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The Horns of Hammerad are a Gold-ranked Adventurer team that is active in Izril.

Original Horns of Hammerad[edit | edit source]

The Horns of Hammerad was originally formed by Calruz, Ceria and Gerial,[1] two years before the events of Volume 1. Sostrom and Hunt also belonged to their senior members. These five were the longest and most dedicated Horns, each of them had also spent the years before in other adventuring groups.[2]

Other members joined the Horns of Hammerad less than a year before their arrival at Liscor, in case of at least two [Warriors] only a month before that.[2] Among these junior members were Terr, Coblat, Grimsore[3], Barr and Marian.

Some junior members, like Marian, signed on with the Horns only as temporary members, openly stating that they would leave once the group made a major haul.[2] This also explains the fluctuation among them, as the Horns were still twelve members strong when Ryoka encountered them the first time.[3] For example, prior to their arrival at Liscor

History of the Original Group[edit | edit source]

The Horns of Hammerad were introduced as a group of twelve adventurers around Level 20 each. They were fighting a losing battle against Lich in the Ruins of Albez, when Ryoka delivered a batch of potions to them,[3] which earned the City Runner their lasting gratitude.[4] After their successful run in Albez, the Horns stayed for a while in Celum and then went to Esthelm to debate about their next dungeon run into the Ruins of Liscor.[5] They arrived to Liscor and stayed at The Wandering Inn, becoming close with the [Innkeeper] Erin Solstice

Release of Skinner (Retouched from original, by LeChatDemon)

The Horns of Hammerad took part of the well-prepared raid expedition of five Silver-rank adventuring teams into the Ruins of Liscor, along with the Silver Spears, the Flawless Flights, the Circle of Reneë, Kyrial’s Pride, and [Tactician] Olesm.[2] They accidentally triggered the release of Skinner, a lesser guardian of the Ruins, who proceeded to kill most of the adventurers and attack Liscor with an army of undead.

One of the adventurers who lived was the captain of the Silver Spears, Yvlon Byres. Ceria and Olesm were thought to have died during the initial attack but survived by hiding in stone coffins. They were soon rescued after the half-Elf sent a distress signal to Pisces.[6] Calruz also survived, albeit with one of his arms torn off, but was driven deeper into the dungeon. Gerial, Hunt, Terr, Coblat, Grimsore, Sostrom, Barr[7] and Marian died in the ruins. Gerial's, Sostrom's[8] and Hunt's[9] deaths and/or corpses were explicitly shown or mentioned.

New Horns of Hammerad[edit | edit source]

The Horns of Hammerad reformed with Ceria as the new captain, and with new members Yvlon, Pisces, and Ksmvr.[10]

The Horns by Dr.replig8r.png

History of the reformed Horns[edit | edit source]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

With funds from Erin and a map from Olesm given by Klbkch, their first major expedition was to the Ruins of Albez.[11] Their exploration led to the successful discovery of a previously unknown mage's quarters. However, they accidentally triggered a trap releasing a Fire Elemental, leading to the destruction of most of the remaining artifacts. The group was injured, with Yvlon suffering the worst having permanently fused metal to the skin of her arms. However, they were successfully collected hundreds of pounds of melted gold and gems out of Alber, though the group decided to donate the majority of their treasure to provide repatriations to those who had died in Liscor from Skinner's attack.[12] They sent Ryoka Griffinto deliver the magical treasures they discovered to Invrisil to be appraised by Hedault.

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

After leaving Ocre, the Horns came to Celum where they met up with Erin, who had been stuck in the city due to threats of Goblin Raids.[13] Pisces and Ksmvr returned to Albez to recover a magical artifact from the [Mage's] quarters, a door with an embedded teleportation spell. The door was given to Erin for her investment in the Horns' expedition. The Horns accompanied Erin back to Liscor with the wagon driver Termin. On the way back, the Horns met and fought (and lost to) Teriarch, who then helped them create a snowstorm to hide from a passing Goblin army. The traveled through the ruined city of Esthelm, before arriving back at the Wandering Inn.

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

After returning back to Liscor, the Horns teamed up with Griffon Hunt and the Halfseekers in coordinating the community outreach to Esthelm by the cities of Liscor and Celum.[13] They participated in the Christmas celebrations hosted by Erin. After Ryoka's return from Invrisil, they were equipped with significantly upgraded equipment, primarily as a result of the sale of a magic wand recovered from the Mage's Quarters.[14]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

The Horns lived in the Wandering Inn for several months, participating in the defense of Liscor from dungeon attacks. They assisted in defending the Inn against the Face Eater Moth swarms. Pisces came up with the successful plan to ground the Moths with a magical summoned rainstorm.[15]

During the Raskghar attacks, Ceria and several dozen Gnolls were kidnapped, on orders of Calruz who had become their new Chieftain (and also insane). The other members of her team joined in the repeated assaults on the dungeon, Pisces in particular overtaxing his magical reserves with repeated resurrection of his Bone Horrors, to the point of sickness from excess mana potions. During her time as a captive, Ceria was taken to an underground city within the dungeon, where she saw monuments to the three guardians, Skinner, Snatcher, and Stalker. At the time of the final assault on the Raskghar camp, Ceria convinced Calruz to turn against the Raskghar, once it was clear they were about to turn on him.[16] She and the other Horns then took the Minotaur down.

They participated in an improptu baseball game coordinated by Erin.[17] Later, the Redfang Goblins gave the Raskghar's treasure collection to the Horns, Halfseekers, and Griffon Hunt for helping them and the Cave Goblins. At an estimated hundred and ten thousand gold, each team obtained the equivalent of nearly thirty-five thousand gold. Having struck it rich, they decided that they were done with Liscor's dungeon.[18]

With the imminent arrival of the Goblin Lord and his army herded towards Liscor by Tyrion Veltras and his army, the Horns and the other adventuring teams want to leave Liscor, but the portal stone to Celum is confiscated by Watch Captain Zevara Sunderscale. Thet Halfseekers try to take another door to Celum, but encounter their old teammate-turned-traitor Garen Redfang and his tribe. All the adventuring teams try to fight the Redfangs, but are forced to retreat. [19] During the siege of Liscor, the Horns are at the walls, where they see Erin lead an army of Goblins against the armies of the Goblin Lord and Tyrion Veltras.[20]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

After the siege of Liscor, the Horns of Hammerad began working towards becoming Gold-rank. They go to Celum to look for missions, but come afoul of the local Silver-ranked teams who blame them for raid party wipe at Liscor's dungeon crypt.[21] Ceria, Pisces, and Yvlon are arrested by Celum's Watch, while Ksmvr successfully completes a [Bandit]-extermination mission on his own.[22] They are later evaluated by Grimalkin, Pallass's Strongest [Mage]. who informs them that while they are a top-Silver team, they are still not ready for Gold.[23] After signing up to guard the [Builders] making a road to Pallass around the Bloodfields, the Horns are ambushed and captured by a Wistram-hit squad, led by Montressa du Valeross, a former classmate of Pisces and Ceria. They are soon released, thanks to Erin, who had mustered Seborn, Moore, Grimalkin and Relc.[24] During a duel between the Horns and the Wistram [Mages] at the Bloodfields, a pack of Crelers emerge nearby, led by an Adult Creler. Unable to open the portal door or escape, the Horns lead the charge against the Crelers. During the fight, Pisces and Ceria link up for the first time and create a Frostmarrow Behemoth. The Horns defeat the Adult, and are promoted to Gold-rank.[25] They decided that it's time to leave Liscor and head to Invrisil with a portal door connection.[26]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

During the Horns' journey to Invrisil, they became delayed when Pisces, Ceria, and Ksmvr became sick from spoiled eggs, After reaching the City of Adventurers, they became acquainted Maviola El, while also making a bad first impression on the local Gold-ranked teams. They return to The Wandering Inn via portal door, and stay for a few days.[27] After participating in inn shenanigans such as Mrsha's birthday and the world's first televised soccer game, they resume their travels. After exterminating an astray Face Eater moth swarm, they stop by Byres lands and meet Yvlon's parents.[28] During Ryoka, Maviola El, and Saliss's delivery run to deliver an antidote to Lord Tyrion's children, the Horns rush to intercept and kill some [Assassins].[29]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Learning of Erin's death and preservation under ice, the Horns head to Tenbault in the hopes of getting the Healer's help. However, they are dissuaded by the long lines, predatory lottery system, and reveal that the Healer is actually a [Restoration Mage] with no real knowledge of the healing arts. Az’kerash accidentally misleads Pisces regarding his capabilities of cure Erin, and so Pisces comes up with a plan to trade a relic for the Necromancer's help. The Horns organize a raid on the Village of the Dead, where they hope to find the Helm of Fire, based on intel from Selys Shivertail.[30] Multiple adventuring teams, and armies from the Five Families participate, but with the reveal of a hidden city filled with greater undead, the remaining adventurers are forced to draw back, with the exception of the Horns of Hammerad, who instead delves even further into the heart of the death zone. They find the preserved bodies of the Putrid One and his killer, a Dullahan [Paladin]. Pisces accidentally disturbs the stasis spell. While the Putrid One remains dead, his greatest servant, Tolveilouka Ve’delina Mer, attacks the Horns in a great rage. However, the now-awake-but-still-dying Dullahan [Paladin] saves them, temporarily driving Toulveilouka back. The Horns flee, but with Tolveilouka on their trail. They are able to teleport out thanks to a [Greater Teleport] scroll that Pisces found in the Putrid One's workshop, and coordinates to Khelt given by Az'kerash. However, they bounce off Khelt's protective wards, and are scattered across Chandrar.[31][32] Ksmvr ends up in Illivere in the middle of a Golem fight, and Yvlon is teleported to Nerrhavia's Fallen where she is arrested on false charges. Ceria materializes in the middle of the desert, while Pisces has the misfortune to appear near one of Roshal's caravans, and is made a [Slave].

After having separate adventures, the four members coincidentally reunite at Pomle in a middle of a war between Pomle, Nerrhavia's Fallen, Tiqr, Savere, and Illivere. During the battle, they are kidnapped by three of the Scourgeriders of Emrist following the orders of King Fetohep, and taken to Khelt's flagship Sand at Sea.[33] Returned to Izril, the Horns participate in the Drakes-Gnoll war, and are later present when Erin Solstice is revived.[34][35]

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

During their latest stay in Liscor and The Wandering Inn, the Horns make plans to go to the new lands of Izril. The Horns, along with other adventuring groups, participate in the extermination raid against the hordes of Eater Goats and Gargoyles (secretly instigated by Tolveilouka).[36] Afterwards, with the arrival of The Adventurer’s Haven and its guests, they team up with Colthei the Supporter to locate and retrieve Stalker's corpse from the underground city in Liscor's Dungeon.[37] During the survey, they inadvertently aggravate Facestealer to the point of it leaving the dungeon to attack Liscor. The Horns, Colth, Saliss, Shriekblade, and Lehra Ruinstrider drive it off, with Colth using one of Roshal's brands to mark the boss monster.[38] Colth organizes a hunt with adventurers from both the Haven and The Wandering Inn to kill Facestealer. While they succeed in retrieving Stalker's remains, they lose track of Facestealer, though it is tricked into drowning by the Silver Swords, Vuliel Drae, Infinitypear, and Rasktooth[39]

The Horns and Colth plan to travel to the Gnoll Plains in search of an expert [Tanner] who can process Stalker's corpse. Before they leave, all the Horns, except for Ceria participate in Zeladona's Trial of a Thousand Blades.[40]

Noteworthy Equipment & Relics[edit | edit source]

  • Entire Skeleton of the Archmage Nekhret minus 4 bones: the second-lowest left rib, the tibia of the right shinbone, the left clavicle and the fourth rib from the top on the right side.
  • Healing Potion - High-Grade (x1)
  • Sustenance Provide Potion - High-Grade (x1)
  • Breathing Potion - High-Grade (x2)
  • Several tiny circular, flat stones, each one enchanted to shed [Light] for twenty four hours before fading until exposed to sunlight for an equal amount of time.
  • Leather Ball; onto the ball was an angry faced stitched with a red thread. The instant the stitched face is touched with a rather strong force it contorts and emits an ear-piercing shriek. After activation, the ball is to be thrown towards the desired location. It aggressively seeks out any living creature in the nearby area, excluding those in a general radius of activation. If no quarry is found it will return. Presumed lost during an exploration of the Liscor dungeon, used by Ksmvr to divert a massive wave of shield spiders from overrunning them.
  • Putrid One's Circlet. It can disguise itself with illusions. The illusion can hide it or shape its shape or materials. The illusions can be far from the real location and still be felt physically. It enhance the intelligence of its user, while "freeing" them from morality. It also provide its user with mana of all types for multi-elements spells or just refueling the user's own mana. The circlet has an intelligence and feeling of its own. Worn by Ceria.
  • Djinni's Spellbook. Written by Djinni. It helps his user by teaching the spells inside. It's full of unboxed (or non-System) spells. Its current owner is Pisces.
  • Ring of Barriers. When used, a blue barrier cover the body of its user. Possessed by Yvlon. [41]
  • Unknown offensive ring. Possessed by Yvlon.
  • Helm made of Stalker's skin. This helm allows the user to become invisible for five minutes. Worn by Colthei.[42]
  • Cloak made of Stalker's skin. This cloak allows the user to become invisible for fifteen minutes. Worn by Ksmvr.[42]

Members[edit | edit source]

Horns of Hammerad by mg

Current Members[edit | edit source]

Name Race Position
Ceria Springwalker Half-Elf Leader & Mage
Yvlon Byres Human Warrior & Vanguard
Pisces Jealnet Human Mage & Duelist
Ksmvr Antinium Skirmisher
Vofea Satyr
Colthei / Colth Human Supporter

Former Members[edit | edit source]

Name Race Position Status
Calruz Minotaur Ex-Leader & Warrior Alive (Imprisoned)
Gerial Human Warrior Deceased
Sostrom Reidez Human Mage Deceased
Marian Human Mage Deceased
Hunt Human Warrior Deceased
Terr Human Warrior Deceased
Coblat Human Warrior Deceased
Grimsore Human Warrior Deceased
Barr Human Warrior Deceased

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the group went into the Ruins of Liscor, the Horns of Hammerad had three mages: Ceria, Sostrom, and Marian, with the strength in that order.[43]
  • Brunkr was interested in joining the Horns shortly after becoming a [Knight].[44]
  • The Horns are the 1268th team to kill an Adult Creler at the Silver-rank level.[45]
  • The Human [Mage] Peminac was implied to be a member of the Horns. He left just before the raid on the Ruins of Liscor. In the rewrite of Volume 1, the character got retconned out of existence.

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