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Roshal is a city or empire located to the south-west[1] of Chandrar. Roshal is mainly known as the polity backing the Slavers of Roshal. The seal of Roshal is a market city intertwined with lowers, coins, a horse and other goods, with the flowers resembling chains draping the city on closer inspection.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

Roshal, which is infamous because of and has enriched itself through its slave trade, is recognized to possess enough prowess to rival Wistram, but unlike Wistram, which is purportedly neutral but still political, Roshal is known to not take any sides in any matters.[3]

The port-capital of Roshal is Lailight Scintillation, on the south-west coast of Chandrar. It is also called the Market of Fables and regarded as one of the world's wonders. Foreigners are cautioned not to cross the slavers and not to look too deep into the shadows of the place.[4] It is ruled by a conclave of slavers, called the Verdant Halls.

Many nations benefit from Roshal, and it can mobilize them to its defense if needed. It also hoards more relics than even Khelt. This makes the nation intimidating as a prospective enemy.[5] Roshal is an old nation in it own right, having existed since the days of the Walled City of Graves and predating the existance of Selphids.

Roshal has a stake in keeping Djinni enslaved, and generally only interferes as a power in matters regarding them. They donate tithes to the Blighted Kingdom bigger than that of most nations, as the Demon Kingdom includes free Djinni.[1]

Roshal created a cruel counter-holiday to Cinaelu called Leciaun, which only they celebrate. During it, slavers and slave owners allow their subordinates do what they wish to slaves, short of causing permanent damage.[1]

Military Strength[edit | edit source]

As previously mentioned, Roshal possesses many relics.

A Warship of Roshal is enchanted and can be equipped with sixteen Magic Throwers on deck and more below behind concealed hatches. Only a few navies can boast ships of similar quality.[2] Roshalian ships are built primarily for durability and speed.[6]

Roshal has created personal firearms, the first nation of Innworld to have done so. These firearms are enchanted.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

Roshal originated in Terrandria, and was founded on ideas of human and racial supremacy. In those days, slaves were taken by force in raids. Roshal eventually moved to Chandrar, and moved away from its founding principles to become more "egalitarian" in regards to who could own slaves or be enslaved.

During the Long Night, when magic died, Roshal had little time for slave trading and focuesd on survival like everyone. It made peace with its enemies to that end.

At the height of its power, Roshal warred with the Djinni, and parts of Chandrar were still ruled by Wyrms. This golden age ended because Roshal's power attracted enemies which drove it to the precipice, and was the last time Roshal ruled beyond a single port city and little holdings.

During the Stitch-folk rebellion, Roshal still had a strong diplomatic presence abroad, such as in the Walled Cities.

Roshal was complacent at the start of the Creler Wars and payed for it when the Crelers invaded while they were still rallying a force, after the greatest dancer of the era died on Rhir.[7]

Notable Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lailight Scintillation is also called the Harbor of Sighs.[8]
  • Roshal has its own language, though True Roshalian is only spoken as a mark of prestige and mainly used to issue commands. When a command in True Roshalian is issued, a red crest will glow and force the subject to comply.[8]

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