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First Appearance

Chapter 2.19 G (As a Memory)

Velan, also known as Velan the Kind, was the most recent Goblin King.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

While barely taller than a regular Hobgoblin,[1] Velan was in fine physical condition, as he appeared like a Drathian expert or [Martial Artist] to Niers Astoragon.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

In his youth, Velan had always dreamed of walking among other races.[3] He was naturally curious, as shown by his catching and studying of insects. He tried to break what he called "the cycle that bound all of Goblinkind, of violence and retribution."[4] When first meeting Niers Astoragon, he was well-read, well-spoken, and mild-mannered, willing to trade the cure to a disease running rampant. He seemed to draw some amount of amusement from their shock at his possession of a cure.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

He was very interested in insects. He wandered the jungles, caught many different insects, and studied each one before eating them. Some he noticed made him sick, others tasted very well, while some had beneficial effects. Velan shared his discoveries with his friends and tribe and became a [Healer] long before becoming [Chieftain]. He went foraging alone and fought monsters for precious herbs. He made himself stronger by eating and surviving countless poisons and experiments until he could eat Sage's Grass and rarer plants without growing sick.[5] He'd known about blood transfusions and made crude funnels to aid them.[5]

[Healer] was one of the classes that were eventually merged into his [Chieftain] one.[6] His tribe had draughts to make a Goblin run for three days straight.[5] At some point, fifty years before becoming a Goblin King, Velan became a [Great Chieftain] and met with Anazurhe, who tried to convince other Goblin [Chieftains] to support her dream of an academy for Goblins, several times before she left Baleros.[7]

He eventually founded the Goblin’s Lament company and acted as their leader, gaining a reputation as a sane Goblin Lord and as being more trustworthy than most other companies, as even Niers Astoragon conceded.[8] Due to Niers Astoragon's sponsorship, his company was accepted as legitimate, able to negotiate and hold land, rather than viewed as monsters.[2] The Forgotten Wing Company benefited as well, as Velan continually shared medicine and cooperated on joint goals. His company was regarded as one of the strongest on the continent and was even considered the unofficial fifth Great Company of Baleros.[9]

As a Goblin Lord, Velan was known for his strength enhancements, but didn't learn to fight until he met Greydath after crossing a sea.[5] He ruled for six peaceful and prosperous years. He forged alliances on Baleros. On Izril he made peace with Humans, Gnolls, and Drakes. Unlike now, Goblins were only hunted in very few places.[6] He was beloved by all Goblins.[10] Once, he had traveled to Drath and learned secrets about alchemy and the body.[7]

After fulfilling an unknown criterion around ten years before the current day[3], Velan became a [Goblin King], dreaming only of death and fire.[3] At this point, he stopping working towards peace. He broke 18 treaties of nonaggression, razed the city of Zexil and left no survivors. He was joined by more Goblin Lords and their tribes, and proceeded to utterly destroy more cities on his way to the eastern coast of Baleros, where he built a huge fleet and set sails for Izril at the start of summer. He only left a single message to the company leaders of Baleros, which was: “Vengeance.”[9]

Across the ocean, his Goblin Lords led similar crusades, pillaging and slaughtering.[3] There were at least a hundred thousand Goblins in each army led by them.[11] On Izril, Velan met with the Goblins Anazurhe[7] and Tremborag, both of whom chose not to join his war. Velan entered the High Passes with a small force for eight days[12] and was granted an audience by Teriarch.[5] At the top of the High Passes, Velan hid his great treasure and the two keys to which he scattered.[5]

He told the young, the old, the pregnant, and those afraid to fight to hide, and took only the warriors, so that Goblins would rise quickly after his death.[13] His last rampage took place in the Blood Fields, where he led an army of a million Goblins.[11] Seven separate armies opposed him.[14] His armies swept across the land towards First Landing in the North, killing everything in sight, when he saw Elia Arcsinger, a Half-Elven archer. Her resemblance to Sprigaena caused him to hesitate, allowing her to shoot an arrow through his skull.[15] His last thought before death was regret,[15] and his last word was "Sprigaena".[16] Velan was at least fifty years old at the time of his death.[7]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Velan was described as "one of the greatest [Alchemists] ever." He created medicines that made his body as strong as any [Warrior].[7] He was said to be a match for all but the very strongest warriors in the world.[9] His demonstrated feat of reaching the peak of the High Passes and surviving, where Teriarch says even dragons feared to go,[5] places him as one of the most powerful characters of Innworld seen so far.

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [King] Lv. ?
  • [Alchemist] Lv. ?
  • [Healer] Lv. ?

Skills:[edit | edit source]

Military Strength[edit | edit source]

Velan led gigantic armies, which consisted of over a million Goblins.[11] His raiding parties alone were tens of thousands strong.

Goblin Lords[edit | edit source]

During the 2nd Antinium War, Velan ruled over 9 Goblin Lords, each one being on par with any Named Adventurer, with Velan being a match for all but the strongest warriors in the world. Every one of the nine had focused on a different field which set them apart from the other Goblin Lords.[9]

Name Position Status
Tallis the Stormbreaker Shaman Deceased
Greydath of Blades Warrior Alive
Murmar Deceased
Thorget the Bowyer Archer Deceased

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Velan was looking for the key that is now in Garen's possession, of which two exists, but never could find out what it unlocked.[10] Although it was said in Ch 5.19 that he wasn't looking for the keys as he already had them and was the one that locked something away with them, making this possibly an inconsistency. It could also be that Garen only discovered later the truth because the memories he first saw weren't very clear.
  • Velan came to Izril from across the sea, as did many other Goblins. They fought greater enemies than Drakes and Gnolls and Humans.[3]
  • Velan hated the Undead.[17]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To his army) "No quarter! No mercy! The playthings must die! Kill them. Burn them. All that the Gods have wrought must be destroyed."
  • (To Courier) “Vengeance.”
  • (To Tremborag) “Join me, Tremborag.”
  • (To Tremborag) “Very well.”
  • (To Tremborag) “Will you stay here?”
  • (To Tremborag) “Good. Hide here. It will not be many months, before it ends, I think.”
  • (To Tremborag) “We have no purpose. This war is not to create or fill any task. Just to end. Just because must be.”
  • (To Tremborag) “We fulfilled our oaths long ago. We were there when the world betrayed itself. And we brought death to the world in return. We won that war, though it cost us all. Our family, our people, our King—all of it was worth the price. And now, what remains is vengeance.”
  • (To Tremborag) “Rage consumes me. Stay in your mountain. Let the children hide here. The children and the next. I have failed. All I can do is plant the seeds for the next. If you would be one of them, seek these out.”
  • (To Tremborag) “One day there will be a King again. And they will follow in my footsteps. Forever. Until all Goblins perish or all others do. We cannot help it. We cannot forget. But maybe next time…”
  • (To Tremborag) “Live, Chieftain of the Mountain. Just—live.”
  • (To Niers) “Is this not how it is done?”
  • (To Niers) “Blistering sores? Pops with blood? Yes. I know. My tribe—Goblin’s Lament—had them two weeks ago.”
  • (To Niers) “Gone.”
  • (To Niers) “Yes. I have.”
  • (To Niers) “Luck? I am better?”
  • (To Niers) “No one asks Goblins for help.”
  • (To Niers) “If you ask, perhaps we can trade. [Strategist]. Will you ask and talk with this Goblin?”
  • (To Anazurhe) “A Goblin academy is good. But where? Gazers have jungles. Dullahans will find you in the north. Underground?"

References[edit | edit source]