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Staff List[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of past and present volunteer staff to the Wandering Inn Wiki.

Name Role Contact Status
Ocean23 Administrator TBA Active
Pisces2 Administrator N/A Inactive
StoneEdgeGod Administrator Ping @StoneEdgeGod on Discord Active
AxelTerizaki Administrator and Server Host Ping @AxelTerizaki on Discord Active
Bookcase Admin / TWI Discord Mod Ping @bookcase on Discord Active
Torenity Administrator User Talk:Torenity or Ping @Torenity on Discord Active
Satchel the SandWing Social Admin Ping @InsertNameHere on Discord Inactive
Bluemoon Interface Admin Ping @bluemoon on Discord or email [email protected] Inactive
NeonLeitz Interface Admin Ping @neon_leitz on Discord Active
Kantraah Admin Ping @bartimayus on Discord Active

Want to help out?[edit | edit source]

We are always looking for volunteers to help besides editing pages on the wiki. If you're willing to help, feel free to put a comment on this page.

Roles[edit | edit source]

  • Social Admins: This is a role for the SocialProfile extension, which adds gifts and other awards, as well as polls. If someone wants to manage this kind of fun stuff, they're welcome.
  • Interface administrators: They have permission to modify interface stuff, like CSS and other properties to make the site look ✨stylish.✨ It needs some technical know-how.
  • Moderators: This is mainly for comments on pages, being able to delete them if needed.
  • Administrators: Last but not least, administrators have almost all the rights on the Wiki. They can block users and changes, import pages from other wikis, protect pages, move and delete pages, etc.

For a more detailed breakdown, you can see the Groups Rights List special page.

Remember that, like editing pages, this is volunteer work and we sadly can't compensate you with blue juice or nights at The Wandering Inn.