Nerrhavia's Fallen

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Nerrhavia’s Fallen

The Kingdom of Nerrhavia’s Fallen (also referred to as Nerrhavia Fallen, Nerrhavia’s Fall, or just Nerrhavia) is one of the major nations of Chandrar. The Kingdom is named after the death of the first tyrant, [Queen] Nerrhavia.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar. (Artistic rendition) Nerrhavia is only pictured with its westernmost parts, south of Reim and to the east of Killale and Illivere.
Flos' Map of Northeastern Chandrar.

It is the largest nation of Northeast Chandrar. Nerrhavia's population consist mainly of String People with a minority of other races such as Humans and Beastkin. They have adopted a caste-system based on the cloth that makes their String People.[1] Hemp and Leather are the lowest caste, commonly seen as slower and more easily expendable; Cotton-caste in the middle, making up many everyday workers; and Silk and any magical fabric being the superior caste. This caste system is prevalent throughout most of String Person culture to the extent that generally members of a lower caste will avoid those higher up and vice versa.

The current ruler is [Queen] Yisame. She rules and makes most proclamations through a unique position known as the Speaker who acts as the actual voice of the queen and assumes what her desires are and speak them to the court. However, the nature of Nerrhavia's Fallen's government is that while there is some power in the throne, many of the nation's affairs are taken care by ministers and officials.

History[edit | edit source]

Nerrhavia was born as a Human commoner in the corrupt and failing Empire of Ateverha. She would ascend into ruling her own empire, dominating Chandrar for a thousand years as an infamous tyrant until she was deposed and killed herself in an explosion that destroyed her attackers and half her palace. Succeeded by Queen Merindue, the nation renamed itself Nerrhavia's Fallen as a reminder to never suffer the existence of [Tyrants]. Nerrhavia was conquered or neutralized during Flos Reimarch's conquest of Chandrar, but it regained its independence after Flos fell into slumber, returning to its former glory. The Sarmathi conquered parts of northeastern Nerrhavia at some other point in the past.[2] After Flos' awakening and subsequent declaration of non-aggression, Queen Yisame remained wary of Flos and was considered unlikely to attack him directly.[2]

Nerrhavia stationed 12,000 soldiers in the non-aligned territories between the borders of Nerrhavia and Reim. After the Conference of Pomle, Nerrhavia, Illivere and Savere formed a coalition with six smaller nations (among them Deimos, Xern, Lamult and Relaaquil) to invade Tiqr. Nerrhavia's first wave included a force of 200,000 soldiers (thousands of Silk-Warriors on Chariots, but mostly Hemp footsoldiers).[1] After heavy casualties against the [Beastmasters] of Tiqr, the coalition army was replenished and Nerrhavias forces among them counted 300,000 soldiers when they besieged Oliphant. Seeing those forces, Tiqr's Queen Nsiia "dismissed" her army and capitulated towards Illivere, thereby provoking tensions in the coalition since both Nerrhavia's [Queen] Yisame and Savere's [Queen] Revine wished to have Nsiia under their own control.[3] Afterwards, Tiqr's territory was to be distributed between the invading countries.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Cities:[edit | edit source]

Coliseums:[edit | edit source]

Within Caardefelt:[edit | edit source]

  • Arena of Rust

Within Tyrant’s Rest:[edit | edit source]

  • Coliseum of Monarchs - Central Arena[6]
  • Arena of Change - Lesser Arena[6]
  • Labyrinth of Challenges - Lesser Arena?[6]

Unknown City:[edit | edit source]

  • Coliseum of Glass[7]

Palaces:[edit | edit source]

  • Resturgium - Royal Palace within Tyrant’s Rest[8]

Monasteries:[edit | edit source]

  • Monastery of Galam[9]

Rivers:[edit | edit source]

  • Channel of Borendivual - One of the largest rivers in Nerrhavia[7]

Fortresses:[edit | edit source]

  • Bastion Nevekeh Fortress[10]

Government[edit | edit source]

Nerrhavia's Fallen is a monarchy. It also has multiple royal families.

  • Beziin - reigning line
  • Quarein
  • Isphel

While the ultimate authority is the throne, but the power it wields waxes and wanes and the current ruler may fall from power if they upset their cabinet too much, and so does not rule with impunity. Under Queen Yisame, the crown's power is currently on the lower end of average. The war council is called the Court of Steel, and it includes the Monarch, Strategists, Generals, and core cabinet members.

Known high-ranking positions:

  • Minister of War - Deroti[6]
  • Minister of Affairs[11]
  • Emissary of Cloth (Foremost head of the diplomatic wing)[6]

The nations' bureaucracy often uses truth spells to run efficiently.[5]

Notable Features and Culture[edit | edit source]

Nerrhavia's Fallen is one of the largest and most powerful String Person nations in all of Innworld. Its main draw, therefore, is being a country for String People. In a nation made for them, the Sticth-folk of Nerrhavia's Fallen aren't encouraged to look strictly human, and so non-human features can be seen among the populace, such as red or blue skin, or more easily half-Elf ears. It is still uncommon, however, as it's bothersome to get all the cloth dyed. It also has a minority population of Fox-Beastkin, due to the labours of Tottenval.[12]

Beyond that though, the nation has many strengths and notable features. One of these notable features is the high amounts of magic in the country. There are multiple magical schools in the capital city alone, some with deep foundations, and djinni can be seen flying throughout the capital. The country also has a robust, albeit fairly corrupt, system of apprenticeships for pseudo-magical Classes such as [Alchemists].[13] The alchemical trade in Nerrhavia can be very cutthroat and competitive, though it is effective.

The nation also has a large amount of coliseums the most prestigious one being the Coliseum of Monarchs which is also in the capital, Tyrant's Rest. Each coliseum has a variety of enslaved and free gladiators that fight for their own freedom or glory. The champions of the most prestigious coliseums can be above level 40.[12] Fighters in the coliseums generally level as gladiators instead of other warrior classes since they are more interested in putting on a show than fighting to kill.

Military[edit | edit source]

Nerrhavia's Fallen can raise numerous large armies called Grand Armies, sometimes referred to as Nerrhavia's Endless Hordes. Hemp casts are often the vanguard of those armies, and hemp soldiers may be promoted to higher castes as a reward for victories. The distribution of Stitch-folk soldiers in the armies is usually ten-to-one Hemp to Cotton and Silk, reflecting the general population distribution in Stitch-folk societies.[11] After they create breaches, the Cotton and Silk castes follow. Silk soldiers are armed with enchanted gear, and are the ones riding the army's chariots, which Nerrhavia makes notable use of.[14]

They also field famous warriors such as their [Gladiators], who fight at the heads of their armies. They have access to siege weapons such as Mage Throwers and ballista, and rare examples like a Hwacha, that they had bought from other nations over time.[11]

A notable force, currently named The Will of Yisame and is renamed after each ruler, is an army of ten thousand [Summoners], conjuring disposable warriors equivalent to Silver-ranks and Gold-ranks. They're supported by [Sand Mages] creating gigantic Sand Golems.[15]

Each great [General] has an army under the crown's authority, but said armies are more loyal towards said [Generals] above the crown.[16] Hemp divisions are named after cheap components of thread and cloth, while Silk divisions are named after types of silk.[14] Ste-General is a rank for a general holding a region.[6] Spellcaster Selendia is a rank that means one has permission to cast magic in the royal palace, and is in practice as important as a lesser [General].[17]

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Being primarily composed of String People, many of their troops are vulnerable to fire. And due to the nation's size, their armies are spread out, and cannot be concentrated on one enemy. Reinforcements can also take time to arrive as a result.

Notable Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Former Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • [Witches] aren't common in Nerrhavia's Fallen, save during the era of Nerrhavia herself.[19]
  • The nation, when it was Nerrhavia's empire, used to be called the Kingdoms of Nerrha.[17]
  • The greatest [Gladiator] of Nerrhavia's Fallen holds the title of Champion of Champions. The current Champion of Champions is a Centaur woman.[16]
  • Besides Alked Fellbow, Nerrhavia's Fallen has two other Named rank adventurers.[20]

References[edit | edit source]