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Drevish, also known as the King'sArchitect, was one of the King of Destruction’s Seven. He was an architect who could construct marvelous buildings, making that alone him one of the most valuable people to Flos.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He had grey hair, many wrinkles, and stern features. His hair was short and wavy, and his skin tanned and dark.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Drevish was often grumpy and irritable. Despite being close with Flos, he would often have disputes with him. When it came to designing architecture, he was a mad genius, believing that buildings should be eye-catching and inspiring. But he never created anything he did not believe in, and was willing to destroy wondrous works if a single part was unworthy. Furthermore, he never made anything he didn't know how to destroy or retake if captured.[1]

He did not like war.[2]

More TBA From Chapter 8.43 and Chapter 8.62 K

Background[edit | edit source]

Drevish studied abroad, but he worked exclussively on Chandrar.[3]

The King of Destruction met Drevish in the middle of his conquests. Drevish initially worked against him, selling his services to make traps and bolster the defenses of his enemies for almost nothing. He did this to counter-level until he was satisfied.

One day, Drevish asked to meet Flos to propose his services to him. He asked that Flos gave him gold, supplies and capable staff to pursue his projects no one else wanted to fund, and he would create wonders for Flos in exchange. Flos broke his teeth and imprisoned him. They reconciled two years later, and Drevish became one of his Seven.[4]

Drevish had earned free visitation rights from Khelt.[4]

During Flos' slumber, Magnolia Reinhart hired him to design a defensive gate for a passage in the High Passes. It was one of the last projects he worked on in life.[5]

At some point after Flos's awakening, the Emperor of Sands captured him and asked him to foreswear Flos. He spat at their feet in response and was immediatly executed.[6] Afterwards his head was sent to Flos.[7]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

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TBA From Chapter 8.43


Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

He could enchant a gate so that not even the mightiest battering ram could break it. He also could build a wall overnight with his teams of [Builders], so that an enemy army would be facing a fortified defense when they tried to launch a counterattack. His walls were so great, that he could probably count the soldiers his walls have killed in the tens or hundreds of thousands.[2]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Architect] Lv. ? (50+)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Drevish spent the least amount of time on Reim out of all his projects, and considered it to be an eyesore.[8]
  • He disliked remodeling existing architecture.
  • He was far more interested in Drakes construction practices than the Chandrarian style.
  • Drevish was one of the three of Flos' Seven who knew magic.[2]
  • He owned 15 Djinni at the time of his death.[3]
  • Being used to Chandrar and the use of Djinni labour who are better at building up than digging down, Drevish hated deep underground areas, and his creations often had poor foundations.[3]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • To Flos:
    • “You should have that looked at, sire. I’m no [Blacksmith], but I don’t think armor is supposed to make that sound. Not unless you’re being stabbed, that is.”
    • “And you accepted it? That seems idiotic to me.”
    • “Why not? You can spare a few [Archers] for it, surely. Do not quibble over my designs if you won’t do the same for your other vassals.”
  • To Flos:
    • “Sadomere. What is that, a name of a horse? Maybe a horse designed these walls.”
    • “If you name the city that, I’ll design a guillotine so you can kill yourself. Come on, we have work to do. [Riders], huh? And [Archers] and [Mages]. How do you get yourself into these messes?”
  • (To Witch of Trees) “So this is the young woman you hauled me all the way here for? Well, she doesn’t look like much. And I’m to celebrate her as the ‘one true hope’, eh? Hah.
  • To Erin:
    • “Annoyed, miss. Annoyed that even when I’m dead, I don’t have time to work and sit alone in peace. Annoyed that you don’t have the courtesy to stand up and introduce yourself despite me coming all this way.”
    • ‘That jerk?’ Hah. I can see you’re worth the travel, if only to get rid of that annoying witch.”
    • He is the King of Destruction, and you do not know him, clearly. There is a reason I served him, and if you are at all polite, I ask you to be polite. Know him before you mock him, because the tales told about Flos Reimarch range from truth exaggerated to falsehood completely. And I do not build walls out of lies.”
  • (To Erin & Califor) “I had hoped to meet them in time, and we had forever to reunite. But I simply sat and relaxed and before I knew it, a calamity was upon us. Simply obnoxious. Who designed death and life so?”
  • To Erin:
    • “So you have a pointless hallway filled with obvious traps that everyone must proceed down and waste precious seconds of their life? A hallway that did not, in fact, save your life when you were shot by crossbows?”
    • “If I tell you anything, you will swear to me to completely rework this abomination. It sounds like these Antinium are good [Builders]–I should have liked to meet them and studied their design. But the style? Did a [Princess] of Terandria decide to make this rubbish?”
    • “Miss Erin Solstice. What is the point of being generic? Buildings should be perfect for their intent. They should also be grand when they need to be. Impressive! Eye-catching! Worth building. They should protect, and inspire, and make people laugh.”
  • (To Kasigna, and Erin) “The most comprehensive overhaul of an afterlife. But if you want to listen—you will have to hear me out. Erin Solstice—would you run already?
  • (To Kasigna) “Because you are a designer, Miss Kasigna. And anyone who doesn’t even listen to criticism—even if they hold to their vision—that is a poor artist. Erase me and be curious forever. I am Drevish, the genius who should have lived a hundred thousand years. Which is more important? Your vengeance or the Work?”

References[edit | edit source]