Liscor's City Watch

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Liscor's City Watch is responsible for the safety of Liscor. They are led by Zevara.

Like in most Drake cities and unlike Human customs, members of the City Watch have a prestigious, well-paid job.[1] Also as a tradition among Drake city watches, Zevara make her watch swear on truth spell that they weren’t a criminal each month.[2]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To become a guardsman in the city watch one can't just sign up, but has to be voted in. At least 50 citizens have to vouch for that person to be allowed entrance to the watch.[3] A high level of competence is expected.[1]

A recruit will spend four months as a trainee, and then two years on probation as a junior guardsman before becoming a full time guardsman.[4]

The requirements to become a Senior Guardsman are even harsher. At least 400 hundred people have to vote for one person to get promoted.[3] The Watch Captain also has her say in promotions, and may also demote members for offenses in office.[5]

Strength[edit | edit source]

The City Watch possesses considerable power, as they have a few members who could be considered Silver-rank adventurers, and at least one at the level of a Gold-rank. In total, the watch had 4,000 members in volume 1.[6]

Most members of the watch are former soldiers. On one hand, it means that they have many combat classes, making it easier for them to stop fights. On the other hand, it means that they possess fewer levels in the [Guardsman] class, resulting in a lack of better skills that would make it much easier for them to do certain parts of their jobs. For example, almost no one has tracking skills, making it much harder for them to chase criminals.[7]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Watch carries healing potions with them in case someone gets hurt. They’re not supposed to use them unless someone’s really hurt, though. The healing potions the Senior Guardsmen carry are even stronger, as they can heal most big injuries in moments. Unless someone lose an arm or a body part, they be fine in moments.[8]

Duties[edit | edit source]

The walls of Liscor are always patrolled by at least forty members of the watch, ten for each cardinal direction of the wall, and at least one pair of Senior Guardsmen. That is the minimum requirement for any Drake city at any time. That said, after the recent incidents, which includes the battle against the Goblin Lord, the Raskghar, the number was increased to two hundred [Guardsmen].[9]

The watch has plenty of duties for individual members such as culling the local Shield Spider population annually,[10] cataloguing damages,[11] and finding fractures in the city's walls prior to the city's annual rains.[12] The city watch generally acts as a police force and a defensive military if necessary.

Members[edit | edit source]

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Name Race Position
Venim[13] Drake Watch Commander
Zevara Sunderscale Drake Watch Captain
Relc Grasstongue Drake Senior Guardsman
Beilmark Gnoll Senior Guardswoman
Derra[14] Gnoll Senior Guardsman
Lekless[15] Drake Senior Guardsman
Tkrn Gnoll Guardsman
Euriss ? Guardsman
Belsc Drake Guardsman
Mersh[16] Gnoll Guardsman
Tessil[17] Gnoll Guardsman
Tells[10] Drake Guardsman
Merka[5] Gnoll Guardswoman
Lassil[5] Drake Guardsman
Bersa[18] Gnoll Guardswoman
Geils[19] Gnoll Guardsman
Silt[20] Drake Junior Guardsman
Kelli[2] Drake Guardswoman
Jerci[21] Gnoll Junior Guardswoman
Sehsi[2] ? ?
Mudsa[22] Drake Sergeant
Iron Helm[22] Antinium Guardsman
Rudell[22] Gnoll Guardsman
Calog[22] Gnoll Guardsman
Vamolt[14] Drake Guardsman
Roreh[23] Gnoll Guardsman
Remos[24] ? Guardsman
Vok Gnoll Junior Guardsman
Meshawn[24] Human Junior Guardsman

Former Members[edit | edit source]

Name Race Position Status
Ulkel[5] Gnoll Guardsman Discharged
Paiss[5] Drake Guardsman Discharged
Byssa[25] ? ? Deceased
Invrss[25] ? ? Deceased
Olivis[25] ? ? Deceased
Sheikhe[2] Gnoll Senior Guard Deceased
Laven[2] Gnoll Senior Guard Deceased
Klbkch Antinium Senior Guardsman Resigned[26]
Jeiss Sielmark Drake Senior Guardsman Deceased

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Klbkch is the fourth-best [Guardsman] in Liscor when it came to combat prowess. And that had been before he’d changed bodies.[21]
  • Liscor's City Watch has about 30 Senior Guards.[27]
  • Aside from Klbkch and Zevara herself, Jeiss is considered the 3rd best bladesman in the Watch.[2]

References[edit | edit source]