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Kasigna of the End
God/Goddess of Death
Goddess of the Afterlife
The Three Women in One
The Maiden
The Mother
The Matriarch
The Final Judge





Deceased (Inactive)

Dead Gods


Cauwine (Daughter)


Land of the Dead

First Appearance

Interlude - 4

Kasigna, also known as The Three Woman in One, is a Dead Goddess. She is the Goddess of Death and the Afterlife.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Her appearance shifts between a young woman, an older lady, and an elderly crone.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Her different aspects can represent her different moods, and display different personalities.

The crone is vengeful and spiteful.

The mother is an imperious judge and arbiter, a cold decision-maker. Strict, yet also loving. Her wrath is impartial.

The maiden, her least used aspect, can come out when she feels amused or excited. She understands love and fear, and cares for her subjects. She also considers the possibility of defeat, and responds accordingly.

Kasigna is no charismatic or strategic leader. She refuses to compromise and has no mercy for those that oppose her or refuse to serve her.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Kasigna originates from a world called Theiygiles, a place with floating isles and deep seas. Her mother was also a Goddess of Death, and the act of giving birth to Kasigna killed her by creating life. Mortals who braved the crushing depths could find her home. With her pantheon, she learned to eat the flesh of other gods, and make war so terrible as to make stones cry in lament. She drove her foes to despair, cursed mortals and deities alike, and crushed those who challenged her. The gods of distant realm saw her as barbaric, and she once maimed a Goddess of Beauty for slighting her.[2]

Eventually, her pantheon lost a war of gods. The victors stripped her world of its value, and then Seamwalkers came to destroy it. But she survived and refused to flee. She fought as her pantheon died, and consumed every mortal soul and the bodies of her fellow gods. She could not be defeated, as she always returned after being cast down. Then she hunted down and destroyed every one of her enemies. After an age of hunting and revenge, she rested and left the remains of her fallen world.

While she wandered, she was invited to a gathering of gods, to participate in a grand project spearheaded by Isthekenous. It was on Innworld that she bore her own daughter, Cauwine.[1] She designed Kasignel, though argued against the creation of the other two afterlives, Hellste and Diotria.[3]

Kasigna survived the God War, but lost her power and worshippers, becoming a dead goddess.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

TBA From Interlude - 4


TBA From Chapter 7.22 D + Solstice (Pt. 2) (Flashback and Mentioned)


TBA From Solstice (Pt. 2)


TBA From Solstice (Pt. 3) + Solstice (Pt. 5) + Solstice (Pt. 8) + Solstice (Pt. 9)


TBA From Chapter 8.11 E


TBA From Chapter 8.61


Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Goddess of Death:[edit | edit source]

As a goddess, Kasigna's power derives from belief and worship. As the Goddess of Death and the afterlife, she exerts control over all ghosts and can command to bow to her. Kasigna is more powerful than Laedonius Deviy and Cauwine despite not having a connection/pact as she is literally in her element. She is able to gain power by consuming souls en masse.[4] Having a realm under her authority eventually let her gather much more power, more than the other five gods combined.[1]

Influence on the Living Realm:[edit | edit source]

After regaining some power by consuming the souls of Kasignel, she's shown to be able to slightly influence low-leveled people in the living world to make their deaths likelier.[2] She's also brought back the appearence of Wisps to Innworld.[5]

Raise and Command Undead:[edit | edit source]

She can spontaneously create greater undead without using any corpses, such as creating 100000 Draugrs. She can raise undead worldwide, Summon the ghosts of the deceased to fight for her even if they had opposed her, and summon the undead of species from different worlds from her memory.[3][6] She can easily raise gigantic bodies, and summon her old worshippers, the Hag Queens of Aklat Vunn.[1]

Deathtouch and Death Bestowal:[edit | edit source]

She can bestow death to those in her vicinity, and can kill with a single touch. She can also deny someone from dying, or inflict a death curse to doom a target.[6]

Multiple Presences:[edit | edit source]

Kasigna can split of her Aspects, dividing herself into three.[1]

Time Stop:[edit | edit source]

By gathering her power during most of the Solstice, she can stop astrological time, extending the day.[1] She can only stop all of time for a moment, with great difficulty as it is not her domain.[6]

Summoning:[edit | edit source]

She could summon to her those with the power to command death and undead, like [Necromancers].[1]

Reality Warping:[edit | edit source]

She can warp reality with her words, similarly to using a Skill. For example, <Your Mortal Wounds Open> will re-inflict severe wounds suffered in the past on everyone within a thousand feet. She has also shown capable of closing a void with a gesture, freezing and erasing a thunderbolt, and dissipating a thundercloud.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

"Dead State" from Lack of Worship[edit | edit source]

While Kasigna is able to gain power from people remembering the concept of gods, she is currently in a weakened state due to everyone in the world believing that "the gods are dead." As such, she is trapped in the land of the dead, unable to travel to the living world except during auspicious events such as solstices or a double full moon.

Umbrella made from the Sun's Light[edit | edit source]

While in the land of the dead, she is vulnerable to the sunlight emitting from the memory of the umbrella Tamaroth offered Erin during the first winter solstice.

King Arthur's Sword[edit | edit source]

The dead gods fear King Arthur's sword, suggesting it can hurt and damage them.[7]

Weapons of Faith[edit | edit source]

She can also be hurt by weapons which hold amongst people, such as Avel's sacred bow, though not permanently.[8]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • To Ryoka:
    • “That is a long story. We can tell it, but perhaps…young woman, would you offer me your hand? I wish to sit next to you and it is cold.”
    • “What is that you have with you, child? It is a thing of ice and dreams. Not good company for the fire.”
    • “I offer again. Hold my hand, child. Be free of your worries with me.”
  • (To Cauwine) “Cauwine. You pale. Does that Archer-King with a bow pierce your flesh?”
  • (To Erin) “This is not over, girl. Even if you return home—it will never be the same. You may forget us, but we will never forget you. We will hunt you down and make the living world a reflection of your despair. Our time has come.”

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