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Baleros is the continent home to Lizardfolk, Centaurs, Dullahans, GazersSelphids, Humans and Beastkin.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Baleros is a massive continent, consisting of jungles and forests, though there are also wide open plains and scenic landscapes. To Earthers, it bears a resemblance to the American continents — being a fairly solid chunk with a large southern jungle and a vaguely hammer-esque shaped north half.[1] The three main species on Baleros are Dullahans, Centaurs, and Lizardfolk, with Selphids, Gazers, Humans, and the Beastkin Tribes making up larger minorities.[2] Intelligent hunter-gatherer societies of apes and monkeys also live on the continent.[3]

The Companies[edit | edit source]

Baleros was a continent unique in that despite there being nations and countries and kingdoms and so on, much of the fighting was done by mercenary groups, ranging from smaller troops like the Raverian Fighters to huge Companies comprised of multiple regiments of soldiers who were almost constantly embroiled in conflict.
Chapter 1.00 D

The companies active on Baleros are like nations unto themselves. There are countless companies who have their own cities and towns where they base themselves. They have contracts and earn income from protecting places, and they send out their own armies to fight. The big ones have influence, representatives in other nation, even entire merchant organizations that cater only to them.[4]

There are Four Great Companies who are the most influential players in Baleros, military-wise:

  • Iron Vanguard: The northernmost parts of Baleros are mainly controlled by the old and long-established Iron Vanguard Company, comprised primarily of Dullahans. They heavily fortify their territories and have a powerful armada.
  • Maelstrom's Howling: The Maelstrom’s Howling Company are holding the wide open spaces of the middle parts of Baleros, but not all of it permanently. They are comprised mostly of Centaurs, and some Lizardfolk.[1]
  • Eyes of Baleros: The Eyes of Baleros are a species company comprised mostly of Gazers, and little is known about them since they are based deep in the jungle. They don't have much land, and nobody cares to fight them.[1]
  • Forgotten Wing Company: The Forgotten Wing Company is a mixed-species company based south of Baleros. While it is very powerful, it is also considered fragile as its prowess is primarily due to their two leaders: the Three-Color Stalker and the Titan.[1] The Forgotten Wing had replaced the Jungle Tails Company (a Lizardfolk company), but the latter are still considered powerful.[5]

Other Companies:[edit | edit source]

  • Adaz Plates[6]
  • Bodies of Fellden - Supreme and only company of the Selphids.
  • Burning March
  • Duscale Company[7] - Lizardfolk company
  • Featherfolk Brigade - Lizardfolk company. Ruled over the city of Talenqual.
  • Goblin's Lament (Dissolved) - Goblin company led by Velan. Once considered a 5th Great Company.
  • Grasgil Blockade[8] - Dullahan company.
  • Gravetender's Fist - former suppression company
  • Greyfur Irregulars[9]
  • Hanging Serpents[10] - presumably a Lizardfolk company
  • Jungle Tails - Former Great Company of Lizardfolks. Supplanted by the Forgotten Wing company.
  • Magehammer Company
  • Marsh Troll
  • One-Eyed Bastards[6]
  • Raised Ground[11]
  • Raverian Fighters
  • Razorshard Armor (Dissolved) - Dullahan company.
  • Red Cross (Dissolved) - Reformed as the United Nations company.
  • Rot's Bane - Suppression company.
  • Roving Arrow (Dissolved) - Centaur company.
  • Roving Fireball[12]
  • Sandskim Company
  • Silscale Company[6] - Lizardfolk company.
  • Steliers’s Ring[13]
  • Stone Gaze[14]
  • Stormhooves[8]- presumably a Centaur company
  • Tailtail Army[6] - Lizardfolk company.
  • Tanglelurk Lights[15]
  • The Flying Brigade[16]
  • Torum Legion[17] - Dullahan company.
  • Trick Temple[18]
  • Tripartite Law - Company of three members.
  • United Nations - Earther company, jointly leads Talenqual with Paeth
  • Untimely Demise - Suppression company.
  • Virulent Plague[15]
Map of Baleros (Artist's rendition)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Nations:[edit | edit source]

Cities:[edit | edit source]

  • Avenclus[21]
  • Bolandus[22]
  • Cephalium[23]
  • Cinfal[24]
  • City of Serpents[25]
  • Daquin[26]
  • Elvallian
  • Fizzyxel - Alchemical City[6]
  • Gathering Citadels (several located across Baleros)
  • Hammat[27]
  • Hemglass - Port-city just north of Talenqual.[17]
  • Invinctel
  • Ironforged Hearth of the North[25]
  • Kanid's Leaf - Half-Elf settlement[28]
  • Looxe[8]
  • Moxy
  • Nassiquel[6]
  • Oelnnox, south of Elvallian, bordering Gazer territory[29]
  • Oftered, same region as Talenqual, further inland[30]
  • Onous, Dullahan city, nearly 60 miles north of Moxy[8]
  • Paxil[24]
  • Phelt[24]
  • Radlrn, northern part[31]
  • Ramok[27]
  • Ranxel, same region as Talenqual, further inland[30]
  • Ravelm[24]
  • Seequal - Lizardfolk Capital City (Destroyed)[22]
  • Soxet[9]
  • Talenqual[13]
  • Vaunth[8]
  • Yoill, same region as Talenqual, further inland[30]
  • Yoirthe (Destroyed)[32]
  • Ysai - River-city with cultivated oyster beds.[17]
  • Zaland
  • Zevai[33]
  • Zexil

Fraerlings' Settlements:[edit | edit source]

  • Comost / Comost Lightdrenched[34]
  • Culqe / Culqe of Eyes[34]
  • Gais / Gais on the Rocks[6]
  • Feiland - Tallguard Outpost (Abandoned)
  • Homnel / ???[34]
  • Itelloi / Itelloi Under Shadows[35]
  • Keshel / Keshel in the Dark[6]
  • Oierdressql / ??? (Destroyed)
  • Paeth / Paeth on the Coast - First Founding descendant city
  • Reiryul / Reiryul Crystalhome[6]
  • Reton - Tallguard Outpost[34]
  • Seelda / Seelda Under Rains[6]
  • Torteth / Torteth of Colors[6]
  • Yaeth / ???[6]
  • Yuite / Yuite Under Waters[34]

Villages:[edit | edit source]

  • Haxpesprings - Lizardfolk village (Destroyed)[7]

Academies:[edit | edit source]

Magical Dungeon and Ruins:[edit | edit source]

Areas:[edit | edit source]

  • Corthien Valley[37]
  • Drowned Elf Marsh[38]
  • Olkem Grasslands[24]
  • Selx’s Ravine[24]

Death Zones[edit | edit source]

Rivers:[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike going from Izril to Terandria, the journey to Baleros is horrifically difficult due to monsters, [Pirates], and bad weather capsizing most low-level captains.[39]
  • Sugar comes from Baleros, and thus it is rather expensive on other continents, at the very least in Liscor.[40]
  • All of Baleros’ most vivid flowers are poisonous.[41]
  • Parts of Baleros are frozen year round.[2]
  • “Like tips the scales, but gold and blood weigh more.” - famous adage from the [War Merchants] of Baleros.[42]
  • After the rise of Velan the Kind, Goblins were believed to have been mostly wiped out in Baleros.[43]

References[edit | edit source]