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  • Grand Magus Eldavin
  • Archmage of Memory

Simulacra (Formerly)


Over 200




Ryoka Griffin




Wistram Academy

First Appearance

Chapter 1.09 R (Appearance Used)
Chapter 7.25 ('Name' Revealed)
Interlude – Paradigm Shift (Pt. 2) (Split from Teriarch)

Eldavin was one of Teriarch's many aliases when undercover among mortals. After being wounded in battle against Cognita, the simulacrum's connection to Teriarch was damaged, causing Eldavin to develop a separate consciousness from Teriarch. Currently, he is an Archmage of Wistram and the leader of the Terras faction.

With a magical ritual, Emerrhain severed the tether between Teriarch and and Eldavin, killing the Dragon, and leaving the Eldavin simulacrum on the verge of death. However,Kasigna and Cauwine offered Eldavin a chance to live in exchange for servitude. Eldavin accepted Kasigna's help and became an actual person, capable of leveling.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Eldavin is a projected simulacrum that Teriarch can maintain over large distances without leaving his home. Eldavin appears as an old, bearded half-Elf in excellent shape.. His hair is a pale silvery white that has a luster and shine to it. His skin tone is a moderate olive brown, but whitened from not being in the sun for a while. His eyes are cerulean (azure-blue) and helioptrope (amethyst-violet), although the colors are of unnatural deepness, as they show a tiny bit of magic caught forever, and are ever-shifting their exact hues.[2][3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of his battle with Cognita, having forgotten that he is a Dragon. Eldavin's personality largely resembles Teriarch's. However, he does not possess Teriarch's world-weariness and is eager to live. He is much less restrained in disseminating his magical knowledge to others and is intent on accumulatating political power in Wistram. Additionally, he is much more promiscuous, sleeping with several young women.

It is stated by Teriarch's daughter, Nirayicel, that Eldavin was the worst parts of Teriarch. Lacking most of the memories and of his

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Teriarch used this appearance in his first three interactions with Ryoka while hiding his real body behind an illusion; although he used his real name in these exchanges.[2] After she broke his spell that affected her memory, Ryoka confronted Teriarch with knowing the truth, and he stopped using the facade.[4]

Teriarch used the simulacrum again when he sought out Erin on her way back to Liscor, when she helped him with his copied iPhone.[3]

"Grand Magus Eldavin" was still listed in Wistram's record and was sent an invitation for a gathering of [Mages].[5] As Eldavin, he had not made a public appearance for decades, though.[6]

When he next confronted Ryoka and Erin using the simulacrum facade in the ruins of Celum, Teriarch re-introduced himself to them as Eldavin, and urged Ryoka to not address him as Teriarch. He then followed the two Human women to The Wandering Inn, where he impressed everyone with his magical prowess, knowledge and age - admitting to have known Zelkyr and clearly demonstrating to be an ancient Grand Magus, humbling Grimalkin and all other Mages at the inn. True to his real personality, he was rather dismissive of most petitioners and acted aloof towards most of the people trying to gain his attention.[7] Eldavin challenged Erin in chess and had difficulties beating her.[8] He later stayed at Magnolia Reinhart's estate in order to repair her carriage.[9]

The God of Magic laid a simulacrum-killing trap to search for high level simulacrums and at the end of the battle between Ailendamus and the Dawn Concordat, Teriarch/Eldavin was destroyed. It was later revealed, after Teriarch was brought back to life, that Teriarch lost his memories, which Eldavin retained, and that the link between them was sundered completely, forever. Eldavin was offered another chance to live if he accepted...

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels[edit | edit source]

  • [Magus] Lv. 16[10]
  • [Believer of the Old Faith] Lv. ?[11]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Rapid Casting]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

Go to Teriarch's Spells List. Currently unconfirmed if he still knows and/or can cast them anymore. The following listed spells are those he has cast after becoming a separate entity.

  • Unknown:
    • [Arm of the Stone Giant]
    • [Bolt of the Ice Witch]
    • [Diamond Body]
    • [Emergency Teleport]
    • [Frozen Heart]
    • [Greater Deathbolt]
    • [Pentagram of the Five Alchemies]
    • [Urgent Message]
    • [Wings of the Phoenix]
    • [Zone of No Transference]

Miracles:[edit | edit source]

  • [Divine Protection]

Conditions:[edit | edit source]

  • [Manaweave Muscles]

Formerly[edit | edit source]

Simulacra Body Construct:[edit | edit source]

TBA From Chapter 8.72 + Chapter 8.74 DR

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Eldavin" means "imposter" in the language of the Elves.[12]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Trey) “I have had it up to here with ‘buts’! No objections! No ‘ifs’, ‘ors’, or ‘maybes’! I am the Grand Magus here, not you. And I…do you have another potion?”
  • (To himself) “Shush. I’m thinking out loud. There have to be better Earthers than not. That Elena seemed quite stable…but the truly extraordinary Earthers I know of—one is dead. Poor girl. I’ll have to revive her, if I can. It occurs to me that Ryoka Griffin should come here, though. I’ve let her roam about, but…”
  • (To Fetohep) “From the halls of Wistram, I offer you the aegis of magic, thou immortal scion. So long as sand shifts, let not Khelt’s deeds slip away. For every grain of sand called Khelt, every breath of air and drop of water is magic and Wistram’s blood.”
  • (To viewers) “I see a ‘Sir Relz of Pallass’ has the courage to dignify this twaddle with his name. Regrettable, that. How can we ‘prove’ the two are linked? Perhaps with something as simple as our minds, you imbecile. I do not need to prove every single thing beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you breathe, you can infer there is air. Arguing for complete proof is a child’s gambit.”

References[edit | edit source]