets, by having them curve and land around the totem itself. 8.67
[Spellguard] Unknown Protects the caster from low-tier magic by having the spells cast at them vanish. 8.28
[Spellshield] Unknown Erects a barrier that intercepts and dissipates all low-level spells that cross into it. 8.04 T
[Spellward] Unknown 7.36 C
[Sphere of Anonymity] Unknown
[Sphere of Ideal Climate] Unknown 9.70 (Pt. 2)
[Sphere of Water] Unknown 8.36 H
[Spire of Mud] Unknown 8.70 E
[Splinter Spell] Unknown Splits a spell in different directions as if it went through a prism. 8.82 (Pt.2)
[Spray of Needles] Unknown
[Spray Wave] Unknown Sprays a little wave of water that can be swirled around depending on the caster's control. 8.53 FH
[Sproutwood Curse] Unknown
[Stabilized Ground] Unknown
[Stasis] Unknown Locks the target into place so that they are unable to move. 8.69 T
[Stasis Box] Unknown Locks the target into place so that they are unable to move. The Competition
[Stasis Field] Unknown 8.00
[Steel Body] Unknown
[Steel Hide] Unknown
[Steel Scales]
[Steel-Barb Dart] Unknown
[Steelcage] Unknown
[Steelskin] Unknown
[Steelthorn Spray] Unknown
[Step of Light]
[Steps of Light]
Unknown 7.37
[Sticky Feet] Unknown
[Sticky Ground] Unknown
[Sticky Web: Wall of Binding] Unknown Cast a wall of thin web, far more nuanced than the basic [Sticky Web] Spell, to catch the Targets. 8.64 K
[Sticky Webbing] Unknown
[Stinking Cloud] Unknown Conjures a cloud of putrid, foul brown air at the target. 8.07 L
[Stomach of the Cow] Unknown
[Stone Armor] Unknown Coverer the Caster into an armor made of stone. 8.04 T
[Stone Barrier] Unknown Conjures a barrier of stone.
[Stone Floor] Unknown
[Stone Lance] Unknown Conjures and projects a massive lance made of stone.
[Stone Shaping] Unknown
[Stone Sphere] Unknown
[Stone Spires] Unknown
[Stone Sword] Unknown Conjures out of the ground a sword made of stone.
[Stone Wall]
[Wall of Stone]
Unknown Erects from the ground a thick wall of stone.
The Caster can keep widening the wall after erecting it.
8.04 T
[Stonehand] Unknown
[Stoneskin] Unknown
[Stored Shock] Unknown Temporarily enchant something to electrocute anyone who touches it. Hectval (Pt. 3)
[Storm Arrows of Light] Unknown Conjures and projects a 100 arrows made of light, that blasted outwards in a spiral. 6.22 D
[Stun] Unknown
[Stun Arrows] Unknown Shoot blue arrows that stun the Target. 8.64 K
[Stun Bolt] Unknown Conjures a bolt that paralyzes the Target. 8.04 T
[Subtle Stench] Unknown Makes something subtly release an unpleasant smell. 9.15 VM
[Summon Allies: Extreme Range] Unknown 8.78 F
[Summon Armament: Lawkeeper of the Agelum] Unknown 8.74 DR
[Summon Lesser Frost Elemental] Unknown A Summoning Ice Spell that calls Lesser Frost Elementals from all the ice under the Caster's control.
The Lesser Frost Elementals can be further enchanted with other Ice related Skills/Spells like [Glaciersheet Ice] to make them tougher.
8.58 PFH
[Summon Object] Unknown
[Summon Skeletons] Unknown 9.15 VM
[Summon Spectral Skeletal Warriors] Unknown A Summoning Death Spell that calls from the ground, several Spectral Skeletal Warriors armed with energy blades, to attack the target.
They are also able to kept reassemble themselves when blown to bits, until they are completely destroyed.
8.04 T
[Summon the Swarms of Nerrhavia’s Gardens] Unknown Summons from the sky wasp-like monstrosities created by the [Tyrant] Nerrhavia to attack the target. 8.80
[Summon Water Elemental] Unknown 7.35 C
[Summoned Monster: I Call Your Kind] Unknown 8.18 H
[Summoning: Avatar of the Wyrm-Queen]
[Summon: Avatar of the Wyrm Queen]
Unknown Summons from the sky a gigantic, spectral Wyrm to attack the Target. 8.80
[Superior Analysis] Unknown
[Superior Camouflage] Unknown
[Suppressed Aura] Unknown
[Suppression Field] Unknown
[Swarm of Pestilence] Unknown
[Sylph Spark] Unknown 8.33 R
[Telehop] Unknown
[Telekinesis] Unknown Manipulates objects without touching them.
[Telepathy] Unknown
[Teleport] Unknown

8.74 DR

[Teleportation] Unknown
[Teleportation Ray] Unknown Shoots a ray that teleports whoever/whatever it hits wherever the caster can teleport. 8.75
[Tempest of the Lightning Giant] Unknown
[Temporary Holding: Water] Unknown Dimensional Spell that temporarily stores a great amount of water.
Can at least store up to 10,000 pounds of water, and then is able to unleash it immediately.
8.36 H
[Ten Thousand Spriggan Stakes] Unknown 8.70 E
[Tenfold Refraction Barrier] Unknown
[Terror] Unknown A mental spell that paralyzes weak-willed targets in terror. 1.02 H
[The Bane of Belavierr] Unknown 8.28
[The Bindings of Belavierr] Unknown Conjures unbreakable black thread of magic to ensnare the Target.
The Spell is named after Belavierr.
Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[The Cerulean Eater Awakes] Unknown
[The Godslayer’s Arrow] Unknown An unfinished spell meant to slay the Gods.
Even in it's incomplete state it can still burn away some of Belavierr’s Immortality protections.
[The Light of Shali’vere] Unknown
[The Midnight Veil] Unknown A Darkness Spell that erects a dark dome around the Caster that is able to absorb and negate attacks that hits it, even from a Tier 5 Spell like a comet from the [Valmira’s Comets] Spell.
Light Spells like [Light Orb] crossed with some unknown other types of Spells, can take down this Spell.
8.04 T
[The Red Thread of Destiny] Unknown 8.80
[The Serpentine Shield of Queth] Unknown
[The Winding Lair of Solce’s Jellyfish] Unknown
[Thorn Spray] Unknown Conjures and projects wooden thorns as large as a person's hand. 5.29
[Thorns of the World Tree: Bneiisrye] Unknown 8.74 DR
[Thorny Fist] Unknown Conjures and engulfs someone's hand into a thick bramble of dark wood with dark and grey huge thorns. 4.19
[Threefold Barrier] Unknown
[Thresk’s Steel Warspears] Unknown 9.38 TV (Pt. 2)
[Thunder Step] Unknown
[Thunderclap] Unknown The caster claps their hands together so loudly that it temporarily deafens others. 8.61
[Thunderglass Spray] Unknown
[Thunderstrike Volley] Unknown
[Tidal Wave] Unknown 7.35 C
[Tier Ascendant: (Spell)] Unknown
[Time Slow] Unknown 7.36 C
[Time Stop] Unknown 9.46 S
[Timekeeper] Unknown
[Tongue of the Sphinx: Clarity] Unknown Makes the target's speech understandable. 8.81
[Transfer Rune] Unknown 9.39
[Transformation of Elements] Unknown Turns an Elemental Spell into a different one, like lightning into water. 8.64 K
Unknown Translates a foreign language into the caster's own language.
It doesn’t work unless there are enough words to read at once.
1.02 H
[Translation Field] Unknown A Translation Spell that forms a semi-translucent bubble over a small field so that anyone inside will have their spoken language be overrode to one the others understands and vice versa. 8.77 B
[Transmutation: Flat Mudscape] Unknown 9.48 BTIPRLJMWVRV
[Transmutation: Water to Acid] Unknown
[Traps: Friendly Designator] Unknown Makes spell traps not react to activate towards specific targets.

9.64 BH

[Tremor] Unknown Saliss the Adventurer
[Tremor Impact] Unknown Shatter whatever the caster hits.
[Tremor Wave] Unknown
[Trigger Runes] Unknown Makes runes that automatically activate under conditions. 9.07
[Tripvines] Unknown Conjures tripvines to restrain the Target. 8.46 G
[True Lightning] Unknown Conjures a bolt of lightning as powerful as the kind that struck from the heavens. 7.42 M
[True Sight]
[True Seeing]
[True Slow Time] Unknown
[True Time Slow] Unknown Death and Stitches
[True Translation] Unknown 8.28
[Two Hundred Arrows of Stone] Unknown
[Umbrella of Shade] Unknown 8.37 H
[Undead Shattertouch] Unknown
[Unearth the Tombs] Unknown
Unknown An unlocking spell that unlocks locks.
Also works on electronics devices.
Luan the Giant
[Unlock Door] Unknown A low-level unlocking spell that unlocks non-enchanted locked doors. 8.00
[Until Infinity Exhausts Itself] Unknown
[Urgent Message] Unknown
[Vacuum Sphere] Unknown
[Valeterisa’s Comet] Unknown 9.38 TV (Pt. 2)
[Valeterisa’s Imperfect Comet] Unknown 9.66
[Valmira’s Falling Starry Sky] Unknown
[Venomous Needles] Unknown 9.58 O
[Venomous Snow] Unknown
[Viper's Summoning] Unknown Summons numerous snakes. 9.70 (Pt.1)
[Void Room] Unknown Vacuum all the atmosphere in an area. 8.40 CTV
[Void Shield] Unknown 8.64 K
[Void Sphere] Unknown Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)
[Volcanic Rain of the Ash Giant] Unknown Summon meteors of burning ash and fire. 8.70 E
[Volcanic Smokescreen] Unknown Instantly conjures a cloud of black smoke over a wide area.
Does not work as well against high-leveled people.
[Vortex Into Nowhere] Unknown
[Vortex of Annihilation] Unknown
[Vortex of the Abyssal King] Unknown Open a tiny little hole that can drag everything up to at least half a city into its radius, like a Blackhole. The caster is effected by the Spell. 8.28
[Wail of the Banshee] Unknown 8.28
[Wall of Blood Thorns] Unknown Conjures a wall of red thorns. 8.28
[Wall of Flames] Unknown Conjures a wall of flames.
[Wall of Ice] Unknown
[Wall of Light] Unknown
[Wall of Steel] Unknown Saliss the Adventurer
[Wall of the Damned]
[Barrier of the Damned]
Unknown Conjures a twisted wall of glowing bodies, capable of withstanding a Dragon’s fire breath. 4.31
[Wall of the Winds] Unknown Conjures a one-way wall of swirling winds. 5.08
[Ward of Repulsion] Unknown
[Ward of Safety]
(Tier 1 or 2)
[Wards of Defense] Unknown
[Warlock’s Leap] Unknown
[Warming Touch] Unknown
[Warmth] Unknown 8.35
[Water Arrow] Unknown Conjures and projectsject an arrow made of water.
[Water Bomb] Unknown
[Water Colossus’s Grasp] Unknown
[Water Dome of the Deep Sea Currents] Unknown 9.35 O
[Water Geyser] Unknown Conjures and blasts a huge column of water. 6.22 D
[Water Orb] Unknown
[Water Pressure — Dark Straits] Unknown
[Water Resistance] Unknown
[Water Shot] Unknown
[Water Sphere] Unknown
[Water Walking] Unknown Allows the caster to walk or run on the surface of water. The Gecko of Illusions
[Water Wall] Unknown Conjures a torrent of water upwards.
[Watery Floor] Unknown 9.35 O
[Waterbreathing] Unknown 9.46 S
[Wave of Mercury] Unknown 8.70 E
[Wave of Radiance] Unknown Foody Discussions
[Weatherchange] Unknown
[Web of Magnesis] Unknown
[Weight] Unknown
[Whirlwind Leap] Unknown Propels the caster in a massive gust of wind.
[Whiteflame Jet] Unknown
[Whiteout Blizzard] Unknown Conjures a blizzard that severely reduces visibility.
[Whisper] Unknown
[Wind Blast]
[Wind Shield] Unknown
[Wild Growth] Unknown
[Wind Orb] Unknown 7.55 E
[Wind Resistance] Unknown Innovation and Invention
[Windshear Barrier of Air] Unknown
[Windstorm of Karaz] Unknown 9.15 VM
[Windward] Unknown
[Windward Barrier: Self] Unknown
[Wings of the Phoenix] Unknown 8.70 E
[Wood to Stone] Unknown Turns wood into stone. 9.70 (Pt. 3)
[Word of Death] Unknown A Death Magic Spell that kills the target by bursting their heart.
It is activated when the target says anything forbidden by the caster.
[Word of Undeath] Unknown
[Your Mortal Doom, Returned] Unknown 8.85
[Zelkyr’s Emergency Golem] Unknown A Summoning Spell that uses available materials like splintered wood, broken plates, bits of food, and other detritus around the caster to rise up in a whirling arc to immediately construct a ten-foot-tall scrap golem to attack the target.
The Spell is named after Zelkyr Amerwing.
8.04 T
[Zone of Absolute Chill] Unknown 8.60
[Zone of Control] Unknown Prevents others from casting spells within the affected area. 9.70 (Pt. 2)
[Zone of Frost] Unknown
[Zone of No Transference] Unknown
[剑圣 – 心火之刃]
/ [Sword Saint - Edge of Heart’s Fire]
Unknown Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2)

List of Boxless Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Effect Reference Chapter(s)
Gaze of the Medusa Turns everything in the targeted area into stone. Age and Tales
Lighted Arrow Similar to [Light Arrow] 8.38 H
World’s End Permafrost Produces a wave of cold to freeze the targeted area. Age and Tales

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Pisces, there are seven, or eight tiers. Apparently there is the speculation of the ninth tier , but no mage has ever cast or discovered a spell of such magic.[29]
  • “You fly through the air like the greatest of [Archmages] I am told.”[30] This might mean that usually mages that can fly are rather restricted and only [Archmages] can fly as high and fast as a plane does.
  • “Long distance teleportations usually require a spell circle and time. If a person teleports instantly, it means that they haven't travelled very far, and are going to appear at a prearranged destination, making it rather easy to locate them.[31]
  • Platinum becomes a very powerful metal when used with enchantments and spells. It can also be used as a conductor for them.[32]
  • While the [Illumination] spell is technically only a Tier-2, in truth its complexity is around a Tier-3.[33]
  • [Lightning Bolt] and such lightning based Spells are a bit slower than actual lightning, which is so fast as to be instantaneous, which was why anyone had a chance of dodging them.[34]

References[edit | edit source]