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Flos Reimarch
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By Jason Yao (Cut-out)
  • The King of Destruction
  • The Sleeping King
  • King of Reim
  • Flos of Reim
  • King of Bandages



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First Appearance

Interlude - 1

Flos Reimarch, also known as Flos, the King of Destruction, is a [King] whose Kingdom, Reim, is located in central Chandrar, beside the Great Desert. He is infamous worldwide, having managed to conquer almost half of the civilized world twenty years ago.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Flos is over six feet high[1] and has golden-red hair with slightly faded colors and a beard.[2] He has emerald-green eyes.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

A figure of inspiration and terror, Flos is always the most dominating presence anywhere he goes, be it a room full of his allies or on the battlefield surrounded by enemies. Above all, Flos considers himself a [King]. His will to conquer is absolute, and he considers it his own right - his purpose in life - to conquer any and all lands and peoples within his reach, potentially even including Earth. However he is also the kind of person who would go to war for the sake of a single individual.[4] He loves his people and would do anything for them, seen when he declared war on Belchan as vengeance after one of their villages slaughtered the Saltstone Tribe on their way to him.[5]

Despite being one of the most powerful individuals in the world, he's often interested by the most mundane things, such as an unusually large Yellat or dressing up as Santa Claus for Christmas.[6] He is charismatic by way of his boisterous personality, and prefers being informal with other people. He enjoys it when individuals are bold or audacious, usually because the majority of the people around him are too formal, terrified, or consider him their enemy. He loves being challenged in games or physical feats and can be extremely competitive. He also loves entertainment and does things at a whim, such as creating a holiday for skipping stones. He'll pursue his interests if it puts him at an disadvantage, such as when he gave away his location just to be seen on the scrying orb playing soccer.[7] He dislikes injustice, such as when he established Loquea Dree as a better replacement for the Black Judgement. However, he is unwilling to stop the practice of selling war prisoners to Roshal, despite the insistance of Gazi, Trey, and Amerys.[8]

Flos hungers for stories. Stories of Earth, stories of new and exciting things and places. Such stories, and the proof of them, is what his surviving Seven spent over a decade scouring the world for, in order to awaken their sleeping king. Ultimately, it was Trey and Teres' stories of Earth which finally woke the King of Destruction from his slumber of decades. Flos is immensely curiosity about anything having to do with the Earth, and enjoys speculating who would win in a war between his and Earth's forces.

Background[edit | edit source]

When he was a young [Prince], Flos' father spent little time with him, and nobody expected him to become someone special. His mother had hoped for him to become a poet and was disappointed when he took up the sword.[9]

Conquering Chandrar[edit | edit source]

Flos ascended the throne of Reim at fourteen or fifteen years old after the passing of his mother. King Treland of the neighboring Kingdom of Hellios invaded at this time, hoping to take advantage of Reim's period of weakness and seize its lands for his own, comparatively powerful kingdom. Flos could not stop the invasion by force of arms. So he instead resorted to trickery, riding around Hellios' armies and, along with Gazi, making his way to the enemy kingdom's capital city, defended at this time only by a token force. After taking the city's walls, Flos walked into the throne room and challenged King Treland to single combat. Flos Reimarch defeated and killed the higher-level [King] in this duel, thereby beginning the legend of the King of Destruction.[1]

Later, Flos started a war with the Medilean Kingdom when he heard the royal family had been overthrown and a tyrannical [Warlord] had taken over. He also fought the Order of the Black Judgment when they became little more than bandits.[10]

He reached Level 50 and gained his famed [Army of the King] Skill when he slew three Djinni in battle.[11]

Flos' legendary campaign of conquest lasted for six or seven years, by the end of which he had conquered most of the continent of Chandrar, and forged alliances or neutrality pacts with the very few nations which he did not conquer. After this was accomplished, Flos achieved something unprecedented in modern times, dispatching his armies to begin conquering other parts of the world. His armies landed and took territory on two more continents - Baleros and Izril.[12]

Crumbling of the Campaign[edit | edit source]

Most people assumed that Flos had overextended his reach by tackling Baleros and Izril at the same time. However, Niers Astoragon later theorized that Flos had a rather clever plan to quickly achieve his victory: He planned on rallying several uprising minorities on each continent (by promising power and land to the Gnolls of Izril, and the same to the Half-Gazers and Selphids of Baleros). Also, Flos assumedly didn't intend to have to defend Chandrar from extra-continental attacks, so he needed to occupy his enemies at their home continents. Niers assumed that Flos might have reached out to the Humans as well, especially those of Izril.[12]

Flos sent Queravia with his armies to Baleros and Amerys with his armies to Izril. The start of both campaigns was promising: Queravia landed in the port city of Zaland and conquered it in a day, then defeated an army of the Four Great Companies. Meanwhile, Amerys landed on the southern shores of Izril[13] and locked down Zeres all by herself in a stalemate.[14][12]

Several factors brought his downfall however:

  • The fleet of Minos didn't ally with him, but instead attacked one of his invasion fleets, cutting off his beachheads on the other continents from reinforcements.[12] They also killed Tottenval, whose death and body was discovered by the rest of the Seven only after Flos already had given up.[9]
  • Rhir sent an army against Flos, possibly convinced by Wistram that Flos might ally with the Demons, and managed to defeat Takhatres.[12]
  • Queravia was besieged by Niers Astoragon, who personally killed Queravia in order to break her army.[12]

As Queravia was Flos' lover, her demise caused Flos to fall into depression, giving up on his war of conquest. He headed back to Reim where he "slumbered" for the next 22 years, using his [Dreamer] Skills to walk through his memories and thoughts,[15] while his empire and kingdom crumbled.[9]

The Izrilian armies returned to Chandrar and disbanded after having heard of Flos abandoning them.[16] Many of Flos' subjects were angered and disappointed about this turn of events.[9]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

One day while Flos was in his throne room, he is startled by the sudden appearance of twins Trey and Teresa Atwood from out of nowhere.[17] From them, he learns that they hail from another world and listens to them talk of Earth's advanced technology and modern warfare. Inspired and invigorated by the potential challenges of facing an entirely new world, Flos wakes from his slumber, summoning his vassals back to Reim.[3]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

In the first magical chatroom organized by Blackmage and Wistram, Trey and Teresa participates as 'TwinTrouble.' When one of the chatters - 'Kent Scott' - is discovered to be an imposter, Flos reveals himself announcing his return and warning off 'Kent Scott'.[18]

Soon after, three of his Seven return to Reim: Mars the Illusionist, Takhatres, Lord of the Skies, and Gazi Pathseeker, who are introduced to Trey and Teres. They offer him gifts, Mars offering a small arsenal of magical weapons and armor and Takhatres pledging his tribe's support. While Gazi has nothing to offer, she tells them a story of an innkeeper she met in Liscor, who also came from another world and was the one who injured her eye. When they are about to celebrate three of the Seven's return, a Courier arrives from the Emperor of Sands, delivering Drevish's decapitated head encased in ice. Stricken with grief, Flos declares war on the Empire of Sands.[2]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

A month later, despite declaring war, Flos has not ordered his forces to move, aside from ordering Takhatres and his tribe to besiege the Empire of Sands. While Orthenon prepares the nation for conflict, Flos has taken the Atwood twins as his personal servants (though they don't actually perform the duties of [Servants]), having his vassals teach them about the world while insisting that they dispense with formalities and call him by name. He summons them to his personal chamber, where they are horrified to see that he kept Drevish's head, wanting it as a reminder. Teres insists to Flos that he needs to bury Drevish. The [King] is enraged by what he perceives as her presumptuousness and orders them out, but taken off-guard by Trey's insult, he admits that she is right and agrees to bury Drevish, while also confessing that he has become afraid of war after all these years. [19] However, he reaffirms his desire to live up to his subjects' expectations after going undercover in the castle and asking them how they felt about their [King's] return.

Later, Flos spars with Trey, accidentally knocking him out. That night, Flos sneaks out with the Atwood twins, and heads to one of the nearby villages to announce his return. While the villagers are overjoyed to see him, their [Lord] and Flos's former vassal, Venith Crusland is less than pleased.[20] Venith's son Calac tries to kill Flos but is easily defeated. Venith and Flos then duel, but is interrupted by his wife, Maresar Crusland. Flos offers Venith mercy but is refuted, though Maresar joins the [King].[21]

A few days later, while having breakfast, Trey and Teres talks with Flos about their world. He is intrigued about some of Earth's leaders, especially Ghandi and his non-violence movement. Meanwhile, the surrounding rulers have denied Flos's return and suppressed news about him. Discovering that some of the neighboring cities are starving, Flos takes the Atwood twins, Mars, Orthenon and Maresar on a walk, also inviting a few of his subjects. As they are walking, talking about religion, their procession grows to a few thousand. Orthenon realizes that Flos is using his Skill [Rapid March], leading them to the city of Rast. Inspired by Trey's retelling of the story of Jericho and the Hebrews, Flos leads the procession and marches around the city, announcing his return. Galvanized by Flos, the people of Rast turned on their leaders, joining the King of Destruction.[22]

However, this accomplishment is marred by declarations of war from several nations including Hellios and Germina. Flos initially sends Orthenon and Maresar to lead an army against a coalition of armies.[23] However, when injured refugees begin pouring in, he is unable to withstand seeing his people get hurt, and leaves to fight, taking Trey and Teres with him. With reinforcements from Venith, Flos and his army is able to lead the enemy coalition back to the city, where Gazi activates the [Storm Cage] spell, decimating much of the forces, forcing the rest to surrender.[24] Flos sells them to the Traders of Roshal, a decision that Teres accepts, but Trey is disgusted by, leading to a fallout between them.[25]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

During the winter, Flos leads his armies up north, where they conquer Hellios and Germina. While Hellios surrendered easily, Germina refused, forcing Flos to kill the Quarass.[26]

In the spring, Flos, Gazi, and the Atwood twins watch the broadcast of Face-Eater Moths assailing Liscor on the scrying orb. Afterwards, they head for the Jerios Bazaar to find a sword. While he is initially disguised to prevent unwanted attention, he is intrigued of Teres telling him about television and its impact on their world, and unveils himself on the scrying network, announcing his return.[26]

Later, Flos is among those watching the Goblin Lord's and Tyrion Veltras's armies assail Liscor.[27]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

Flos secretly participates in the ritual to resurrect the Quarass. He swears to her to that he'll claim Germina as its [King] for 40 years, which she accepts. He heads to Hellios and forces [Queen] Calliope to abdicate.[1] Afterwards, he and his armies return home, laden with riches and artifacts plundered from both nations' treasuries.[28] That night, he holds a banquet where he is introduced to Nawalishifra Tennousin and Clan Tennousin. After discussing the surrounding nations with Trey, he sends a Courier with messages to all the nations of Chandrar, announcing a vow of peace in exchanging for letting his people come to Reim.[29]

In Pomle, a conference is held between several leaders of major nations and kingdoms to discuss the King of Destructions's message, where Empress Nsiia Oliphant of Tiqr announced her support for Flos. Despite her intent for Tiqr to remain neutral, several nations declare war on it, including Illivere , Savere, and Nerrhavia’s Fallen.[30]

A month later, as Flos's people begin to return and war rages in Tiqr, Flos talks with Teres about some of his Skills. He is interested with her iPhone and its apps, though he becomes increasingly annoyed with Flappy Bird, leading him to accidentally break the iPhone. He then receives word of an army coming from Khelt, while the Quarass and her envoy arrives to Reim. At the same time, he receives a request from Nsiia to speak with him. She offers him Tiqr and her service in exchange for joining the war against the enemy nations. However, Flos is reluctant to forswear himself, and eventually refuses.[31] He converses with the Quarass, and manages to trick her into offering to intercede with King Fetohep on his behalf, in exchange for revealing who the Atwood twins are, which he had planned to do anyway. Flos orders Trey to go with the Quarass to Khelt, believing the Earther would be of some use.[32] Afterwards, Fetohep and Flos are able to negotiate a bounty of food from Khelt in exchange for a oath from Reim to never attack Khelt.[33]

Flos, Orthenon, and Gazi see the return of the Rustängmarder and the Nomads of Sky, and discuss Amerys's failure to return. Flos orders Orthenon to publicly contract the Iron Vanguard to assail Wistram, but Gazi intercedes, having a better, more cheaper plan.[34]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Flos and Gazi are suspicious when Flos' scrying orb turns itself on to broadcast a Frost Wyvern attack on Pallass. Suspecting that Wistram is spying on the other end, he addresses Archmage Feor, demanding that Amerys be released. Later after the Wyverns are driven off, he is among those shocked to see an Antinium inside the Walled City.[35]

Later, Flos and his armies march to Jecrass, where he meets [King] Raelt Leysars under a flag of parlay. Flos requests to cross Jecrass's borders to Medain in exchange for hunting down monsters, though Raelt refuses, which Flos takes no offense at. Afterwards, he leads his troops to Belchan, where [Prime Minister] Lyfelt accepted his offer to kill monsters plaguing the nation. As such, Flos managed to increase the levels of his [Soldiers]. While deciding where to go next, two more groups declaring allegiance to Flos arrive: Lizardfolk from Baleros and Gnolls from Izril.[36] The day after, Nawal measures Flos for his new Naq-Alrama blade, discovering that since his slumber, he has gotten stronger. He then meets with representatives from the Lizardfolks and the Gnoll tribes, during which he offers the Gnolls to occupy Hellios. After the meeting, Flos is perturbed, sensing that something is wrong. Realizing that none of his people came through Belchan, he takes some of his troops to look for them. After hours of searching, they find a site of dead Gnolls from the Saltstone Tribe, slaughtered by one of the nearby villages, with only a few Gnoll children left alive to be sold as slaves. Furious, Flos executes several [Officers] and the [Warriors] in the village, and declares war on Belchan on the scrying broadcast.[37]

Flos's army easily overcome Belchan's forces. However, when they arrive to the capital city of Levrhine, it already surrendered to Jecrass. Raelt agrees to give Lyfelt to Flos, but is unable to condone his second request to execute Belchan's politicians, military leaders, and their families. As such, Flos challenges him to a duel. Despite putting up a good fight, Raelt almost falls to Flos, but one of his River Wardens interferes, leading to an outright conflict between the two armies. Flos is forced to call for a retreat.[38]

Weeks later, Reim and Jecrass are still at a stalemate. Flos and his army are at Sadomere where he unveils his new Skill, [The King's Architect], turning the city into a death trap for the enemy.[39]. After watching the football match in Celum, Flos tries playing it and sends a [Message] for instructions to Joseph Ortega, the "creator" of the game. While he gets a reply back, he also receives a brief letter from Erin Solstice, calling him a jerk and to "stuff your face and stop declaring war." Much amused, he jokingly orders Orthenon to put Liscor on the top of his list.[40]

In a battle between Jecrass and Reim, Raelt and Flos face off again. This time, Raelt manages to stab Flos in the heart, but the King of Destruction narrowly survives and finishes driving off Jecrass's forces. After the battle, overcome with grief and tiredness, Raelt declares his intent to sue for peace with Reim.[41]

Flos sends Trey to Wistram, hoping that he could free Amerys, promising to destroy A'ctelios Saash in exchange.[42][43]

In the middle of Orthenon's negotiations with Jecrass, Flos and his forces are startled to see Jecrass's armies suddenly moving towards Medain. Discovering that adventures from Medain kidnapped [Princess] Jecaina, Flos and his army follow, sensing an opportunity. However, while Jecaina escapes, Raelt is captured and Flos's army is attacked by an mercenary army of Minotaurs from the House of Minos, paid by several nations from Terandria, Izril, and Baleros to attack the King of Destruction.[42] During the battle, the Minotaurs being slaughtering Flos's lower-level [Soldiers], putting Teres at risk. As such, Flos is forced to use his [Army of the King], temporarily levelling up his entire army, which is what the Minotaurs secretly wanted, as the King of Destruction would be bereft of the Skill for a month. As the Minotaurs retreat back to their warships, Flos and some of his elites gives chase, but is ambushed by the Illuminary captained by Rasea Zecrew. After the battle, Flos receives word that over a dozen nations have formally declared war on him. He tells Orthenon to recall Takhatres and his tribe for their border campaign against the Empire of Sands.[44] He then splits the leaders of his forces and the Seven to cover multiple fronts, while intending to press on and conquer Jecrass, promising to fulfil his oath of vengeance for the Gnolls.[45]

Flos watches Ryoka Griffin, Maviola El, and Saliss of Light's run across Izril to cure Tyrion Veltras's sons, though he is confused as to why Saliss is naked.[46] He manages to use [Greater Blessing of Armor] through the scrying orb to protect the three from the worst of the chasing [Assassins'] attacks.[47]

He talks with some of the Gnoll Chieftains and [Shamans], frustrated that he is missing the Meeting of Tribes. He requests one of them to go back to Izril to recruit allies, offering to give Medain to the Gnolls once it's conquered.[48]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

When an army of Nerrhavia's Fallen attacks Reim, Flos pretends to activate [Army of the King], forcing them to flee or surrender. He instead uses the Skill to boost Orthenon's forces against Medain. After Jecaina is crowned [Queen] of Jecrass, Flos meets with her to negotiate, asking her to pledge Jecrass to Reim and for the lives of Lyfelt and his ministers, promising to free Raelt. However, Jecaina refuses his offers and Reim and Medain's cities both began slowly encroach on Jecrass's territory. Later, Flos is one of six rulers of Chandarian nations invited by Jecaina to preside over Lyfelt's trial on live Wistram television. Ultimately, Lyfelt is pronounced guilty. Flos assumed that this brought an end to the war between Reim and Jecrass, but Jecaina refuted him, citing that too much blood had been spilled. However, the [Queen] of Jecrass made a deal with Fetohep, giving some of Jecrass's land to Khelt. Reim is forced to fall back from Jecrass.[49]

After seeing Joseph, his soccer team, Grimalkin, and Pallass's 1st Army demonstrate their fitness on television, Flos is inspired to do the same, showcasing his troops on a run to their next battle.[49] Later, he watches Eldavin's story about Archmages Zelkyr Amerwing and Peril Chandler.[50][51] When Flos is about to face off against another of Nerrhavia's armies, he hears about the raid on the Village of the Dead, and asks for a temporary ceasefire to watch the broadcast.[52] While initially an observer, he is one of many to use their Skills to help the adventurers when greater undead emerge from the hidden city.[53]

While marching to defend the capital of Reim, Flos calls for a break, realizing that it is Cinaelu. After arguing with Takhatres over eating eggs, which the Garuda regards as barbaric, and making fun of him for not being able to play Flappy Bird, he along with Takhatres, Maresar, Venith and Teres, meets with some of Nerrhavia's Fallen's [Generals].[54] During the meet-and-greet, Flos receives word of three Djinn from Nerrhavia are on their way to assassinate him. Flos and his army immediately retreat to Reim, hoping to obtain Nawal's Naq-Alrama blade. Besieged by the Djinni throughout the day-long run, Flos and most of his forces make it back, only to find that Nawal was unable to forge a blade, due to all the Naq-Alaram ingots being flawed.[55] Venith, Takhrates, and Grand Mage Esiela manage to kill one of the Djinni while another is forced to flee. The final Djinni, Drenir, directly challenges Flos, which he accepts. During the fight, Flos's body is engulfed in Djinni fire, but he manages to free Drenir. Badly burnt and with multiple incoming armies seeking to take advantage, he orders Takhatres to protect the Gnolls in Hellios.

Teres reads to Flos from the Book of Laws in the midst of the revelation that the Gnoll species' capacity for arcane magic was deliberately suppressed by the Drakes.[56] When Feshi calls to invite him to the Abitration Council to discuss the Gnolls and Drakes, Teres is forced to decline on his behalf, despite the King of Destruction's insistence.[57] Vizir Hecrelunn visits the King of Destruction, offering to heal him in exchange for swearing fealty to Khelt, though Flos refused.[58] When Reim is being besieged by a massive army from Nerrhavia's Fallen, Flos briefly appears on his balcony, and throws a javelin, although performing the act itself injures him.[59]Just when Reim is about to fall, [Assassins] from Germina reveal themselves, ambushing Nerrhavia's Fallen's troops and forcing them to surrender. After the battle, Flos emerges from his tower to mourn Maresar's death. At the same time, Trey, Gazi, Calac, and the Quarass manage to free Amerys from her cell in Wistram.[60]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Flos' class and Skills are specialized in warfare.[20]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

Consolidated Classes[edit | edit source]

  • [Dreamer] Lv. 36[64]
    • Consolidated to [King] class

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [A Kingdom’s Strength]
    • Obtained at Level 30[37]
  • [Army of the King]
  • [Aura of the King]
  • [Blood is Growth]
  • [Edict of Bloom]
  • [Edict of Silversky]
  • [Edict of the Blooded]
  • [Greater Blessing of Armor]
  • [Here, And Everywhere I Rule]
  • [Induction: The King’s S— (Full name incomplete, can be inferred to be [Induction: The King's Seven])[65]
  • [Rapid March]
  • [Royal Vanguard]
  • [Superior Physique]
  • [The Choice of the Conquered]
  • [The King’s Architect]

Units:[edit | edit source]

  • Sorcelled Blades
  • Mirage of Chandrar
  • Dreamers of Reim

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Enchanted Adamantium Sword

Former:[edit | edit source]

  • [Ring of Health] (treasure he took out of Armil's vaults.)[26]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While appearing for the first time in Interlude - 1 (Archived), his name was revealed in Interlude – King Edition (Archived), while his surname was revealed in Chapter 4.01 K.
  • Flos was n fourteen or fifteen years old when he began his legendary campaign,[1] which lasted six years.[66]
  • Every ten years the greatest mages meet in order to try to predict the future. One of the things they did was predicting, what calamities could befall the world. Flos was ranked the eighth likeliest candidate to destroy civilization. He was also given a 30% chance to conquer the world depending on a number of factors. As a result, the Mages of Wistram were afraid of him even during his slumber.[67]
  • Flos truly sees the twins as a gift in his eyes, far more worth than gold. Teres speaks the truth to him, is unafraid to point out his failures and stand up to him in his moments of wrath and folly. While Trey understands how he think at times and sees into his heart.[68]
  • During his legendary campaign, he had killed twenty-three rulers.[1]
  • A Djinni compared his strength to that of lesser Dragons.[69]
  • He once declared a holiday called Skipping Stones Week, and spent a week at the coast trying to beat Gazi at skipping stones.[54]
  • He is one of the few individuals in the world to reach Level 40 before turning 30 years old. For pulling off this feat he was called a prodigy and a threat to end the world.[70]
  • After he had hearing about Christmas from Teres, he had happily instituted the holiday at once and dyed his beard white. He’d also had smashed three chimneys before giving up on playing Santa.[54]
  • The current era of history, A.F., is named for him.
  • During his old conquest, his empire began minting its own coins.[71]

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