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Trey Atwood
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Trey (with Quarass), by Auspiciousoctopi
  • Troy Atlas
  • Worm Guy



16 (Beginning)[1] 17 (Currently)[2]




Teresa Atwood (Twin Sister)


Flos' Attendant



First Appearance

Interlude - 1 (Archived)

Trey Atwood is an Earther from England who was teleported to Chandrar with his twin sister Teresa inside of Flos' throne room.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Like his sister, Teresa, Trey has moderately dark blonde hair, fair skin, and a height of 5’10. However, despite their striking similarities they are not identical twins, at least genetically.[3] He has a scar across his throat from when the Quarass cut it.

While Trey's physical appearance has changed little after returning from Wistram - other than gaining a few pounds - he appears older, as if "he’d skipped part of being a man," which is attributed to his [Chaos Schemer] class.[4] His sister described his gaze as keen to the point of piercing into your skin, "as if he was trying to figure out what you were worth when he put you into a box for later."[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Trey is kind-hearted and willing to talk to others. While he considers himself to be relatively normal, he is able to easily befriend with formidable people such as Flos, Gazi, and Fetohep thanks to his friendly nature. Though not overly warlike, his experiences in battle have desensitized him to violence from the Earther perspective, so to speak. While normally calm and friendly, Trey does possess a temper, which can cause him to lash out when provoked, though he is regretful and embarrassed when it is undeserved. Trey feels that injustices of the world should be punished, evident by his feelings towards Ac'telios, whose people had forcibly turned several Earthers into pakheil. As a result, he developed a grudge towards the Carven City.

Having spent an extended period of time with people like Gazi, Fetohep, and the Quarass, he unconsciously adopted several mannerisms, such as maintaining eye contact for an extended period of time, sitting very still.[5] After coming up with the plan to break Amerys out of Wistram and gaining the [Chaos Schemer] class, he is far more calculating, treating people like game pieces.

Background[edit | edit source]

When Trey and his sister stepped off the subway car’s ledge, the ground had disappeared beneath them, leading to them landing in Flos' throne room.[6]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 4-6[edit | edit source]

After the Atwood twins are able to inspire Flos to awaken from his "slumber," he makes them follow him around in a mixed role of advisors/observers/henchmen/retainers. Only slowly did they become more independent of Flos, and started to follow their own agendas. Nevertheless, Flos continued to push them into their own careers, greatly advancing Trey's path of becoming a [Mage].

Trey had his confidence in Flos shattered when Flos sold his vanquished enemies into slavery, to the Traders of Roshal. Unlike Teres, Trey wouldn't accept slavery as part of Chandrar's society. This gained him closer attention of Gazi, who had been a [Slave] herself. Trey also tried to make friends with other people around, among them Venith, Nawal and the Quarass. Flos trusted Trey's refreshing world-view to convince Fetohep to cease hostilities and trade with Reim, and Fetohep indeed took a strong liking to Trey.

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Afterwards, Trey was sent along with the Quarass and Gazi to attend a meeting of the Shield Kingdoms in A’ctelios Salash, where Trey gained more insight into what the Earthers were facing in this other world. It was on the way to the Shield Kingdom that the Quarass shared some of her knowledge of rare classes with Trey. by slashing his throat and letting the blood soak into his sand creating Lifesand. This gave him more power, but also traumatized him.[7]

After visiting A'ctelios Salash and barely escaping with his life, both due to his newfound ability to form Lifesand, and a close call with the actual residents of A'ctelios itself, Trey decided he had had enough of Reim and went to visit Fetohep in Khelt.[8] Soon after, he found his courage once more and went on a mission to enter Wistram undercover in order to find information on Amerys and possibly break her out. He also created a Lifesand Golem modeled after Gazi named "Minizi." He took the name "Troy Atlas" as a pseudonym and met a fellow Earther named Flynn.[9] The two became fast friends on their journey to Wistram and mostly stayed together thereafter.

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

While at Wistram, Trey was one of the first [Mages] to be friendly with Grand Magus Eldavin, and witnessed him single-handedly fighting most of the Archmages.[10] He would join Eldavin's newly formed Terras faction and quickly progress in his magical studies, while becoming friends with several other students and meeting up with Calac Crusland, also undercover as "Carn." Trey also became acquainted with Viltach, becoming friendly with the Human Archmage despite the Earthers' dislike of him for being 'speciest'.[11] Even after joining Terras, Trey continued to meet with Viltach in creative-sessions to upgrade Minizi and use her to explore Wistram's depths.[12]

Trey became one of Eldavin's apprentices after rescuing him in the aftermath of his and Cognita's battle.[13]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Bloodglass Mage] Lv. 30
    • Derived from [Sand Mage][14]
      • Derived from [Mage][15]
  • [Chaos Schemer] Lv. 16[14]
    • Derived from [Plotter]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Advanced Golem Shaping]
  • [Basic Golem Shaping]
  • [Chaos Theory (Low Risk)]
  • [Create Lifeglass]
  • [Create Lifesand Golems]
  • [Eidetic Spell Memory]
  • [Magic Thought]
  • [Magical Specialization: Sand]
  • [Mana Reserve]
  • [Mana Well (Earthen)]
  • [Plotter's Network]
    • Advanced from [Prepared Signal]
  • [Prepared Signal]
  • [Spell Refraction]
  • [Straight Face]
  • [Walk Out of Trouble]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • Tier 0:
    • [Light]
  • Tier 1:
    • [Light Arrow]
      • If chanted, he can fire 15 of them over the course of 10 seconds, then 15 again.[7]
  • Tier 2:
    • [Flame Jet]
    • [Flash]
    • [Light Sconce]
    • [Sticky Web]
  • Tier 3:
    • [Karas Duststorm]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Appraisal]
    • [Arrows of Filled Glass]
    • [Camouflage]
    • [Create Lesser Sand Golem]
    • [Farsight]
    • [Featherfall]
    • [Light Arrow Cascade]
    • [Light Barrier]
    • [Light Spear] / [Spear of Light]
    • [Lightsand Arrow]
    • [Repair]
    • [Sand Arrow]
    • [Sand Sprite]
    • [Sand Veil]
    • [Sand Wall]
    • [Silence]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While he and his twin sister appeared for the first time in Interlude - 1 (Archived), their names were revealed in Ch 2.22 K, and their surnames were revealed in Ch 4.00 K.
  • His age (along with Teresa's) were revealed in Ch 2.22 K.
  • He invented a secret language with Teresa when they were still kids.
  • Of the two, Trey was most likely to speak up, and Teresa was most likely to wait and observe. She had the good ideas and he usually ended up being the one to try and carry them out while she helped.
  • He likes video games.
  • He can play sports fairly well.
  • Neither he nor his sister likes cricket, and they both preferred to leave jams in the fridge, way in the back where they could rot forever. They both liked movies, and music, and normal things, and both agreed that this world was terrifyingly scary.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Teresa) “So that makes slave trading alright then, is that it? Oh wow, I guess if I’m hungry I should see if I can sell some folks off for a bit of cash!”
  • (To Flos) “They’re still slaves! Who cares if they’re pampered? They don’t have free will! How could you sell all those people? I thought you were a better King than that!”
  • (To Gazi) “Don’t do that! Gazi, you monster!
  • (Chanting [Light Arrow]) “Rain down on my foes, arrows of light! Illuminate the sky and strike with profusion!
  • (To Fetohep) “He’s still there. In A’ctelios. He’s probably alive, even after he was—nothing dies there. He’s alive. And he’s—him.
  • (To Fetohep) “I will never forgive them. I won’t. Someday. I’ll come back. And I’ll bury Tombhome again. I will kill them all.”
  • (To Flynn) “I won’t die here. Not until I burn their city to the ground.”

References[edit | edit source]