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Ceria Springwalker
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Ice Squirrel
Ice Weasel (by Yvlon)
Captain Ceria (by Ksmvr)
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Horns of Hammerad
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Leila Springwalker (Deceased grandmother)




Village of the Spring (Formerly)

First Appearance

Ceria Springwalker is a half-Elf [Arctic Cryomancer] and captain of the Horns of Hammerad.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ceria has dirty blonde hair,[1] pointed ears, pale yellow eyes, and skin that is subtly more vibrant than humans'.[2] In the aftermath of the fight against the crelers, Ceria's eyes turned winter-pale, mixed with faint blue and grey with something swirling in their depths.[3] She lost all the skin down past her wrist on her right hand. What is left is just white bone. The parts that connect to her healthy arm are blackened, almost like frostbite.[4] Ceria doesn't appear to be overly tall compared to several other people, having been described to be shorter than Pisces,[5] Yvlon,[6] Ryoka,[7] and Falene.[8]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ib a squirrel!
Ceria's icebreaker.[9]

Ceria is the opposite of the refined image of half-Elves held by most people. She's a lazy glutton with bad table manners and a distinct lack of dignity or refinement. Ceria is not a social person - while she has friends, she does not make more easily, having grown up mostly alone.[7] This can be attributed in part to her near immortality, as the people around her change and die while she stays the same. This also causes her to feel old and young at once.[10] She can be surprisingly resolute in a task, evident when she was able to melt Illphres's ice by rubbing it with a bag of salt all night. She is very upfront and doesn't hide who she is. Similar to most adventurers, she possesses a reckless side.

Under the effect of the Putrid One's circlet, Ceria does not possess morality, though her mind is far sharper than it usually is. She is not bothered by gruesome scenes or murder. However, she is still able to differentiate between right and wrong.[11]

Background[edit | edit source]

Ceria grew up in Terandria in The Edwivil Forest.[12] Ceria had matured to her adult body when she was in her twenties, but puberty had still hit her hard. She’d spent ten years dealing with the worst of hormonal imbalances, uncontrolled magical outbursts and the like.[10] When she was still a child, her grandmother died. After nobody in the village had realized that she had died for five months, Ceria became disillusioned with half-elf society, burned down her house, and left.[13] Not knowing how to properly fend for herself Ceria was forced to steal and scrounge for food, almost starving on multiple occasions and developing a taste for insects. She was not on Izril during the Antinium Wars,[10] and had never seen a Gnoll in person until she later traveled there.[14]

When she was 58 years old (seven years ago) and still a Bronze-rank adventurer, she started attending Wistram Academy together with Pisces.[15] While the two were initially friends, their relationship would sour after she and all of Wistram found out that he was a [Necromancer]. She became the apprentice of a [Cryomancer], Illphres, however, Illphres would later be killed attempting Zelkyr's test of battling Cognita and four other powerful golems. Subsequently, after Pisces inadvertently unleashed undead in the school after breaking into Archmage Nekhret's tomb, Ceria defended Pisces in a trial, which led the two to be expelled from Wistram. However, as they left, they were recognized as a Wistram graduates by Cognita despite not having completed their schooling.[16] After arriving on Izril, Ceria resumed her adventuring career, joining the Horns of Hammerad.[17]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

Ceria enters the Wandering Inn storyline as a member of the Horns of Hammerad. She is one of the more experienced members, but refuses to be vice-captain because she doesn't like the logistical work. That is the reason why Calruz has Gerial in that position.[17] She was very helpful towards Ryoka[2] after the runner saved her team from a lich. Ceria helped the city runner to explore her innate magic[18] until Ryoka challenged Calruz and punched Ceria in a fit of rage. Then, Ceria turned away from Ryoka with a stern warning.[19] Later, Ceria and the other Horns managed to get rooms at The Wandering Inn as Erin's first real guests while they prepared to enter the Ruins of Liscor.[20] Ceria and the other Horns did get caught up in other issues during their time at the inn before the ruins, though. They were present when Pawn came to the inn nearly dead after being tortured by Ksmvr[21] and Ceria was attacked by Gazi Pathseeker after she refused to give the named adventurer enough information about the whereabouts of Ryoka.[17]

Eventually, Ceria, her team, and a few others had all of their preparations finished and they ventured into the Ruins of Liscor. Their preparations were not enough to handle the dungeon, though. The dungeon started off fine,[22] but a powerful undead named Skinner was released decimating most of the adventurers.[23] Her arm atrophied to skeletal remains in her attempt to stop Skinner, and she had to watch as many of her teammates died. Ceria went down fighting a ghoul in the ruins.

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

Days after those above-ground had finished dealing with Skinner's Attack, Erin, Ryoka, and Pisces went back down into the ruins to look for survivors after Pisces received a faint message. They eventually found Ceria and Olesm hiding inside of stone coffins and starving.[24] Once she was recovered enough to move, Ceria was brought back out to the entrance of the ruins where Liscor's guards were getting ready to storm the ruins themselves. At the entrance though, Gazi revealed herself to capture Ryoka and Erin for her king. Gazi was not hesitant about attacking others in the process though. She stabbed Zevara and was on the verge of killing a downed Ceria when Erin poked Gazi's eye out and the name-ranked adventurer fled.[25] Ceria survived, but in the end she had to deal with the consequences of releasing Skinner. Her team was dead, her hand atrophied, and she was not able to keep any of the loot since it was all taken by the city to pay for the attack. She had also dropped all of her gear and other loot while running from the undead. Seeing this, Erin offered her a place to stay in her inn.[26] This stay didn't last too long as soon the inn was blown up. Ceria consoled Erin and helped to build the new one. On one journey nearby, she went with Klbkch who had her start thinking about what she would do going forward.[27] In the new inn, Ceria suffered from nightmares, but she also realized that her skeletal hand was not completely useless and was capable of casting magic.[28]

Ceria continued to recover and help Erin with her shenanigans in the inn. Once, Ceria helped prepare hamburgers during an impromput concert,[29] and later she helped Erin prepare a feast for the frost faeries.[30] Eventually though, Ceria felt that she had to start being active again. She met one of the only other remaining survivors of the attack on the Ruins of Liscor, Yvlon. At this meeting between the two and Erin, Ceria announced her decision to continue adventuring and recruited Yvlon to join her.[31] The Halfseekers came to Liscor as well to explore the expanded dungeon under Liscor that was being uncovered, but they also saw Ceria fighting and offered her a spot on their gold-rank team.[32] Ceria eventually decided against this and reforms her own team, a new Horns of Hammerad with Yvlon Byres, Pisces, and Ksmvr joining her. Soon after making the decision, the group headed out to combat a goblin raid on a nearby village. Here they were able to partially gear back up using salvaged parts.[10] Once they were back, Olesm also brought the team a map of a new dungeon: The Ruins of Albez. Ceria and her team quickly headed out after securing funding from Erin to explore the hopefully fruitful ruins.[33]

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

The Horns vs Thresk's fire construct by LeChatDemon

The story picked back up with the Horns eight days later. They were not nearly as successful as they would have hoped, were running out of funds, and were all getting very annoyed. Ceria tried to be diplomatic, but the group was at their wits ends given their poor results and less than stellar living conditions for the past week. After some deliberation, Ceria agreed to use Pisces' undead to help dig for secret rooms in the ruins. This tequnique was quickly successful as Pisces' skeletons hit a trap that revealed a previously undiscovered mage's quarters. The group had to deal with more traps and crelers in the coming hours, but they were able to make it through relatively safely. That is until they reached a door. They tried to circumvent the traps there, but failed when the door teleported them into a pit filled with bones and walls covered with [Insanity] runes.[34] Ceria's insanity involved memories of her grandmother telling her about half-elves. She woke up and went back into insanity repeatedly as the rune drew her eye. Luckily, Ksmvr had some resistance to [Insanity] due to his antinium nature. He was able to take a strip of Ceria's pants and tie it around her eyes to stop her from seeing the rune when she woke. Despite interference from the other two insane members, Ksmvr was further able to direct Ceria to where the rune was, so she could cover it. The others came back to reality eventually and they managed to dig their way back out using the bones to make more skeletons. They came out near the door and chipped out the stone around it to find the treasure they had been looking for on the other side. This treasure room was guarded by a flaming construct that self destructed once it realized that the adventurers were here to take the treasure and would destroy it to do so. Ceria and her group managed to run back down to the pit before they were burnt alive, and Pisces summoned more skeletons to try and salvage some of the gear before it all burned.[35] Despite the attempts by the golem, the team was left with a good amount of loot. The gold and gems had all melted together and there were other magical items that had survived like a magical bag, a cracked shield, and a burnt magical sword. With the loot gathered, the group headed back to Remendia to get to safety. Instead they made it to Ocre and after fending off some concerned guards and civilians, made it to the local adventurer's guild. They even came out the next day to adulation at the successful adventurers.[6]

Beaverspeak by Artsy Nada

Ryoka got word of Ceria and her team's success and went down to Ocre to celebrate with them. Ceria and Ryoka caught up as they discussed the distribution of loot. A lot of the gold would be going to the family of those that died in the Ruins of Liscor and some more to pay back Erin. Ryoka was also hired to get the gear evaluated in Invrisil after Reynold and Ressa showed up to request Ryoka's presence on behalf of Magnolia Reinhart.[7][36] The group also eventually left the city to head to Celum and meet up with Erin once more.[37] Once there, the team realized that they left some a valuable item behind, so they take another loan from Erin to hire another carriage to get the magical door. Erin took this door as repayment for her loans as all of them got ready to head back to Liscor.[1] This trip was much more comfortable than before since Erin could pop through the magical door to give all of the Horns meals at a moment's notice (even if they had to continue to guard the wagon). Their comfort was interupted when an old man attacked the wagon looking for Erin. The adventurers fought him, but were soundly defeated. He did end up helping them with magical questions after Erin told him about how to find more apps on Ryoka's iPhone.[38] The Horns and Erin eventually made it back to the Wandering Inn and got rooms in the basement after meeting some of the residents that had come to the inn since Erin had been away.[39] Soon after, the Horns made a trip out to Esthelm to give aid after a goblin attack at the behest of Erin.[40] The group came back to the inn and got a partial evaluation of what Ryoka had identified of their magic items from Albez. Ceria was also present for Erin's Christmas celebration and participated in the discussion about where Erin was from.[41]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

Ryoka returns with one item sold for considerable magical gear that should bring the reformed Horns to Gold Rank. However, the adventuring guilds require proof that the Horns are at Gold level. They do several more quests mostly around Liscor and Esthelm, but the group stagnates somewhat and is regularly outdone by the Gold Rank teams which frequent the Wandering Inn.

Ceria was captured during the Raskghar attacks, and spent several days as their captive, attempting to subvert them to little success. At the time of the final assault on the Raskghar camp, she was able to convince Calruz to join her in fighting against his acquired tribe of monsters once it is clear they have lost to the combined forces invading the dungeon.

Eventually, Erin gets the Pallassian mage Grimalkin to evaluate the Horns of Hammerad. The [Sinew Magus] spells out for Ceria that despite being one of the more powerful members of the Horns, she has been complacent in her training and lacking in physical acumen; and he advises a rigorous training regimen for her, consisting of a healthy diet and sessions submerged in a boiling bath in order to strengthen her ice magic. She credits the training with allowing her the skills and fitness to survive and defeat an Adult Creler at the Bloodfields.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Near the beginning of the story, Ceria was able to cast Tier 3 magic at best. At that time, it was possible for her to use Tier 4 spells, but she’d need a spellbook and weeks—maybe months to learn the spell at her level.[42] In 1.01H, Ceria mentioned that she had managed to learn over 50 spells, but mostly used [Ice Spike], as her wand contained the spell, which allowed her to cast it much faster than her other ones.[43] Since then, Ceria's magical prowess has increased markedly, along with her levels and Skills. Notably, while wearing the Putrid One's circlet, she was able to learn four spells in a very short span of time.

She discovered that she can cast with her skeletal hand simultaneously the [Ice Shard] spell among each finger.[10]

Being a Half-Elf, Ceria is able to channel mana better than the other races can.[44]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Arctic Cryomancer] Lv. 39
    • Derived from [Mage] → [Elementalist] → [Cryomancer]
  • [Trickster of Crowns] Lv. 21
    • Derived from [Prankster]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Adept Iceform]
  • [Aura of Rime]
  • [Aura: Distant Manipulation]
  • [Convincing Lies]
  • [Copy Spell (Temporary)]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Frozen Quickshape]
  • [Glaciersheet Ice]
  • [Ice Magic Affinity]
  • [It’s a Joke, Not a Crime]
  • [Mischief Bank]
  • [Open the Crossroads of Izril (Gateway)]
  • [Pardon the Joke]
  • [Threaten Object]
  • [Trickster’s Mana Conversion]
  • [Weak Frost Resistance]

Mischief Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Royal Slash]
  • [Spell: Rampant Magic]
  • [Wings Upon Ice]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • Tier 0:
    • [Light]
    • [Noise]
  • Tier 1:
    • [Frozen Wind]
  • Tier 2:
    • [Chameleon]
    • [Flame Jet]
    • [Ice Shard] (a derivative spell from [Ice Spike])
    • [Illumination] (advanced version of [Light]/ its complexity is around Tier 3)[45]
    • [Stone Dart] (able to cast more than 20 in a row before running out of mana)[5]
  • Tier 3:
    • [Detect Magic]
    • [Fireball] (can only cast it with a wand)[42]
    • [Ice Spike]
    • [Icy Floor] / [Ice Floor] / [Frozen Floor]
    • [Message]
    • [Stone Fist]
  • Tier 4:
    • [Ice Lance]
    • [Ice Wall]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Animate Frostmarrow Behemoth] (can only cast it with death mana from another user or from an artifact)[13]
    • [Battlefield of the Frozen World]
    • [Conjure Tidal Wave]
    • [Curse of the Frozen Flesh]
    • [Featherfall]
    • [Flashfire]
    • [Floor of Mud]
    • [Fortress of the Ice Queen]
    • [Frost Armor]
    • [Frost Arrows]
    • [Frost Bloom][46]
    • [Frostbolt Swarm]
    • [Frostskin]
    • [Frozen Armor]
    • [Gazelle's Dexterity]
    • [Glitterfrost Gust]
    • [Hawkeye]
    • [Ice Armor]
    • [Ice Dart]
    • [Ice Pillar]
    • [Icy Grasp]
    • [Icy Wind]
    • [Lesser Resistance to Ice][27]
    • [Lion’s Strength]
    • [Loud Voice]
    • [Magic Picture]
    • [Muffle]
    • [Numb]
    • [Ray of Frost]
    • [Rain of Frozen Tears] (can only cast it with water mana from another user or from an artifact)[47]
    • [Repair][27]
    • [See Invisibility]
    • [Shatterspray Ice Spike]
    • [Silence]
    • [Sleep]
    • [Slick Spell: (Spell)]
      • [Ice Floor]
    • [Slippery Ice]
    • [Snow Plume]
    • [Snowy Blast]
    • [Spray Wave]
    • [Speed]
    • [Summon Lesser Frost Elemental]
    • [Translate]
    • [Windblast]
    • Levitate small objects[48]
    • A poisoned snow spell.[49]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Everfreeze Ice Ring
  • Gazereye Stone Wand
  • Unnamed Enchanted Robes
  • Putrid One's Circlet - Can disguise itself through illusions and grant enhanced mental acumen to the wearer, while also freeing them from moral qualms.[50] Can provide the user with other types of mana to broaden their spellcasting capabilities.[13]
  • The Crown of Medain - Bound Item

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Pisces[edit | edit source]

Ceria's relationship with Pisces is complex. They first met on the boat to Wistram Academy, where Pisces was one of the few people who was not prejudiced towards Ceria for being a half-Elf.[15] During their time at Wistram, the two grew very close, studying together and helping each other to learn spells. However, the revelation of Pisces' [Necromancer] class alienated Ceria, and she stopped talking to him for some time. Even then, she is still one of the only people in all of Wistram to talk with Pisces. Their relationship would sour when he desecrated Illphres' and several others' bodies by reanimating them to help him raid Archmage Nekhret's tomb and accidentally releasing a swarm of undead guardians. However she argued in Pisces' defense during his trial, though ultimately both were expelled from Wistram, Pisces for his crimes, and Ceria for speaking up for him.[16]

Before parting ways, she told the [Necromancer] not to talk to her again. Years later, she reached out to Pisces to fix Ryoka's leg after it was broken. They met at The Wandering Inn for the operation.[51]

The two meet again when the Horns of Hammerad returned to Liscor to raid the newly discovered dungeon with several other Silver-ranked teams. Most of the raid members were killed by Skinner and his undead army. Though presumed deceased in the initial attack, Ceria and Olesm survived by hiding in the crypts. She contacted Pisces using an old form of messaging that the two developed during their time at Wistram. With a motley group assembled with Erin's help, they rescue Ceria and Olesm. With Pisces helped rescue Ceria, the two [Mages] are able to move past their past strife.

After Ceria recovers, she reforms the Horns with Pisces, who becomes an adventurers due to lack of funds, along with Yvlon Byres, and Ksmvr. During her time as captain, she frequently comes in conflicts with Pisces, but she is also the one who understands the most about Pisces and his background.

Erin Solstice[edit | edit source]

Ryoka Griffin[edit | edit source]

Olesm Swifttail[edit | edit source]

Horns of Hammerad (Old Members)[edit | edit source]

Calruz[edit | edit source]

Illphres[edit | edit source]

Hedault[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was implied that Ceria was "above Level 20" in her first appearance.[52]
  • She comes from The Village of the Spring in Erribathe, hence the name "Springwalker".[53]
  • Due to being raised vegeterian in her village, she thought that fish were cute little friends you fed - until she ate one.[54]
  • Having almost starved after leaving her village, Ceria was forced to scrounge for bugs, tree bark, and raw eggs as sustenance. She is still fond of eating bugs, even when well-off.
  • [Stone Dart], [Flame Jet], and [Chameleon] are spells she’d taught herself.
  • Her robes cost her nearly a hundred and twenty gold coins – something she had to save up for years to buy, while her wand was half as expensive as that.[26]
  • Ceria dislikes eating vegetables, having eaten leaves every day for breakfast in her youth.[55]
  • While in Wistram, she traded the secret that Archmage Feor dyes his hair in exchange for a roasted goose prepared by a Level 26 [Chef] and mana potions every week for four months.[13]
  • Her great-grandmother was born before Claiven Earth was founded.[56]
  • Ceria's [Trickster of Crowns] class was originally [Trickster of Kings] before being retconned by Pirateaba.

References[edit | edit source]