Saliss Oliwing

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Saliss Oliwing
Saliss by DemonicCriminal.jpg
  • Saliss of Lights
  • Saliss the Naked
  • That Naked Bastard
  • Pallass’ Number One Nuisance
  • Pallass' one-Drake army
  • That Insane [Alchemist]
  • The Mad Drake of Pallass
  • Chaldion's heir of war
  • Onieva Oliwing (Alter ego/chosen name)


Gender Male

male (formerly)

Identifies as Female

Chaldion Oliwing (Grandfather)



First Appearance

Chapter 6.10

Saliss Oliwing, also known as Saliss of Lights, is one of the most powerful Drakes in Izril. The highest-leveled [Alchemist] in all of Pallass, and perhaps the world, Saliss is also a Named Adventurer, as well as Pallass’ only permanent resident Named-rank adventurer in the entire city.

His epithet "of Lights" comes from his ability to prepare hundreds to thousands of alchemical weapons which flash and explode like fireworks.[1]

Saliss is secretly a Turnscale who identifies as the opposite gender. Through the use of potions, Saliss is able to physically transform into a female Drake, calling herself Onieva Oliwing and masquerading as Saliss's cousin.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

As Saliss[edit | edit source]

Saliss has dusky yellow scales, and a slim body.[2]

As Onieva[edit | edit source]

Onieva has a tall slim body, with a unique coloration of rose pink and cobalt blue scales.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

As Saliss[edit | edit source]

A joker and a non-conformist, Saliss has often described to be a male Erin, something she strongly objects. Saliss delights in annoying people and generally being obnoxious, which he does through outrageous antics and prancing around Pallass naked. [4] He usually tones down his behaviour with his friends, though admittedly not by much. While he is seemingly very outspoken and forthright, Saliss often hides his true feelings and emotions. Secretly, he is often unhappy and hates hiding who he truly is. He becomes uncomfortable and agitated if he doesn't change to Onieva for more than two weeks.[5] He doesn't regard his "Saliss body" as his true one, which is why he doesn't care about prancing around naked.[6]

While he sometimes does show off being one of the best [Alchemists] and Named Adventurers in the world, Saliss is not egotistical. He is secretive of his work, but is willing to share and trade with others in exchange for something he deems important.

He has a strained relationship with his grandfather Chaldion, who views him as a disgrace due to his attitude and him being a Turnscale, the latter which they often fight about.

As Onieva[edit | edit source]

As Onieva, she is more social and extroverted, willing to relax and party. Sharp-tongued, she is protective of other Turnscales, and often rails against Pallass's society for its bigotry.

Background[edit | edit source]

Saliss is the grandchild of Pallass' Grand Strategist, Chaldion Oliwing. His parents were soldiers who died in a war.[7] He was inducted into the army at a young age to be trained as Chaldion's heir, and achieved the rank of Corporal. He also served in the Eyes of Pallass.[8]

Saliss travelled to Nerrhavia's Fallen when he was young, to learn from the [Alchemists] there. He made his name there by slaying a nest of Sandworms alone, and surviving being eaten by one and having acid burns over eighty percent of his body. He killed more monsters in his first year as an adventurer than a Gold-rank team, and returned to Izril as one of the best solo Gold-ranks, right before the First Antinium War.[6]

Saliss earned his epithet during the Antinium Wars, by destroying an Antinium Army. During the Second Antinium War, Saliss witnessed Wrymvr devastating a village and managed to escape with a surviving child, Shirka. Like Mihaela, he would survive Wrymvr's toxins in later engagements, though without permanent debilitating conditions due to his resistances, and his research would become the base for future cures against it and Flying Antinium toxins.[6] He would duel Wrymvr on his own on three seperate occasions in his carreer.[8]

He was involved in violent rebellious movements to fight back against the cities' oppression of Turnscales. However, due to the loss of his friends to reprisals and the fact that some of the people he fought where genuinely decent people following orders, he eventually stopped getting involved with rebellious groups and cut deals with Chaldion for the security of Pallass' Turnscale community.[8]

Saliss has only fought alongside Pallass' military twice in his career. Once was in an inter-city dispute against Manus, in retaliation for the City of War poisoning him and his fellow rebels. The other times at the yearly battle at the Bloodfields against the Humans of the north. He created a rain of acid and the humans retreated after eighteen minutes of fighting. After that, the Walled Cities have opted not to involve Saliss in warfare any more, and he's considered one of the reasons Pallass is no longer involved in inter-city warfare [9]

He's continued to adventure sporadically since becoming a Named-rank, though mainly worked in service to the Walled Cities for raids against the Antinium or destroying particularly dangerous monsters.[6] Know feats include the confirmed kills of two Old ones, and killing three other Named adventurers in combat.[8] He reached level 50 when he made a potion of reverse ageing for the first time.[7]

Saliss regularly spends time in Pallass' prison cells when caught walking around naked. Rufelt and Xif both commented on this offhandedly, implying that Saliss rarely is clothed.[2][10]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

As Onieva, he participated in the Trial of Zeladona and when he turned back to his Saliss body he told Mirn he had levelled, but not in his alchemist class.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Saliss is a powerful individual, even by Named-rank Adventurer standards.[11] Saliss possesses one of the highest, if limited, combat potentials in the world, assessed by Grimalkin as stronger than himself, if Saliss were catching the [Sinew Magus] unprepared.[12] He also stated that Saliss could destroy an army if prepared,[1] and might actually do some damage to Cognita.[12]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Alchemiaform Oldblood, Grand Alchemist of War] Lv. 56[8]
    • Derived from [Apprentice Alchemist]
  • Unknown other class Lv. ?[9]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

He has a number of Skills that makes his scales resistant to hazardous effects such as fire, poison, acid and cold.[11] Many of his [Alchemist] Skills are throwing-related.[13]

  • [Accelerated Throw]
  • [Alchemy: Shortened Span]
  • [Battle Simulations]
  • [Controlled Release: Horizontal Spray]
  • [Curved Arc]
  • [Delayed Throw]
  • [Disable Friendly Fire]
  • [Double Potency]
  • [Doubled Efficacy]
  • [Eyes of Appraisal]
  • [Flash Hands]
  • [Flash Sparks]
  • [Flask: Directional Force]
  • [Greater Dodge]
  • [Quick Draw: Borer Acid Vial]
  • [Quickened Mixture]
  • [Remote Countdown]
  • [Remote Detonation]
  • [Remote Explosion]
  • [Resistance: Acid]
  • [Seithore Basic Handling]
  • [Slow Toss]
  • [Vessel of Alchemy]
  • [Vial: Spore Explosion]

Combination Skill:[edit | edit source]

  • [Combination Attack: A Thousand Fireflies]
  • [Combination Attack: Lightning Tempest]
  • [Combination Attack: Winter’s Freeze]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

  • Anti-[Appraisal] Ring: A Ring made of a Ruby mixed with Truegold. At its center, where a gemstone might go, it has a black, faintly luminescent sigil traced in it that looks like a stylized crossed-out eye. It is enchanted to protect the user from [Appraisal] like Spells.[14]
  • Alchemist Glass Jars: Made from expensive and strong glass that could probably stay intact even if thrown at a wall. To make them break to unleash the alchemistic contained in them, Saliss has to use the [Remote Detonation] Skill.[6]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Xif mentioned that there is an adventuring [Alchemist] specialist of even higher level than himself, which was later confirmed to be Saliss in Ch 7.02.
  • Saliss is an uncomfortable topic for Pallassian residents, though this has somewhat lessened after his role in driving off the Frost Wyverns.[15]
  • Saliss is the first person to ever laugh at The Wandering Inn's name.[11]
  • Saliss is the most annoying Drake in the entire world, at least in Erin's view.[11] Notably, Saliss has been so far the only person to be able to annoy Bird.[6]
  • He is rumored to be the adventurer with the highest attacking power in the world.[1]
  • Since Saliss worked for over thirty years to prolong/restore his Grandfather's health, Saliss can be estimated to be about fifty years old.[16]
  • Saliss's motto is "Acid is a solution to 90% of all my problems,’ a joke so bad it had gotten him booed out of both the Alchemist and Adventurer’s Guilds multiple times.
  • He tends to swear using String People expressions, such as "Burn my stitches!", most likely stemming from his time in Chandrar.
  • While his first appearance was in Chapter 6.10, his full class would not be revealed until Interlude – Saliss the Architect.

References[edit | edit source]