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Geneva Scala
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First Appearance

Chapter 1.00 D

Geneva Scala is a medical student from Earth who was transported to Baleros, becoming a [Doctor] known as the Last Light of Baleros.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Geneva has brown hair and pale, olive skin. Her eyes are "piercing light brown eyes" and wears spectacles.[2] Her right arm is practically white.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Geneva is intense. Anything she does she will commit 200% effort, to the point that she was compared to the Terminator with a medical degree.[2] Obviously not one to be off-put by blood, she treats anyone and everyone who comes to her looking for medical assistance, even if they are an enemy. However, she often overworks herself to the point that her body would have collapsed if it wasn't inhabited by a Selphid. She can also be single-minded, unable to focus on anything else or consider other potential options. Geneva has extremely strong willpower, shown when she was able to withstand the telepathic onslaught of the Third Mind.[4]

Background[edit | edit source]

She was born and lived in Madison,[1] Wisconsin. She has Italian heritage and often visited Italy.[5] When she was fourteen, she tried to resuscitate her father who died of a heart attack.[6]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

She appeared on the continent of Baleros, and to make ends meet, enlisted in the Raverian Fighters Company. She would serve in the 6th squad of the 4th Battalion, led by [Sergeant] Thriss. Their company was to fight against the Burning March Company as well as a centaur clan and some mercenaries while the Raverian Fighters were supporting the Magehammer Company. Before they could make it to any battles, they were ambushed by centaurs and Geneva had to perform her first impromptu surgery on a squad-mate named Clara. Through this and an earlier test, Geneva gained four levels in [Doctor]. After the company witnessed this, she was given more responsibility and even approached by others with nagging issues. The true test for her started though when the centaurs ambushed their company again this time killing nobody, but instead destroying the healing potions that the Raverian Fighters were carrying with them.[5]

The fighting began in earnest and Geneva was the only hope of healing for her battalion of over 600 soldiers. Geneva could not save almost any of the patients that she came across during the first day of battle. The only one that she saved was a disabled selphid named Okasha from the Burning March Company. Okasha couldn't rejoin the fight due to her disability, but she did join Geneva as a medical assistant. From there, Geneva continued to level and implement better strategies. She set up a triaging system to prioritize saveable soldiers at the cost of the fury of her friends and the friends of others that she couldn't save. She even saved an enemy soldier that was brought in and from then on began using the symbol of the red cross. Geneva became famous for tending to patients regardless of who they fought for - this led to enemies calling off their attacks when they saw Geneva. One of these enemies almost killed her after shooting down Okasha. He came forward to speak with Geneva after calling off the attack and was murdered by Thriss. Misinterpreting this as Geneva being a traitor, Thriss struck her in the back permanently paralyzing Geneva. Her only salvation was Okasha who ran Thriss through with a sword, killing him. She also took partial control of Geneva's body using a forbidden selphid technique to keep her alive albeit reliant on Okasha.[7]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

Geneva meets another group of Earther’s while she was helping the wounded going under the company name of The Red Cross. As the war they’re all trapped slowly grows more and more horrific in scale and disaster. She alongside Ken, Davy, and co. Manage to escape the battlefield by relying on the goodwill of her patients.

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

Geneva joins the United Nations Company and begins work on uplifting the medical knowledge of Baleros. But is quickly discouraged when healing potions and magic, and even classes like [Healer] cause her to mostly useless.

It’s only when their Centaurus's [Landlady] experiences a medical crisis when giving birth does Geneva prove her value. Being able to achieve the impossible for a [MidWife] and saving the life of both the Calf and mother during a complication in Centaur Birth. Which is known to be the most dangerous and outwardly fatal. Geneva also first encounters Yellow Rivers, a sexually transmitted disease that becomes her bane for much of her stay in Baleros.

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Geneva quickly finds herself struggling to contain a pandemic that ravages not only Baleros. But the coast regions of Terandria, Khelt & Chandrar, Zere’s & Izril, and even Rhir itself. While Wistram is content to make it out like nothing bad or dangerous is happening. Geneva struggles to contain the outbreak, her medical knowledge being the only thing keeping numerous cities to fall into despair. Her name as the Last Light of Baleros spreads throughout the continent.

During this crisis, Geneva pushes Okasha too far, the Selphid. Already struggling being trapped in another person’s body, under constant threat of death if she makes the wrong move, and pushed to her very mental and physical limits as Geneva pushes her to the brink and becomes more and more cold to her. Finally snaps in a fit of rage, before being contained and replaced by Calectus and Idis. Geneva’s mental anguish only worsens as a result.

As the crisis worsens and no one does anything, Geneva suddenly comes into contact with ‘Joseph’ after seeing the real one play Soccer on live Scrying Orb. Getting in contact with ‘him’ actually Erin in anonymity. Geneva and Erin discuss, before Erin reveals she has Penicillin. A vital resource Geneva needs to keep Yellow Rivers in check.

The compound is shipped off, and Wistram is out under fire for letting the crisis grow so badly without raising the alarm.

Though the cure is impounded and stolen. Geneva is able to acquire some and use it to treat her patients and fight Yellow Rivers. Helping slowly drive the pandemic back.

Later, when Erin is shot and preserved in ice. Geneva attempts to leave for Izril before she’s kidnapped by Calectus to force her to work for the Minds in finding a cure to the Wasting.

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

The United Nations is cut off from Geneva. And she’s put to work by the Minds, the Third Mind of the Gathering Citadel rips Geneva’s mind apart before being taken to task by the other Minds. Geneva regains some autonomy thanks to the Second Mind giving her the telepath class and training her to protect herself. Geneva uses her telepathic skills unlocked by the Second Mind to think of a way to cure Erin Solstices condition. Ultimately figuring out the need for a [General] and a skill that can push someone past their limits. Beyond even Death itself.

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Geneva works for the Minds. Slowly coming to understand the Wasting, and experimenting on dead Selphids and bodies alike. Figuring out a way to transplant Galas Muscle and create war bodies for Selphids. Along with discovering the Selphids Seamwalker heritage.

During this, Geneva constantly has dreams of her first time seeing a dead body. Where she was dealing with the aftermath of a suicide. When she reveals the constant dreams to the Second Mind, Contradiction, who has been coaching her on mastering her Telepathy. Is shocked and later horrified. When Geneva asks why, it tells her that the first time she saw a dead body was her father who died of a sudden heart attack.

Second Mind confronts the other Selphid Minds, but realizes that the others have been corrupted by the Third & First Mind. They are quickly subdued and mentally tortured. Geneva continues her experiments, slowly melting into a delirium where time has no meaning. She attempts an escape with Third Mind's [Psychic Guardian] who see the taboo’s being broken by the Minds. But all are slain, and Geneva’s attempt at ending her own usefulness and life by investing Salash’s flesh is stopped by the Second Mind and Idis.

It is ignored and never discussed the next day. As Geneva slowly grows more and more unstable, the Second Mind shows her Okasha again. Broken beyond anything but the most basic and traumatized psyche. When the Second Mind tells Idis of the other Minds betrayal. Idis ignores them and calls for help (proving their and the Minds hypocrisy, because the actions they’re performing on Geneva is just as bad as Okasha snapping)

Second Mind stops them by killing them. Ripping apart their mind and body. Before putting Okasha back in.

As Geneva attempts to escape, she’s stopped and dragged into a testing chamber basement by a clone of herself. A fusion of her and the Selphid Minds. Who slowly tortures Geneva sadistically before attempting to kill her. But before she can, Geneva turns the dozens of other bodies prepared for the Selphids army of clone Geneva’s on by copying her exact mind. Free of the Mind's manipulation on them. They quickly break free, cripple Evil Geneva and drag real Geneva out of the Citadel. Only just escaping its annihilation as Second Mind had eaten the piece of Acetlios Slash.

Causing the other minds attempting to absorb it to go insane and start killing everything in the Citadel. As this happens, Second Mind, or Redemption as it chooses to be called in these last moments. Alerts the other world powers of the Selphids having broken their oaths. Leading to every world power from Rhir to Khelt, Drath, and Demons to bombard the Citadel. Destroying it completely.

Geneva escapes the Citadel with the help of her clones and strike teams sent by the Titan who had launched an attack on the Citadel when he realized what the Selphids were really doing to Geneva.

After being rescued, Geneva stays in Elvallian, putting off reuniting with the United Nations. She participates in the Earther conference call, and with the disappearance of Eir Gel she works to the world's medical systems with the resources of the Forgotten Wing Company and Fraerlings. She meets one of her clones, a Selphid calling herself Beth, who tells Geneva that she will work on the Wasting while Geneva focuses on other matters.[8]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Class/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Psychic Surgeon] Lv. 37
    • Advanced from [Doctor] → [Surgeon]
    • Class Consolidation: [Telepath]

Former Classes:[edit | edit source]

  • [Telepath]
    • Consolidated to [Psychic Surgeon]

Removed Classes:[edit | edit source]

  • [Prisoner of the Minds]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Advanced Organ Transplant]
  • [Detect Injury]
  • [Dexterity of Thought]
  • [Disease Detector]
  • [Enhanced Telekinesis]
  • [Enhanced Telepathy]
  • [Enhanced Thread]
  • [Flash Hands]
  • [Flawless Cut]
  • [Greater Resistance: Mental]
  • [Hemostatic Pause]
  • [Hygienic Hands]
  • [Injury Sense]
  • [Lesser Endurance]
  • [Lesser Resistance: Disease]
  • [Lesser Resistance: Infection]
  • [Lesser Stamina]
  • [Malady’s Cessation]
  • [My Oath Binds You Like My Conviction]
  • [Numbing Touch]
  • [Speed Stitching]
  • [Sterile Field]
    • Advanced from [Sterile Equipment]

Condition Removed:[edit | edit source]

  • [Corruption’s Accomplice]
  • [Haze of Delirium]

Abilities:[edit | edit source]

  • Fluent in English and Italian.[9]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Geneva hates guessing games.[4]
  • She once had spent 8 hours wrestling with the question of what happens when you divide something by zero. She even tried to conceptualize what that question meant.[4]
  • She was raised Catholic.[10]
  • The first dead body she touched was her father's.[6]
  • Okasha removed the microplastics in her body and made a little ball out of them.[10]

References[edit | edit source]