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Elia Arcsinger
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Elia Arcsinger is a Half-Elven Named Adventurer and the Captain of Arcsinger’s Bows. She is famous for having slain the Goblin King, Velan.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has blonde hair, and a pale face.[1] Her appearance looks like she's in her late twenties.[2]

After being burned alive by her own changed Skill, Elia has faint burn scars all over her body.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

In public, Elia is quite friendly, treating Ceria Springwalker as an equal, despite the disparity in their ranks. However, she privately has imposter syndrome, as her Named-ranked status is mostly due to her reputation of killing the Goblin King, and her Skill, [Line-Ender Shot], one of the most powerful archery Skills in the world. Ironically, due to over-reliance of her great Skill, Elia has failed to level since killing Velan the Kind through a fluke. To this end, she Moreover, desperate to maintain her reputation as one of the most powerful Named-ranked adventurers, Elia avoids entering high-level engagements, even once refusing to duel Ceria lest she reveal her actual strength, and is terrified at the idea of someone discovering her secret or facing a high-level opponent.[4] As such, she is disillusioned, often contemplating on retiring or returning home to Gaiil-Drome and practicing archery for another decade.

Background[edit | edit source]

Elia hails from Gaiil-Drome. She had her daughter Capoinelia when she was still a Bronze-ranked adventurer. She brought her back to live with her family while Elia went out to earn money for them both.

Elia was a Silver-ranked adventurer who participated in the Second Antinium War. During Velan the Kind's final charge, she was among the line of archers desperately firing arrows at the seemingly invulnerable Goblin. However, just when he was upon her, Velan looked at Elia, whose resemblance to Sprigaena the Traitor of Elves caused him to hesitate, leaving him open for Elia's arrow to ram through his head, killing the Goblin King. She reached level 40 with this feat, gaining the [Line-Ender Shot] Skill.[4]

Afterwards, the half-Elf’s fame for killing the Goblin King resulted in Elia Arcsinger becoming known as one of the greatest Named Adventurers of the current age.[5] She was invited to every nation, and travelled for two years, being celebrated and showing off her capstone Skill. However, she was forced back into adventuring when her fame started fading and she no longer received free food or lodging. There were ample jobs for her, and she formed Arcsinger's Bows. Seeing how expensive the team was, she considered adventuring alone until her daughter, which she hadn't seen for twenty years, decided to join her as an adventurer. They've adventured together for six years.

Elia did not reach Level 40 by killing Velan the Kind.[4] She's fought Adult Crelers four times in her career,[2] though with ample support.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

Elia and her team where among the adventurers hired by Tyrion Veltras, who she had a special arrangement with, to deal with the Goblin Lord. Her presence was used to vacate Dwarfhalls Rest of Goblins.[1] Later, while still in the mountain, Greydath threw a sword at her, which she intercepted midair, to draw the adventurers attention on Garen Redfang while he left without being seen.[6] Elia helped drive the Goblins towards Liscor, and hit Tremborag with an arrow before Tyrion rode to kill him to stop the Goblin infighting the Chieftain caused, which could wear out the Goblin forces too much before reaching Liscor.[7]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Elia met Ceria and Pisces, who initially didn't recognize her, at Invrisil's Adventurer's Guild after they reached Gold-rank.[2]

When members of the Kraken Eater Tribe escaped a circus in Invrisil and started killing, Elia was there and killed them as they faced her. She pursued the last Goblin, Nolocks, to the Wandering Inn, but could not harm him in the establishment. However, Elia stated that the Goblins took children hostage and killed them. Nolocks was made to leave the inn through Numbtongue's mining cave, and Elia pursued. Nolocks waited to ambush his pursuers rather than flee and was killed.[8]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Elia and her team participated in the Village of the Dead raid. She requested to Ceria that her team not only be placed in the backline with the other ranged combatants, but that they didn't advance into dangerous engagements for the sake of her daughter.[9] She killed Undead Giants when the adventurers breached the inner Village, but refused to duel the Archer Revenant.[10] Afterwards, she and her team argued for their share of the loot with the other adventurers.[11]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Elia and her team were pushing to gain a relic-class item from the raid's loot, or even the Helm of Fire, but Ceria pressured her back, threatening to damage Elia's reputation and even challenge her to a public duel if she protested her decision. Elia backed down and agrees to her plan on how to divide the loot instead.[12][4]

Elia and her team were invited to the Djinni's Spoon in Invrisil by Lord Xitegen Terland. He and other nobles hired her to kill Goblins that were friendly with Erin Solstice. The plan was they Arcsinger's Bows would run reconnaissance on the target, and then the nobles would back her up in two days to attack.[13]

She was taken to the Healer of Tenbault for healing.[14]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Despite her status as one of the greatest Named Adventurers in the world, Elia has mostly maintained her rank by dint of fame and reputation of killing the Goblin King. While she possesses one of the most powerful archery Skills in the world, she has failed to level for decades.

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Nemesis of Goblins, Ranger of Renown] Lv. 43[3]
    • Derived from [Markswoman] → [Goblinbane Markswoman] → [Renowned Archer of Goblin’s Demise].

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [120% Draw]
  • [Anchoring Shot]
  • [Arrow of the Traveller]
  • [Bane Arrows]
  • [Explosive Arrow]
  • [Great Enemy: Goblin]
  • [Greenbane Arrow]
  • [Impact Arrow]
  • [Instant Arrow]
  • [Line-Ending Inferno]
    • Replaced from [Line-Ender Shot][15]
  • [Piercing Shot]
  • [Ranged Dodge]
  • [Repositioning Leap (30 Feet)
  • [Seeker Arrow]
  • [Terror of My Name]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Bow of Izril’s Shores - Almost Relic-class golden bow that glows brightly with a fierce, silvery light. Nowadays, people call it Arcsinger's Bow.[4][1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While she appeared for the first time as a memory in Ch 2.19 G, her identity was revealed in S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.5).
  • She generally resides on Terandria where she is constantly hailed as a hero, but she occasionally travels to combat the Goblin threat, to which the public considers as her mandate in life.[16]
  • Her daughter Capoinelia is a member of her team.[6] She was unaware of Elia's true strength, or rather the lack of it.
  • The fact that Elia is weaker than she actually is was first implied by Grimalkin, who had laughed at the idea of Elia being on the Sinew Magus's list of people who can kill him.[17]
  • Many modern half-Elves style themselves on her looks.[4]
  • Elia has refused every contract that would bring her close to the Kraken Eater Tribe and their leader.[4]
  • Her age was revealed to be barely sixty-eight years old in Interlude – Levels.
  • Her spice tolerance is extremely high, to the point that she barely notices the spiciness of her food served by Calescent (who had presumably maliciously over-spiked it).[3]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Ceria) “What happened to your hand?”
  • (To Ceria) “My name is Elia Arcsinger. Named Adventurer and Captain of Arcsinger’s Bows.”

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