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Chapter 3.00 E

Laken Godart is a born blind Earther. He was able to make himself an [Emperor] and founded the Unseen Empire.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Laken claims to be 1.84 m tall, which translates to 6 feet and 1 inch,[2] but he admits to be barely 5 feet 11 inches tall.[3]

He looks younger than his real age of 24.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

He remains remarkably calm on the outside even in stressful situations.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

He has two fairly affluent parents, one a lawyer, the other a businessman. His mother is of German origin, she married his father in France. He grew up all over Europe and traveled around a lot when he grew up.[1] He has, for example, been to China (Beijing and Hong Kong) and Netherlands (Lisse). His first language might be German, but he seems more fluent in English, so his education could also have been bilingual. He studied a lot of potential professions and things, among them cooking, critiquing food, playing billiards and disassembling old computers.[2]

He was living in the United States for a while already, and had already been to New York as well. He was transported from Earth to Innworld, leaving behind his best friend Zoe in a food court in a mall in San Francisco where they were eating a bacon quiche.[2]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

The Seal of his Unseen Empire

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

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Laken appeared in Innworld just outside of Durene's cottage near Riverfarm. Durene took in Laken and helped him get accustomed to the new world over the days following his arrival. On Laken's 11th day in Innworld, he decided to acquire the [Emperor] class by declaring himself Emperor of the Unseen and Protector of Durene's Cottage. Durene saw it as a joke, but that night Laken did get his first level in [Emperor].[2] Despite initial panic, Laken's daily life did not drastically change from his new, powerful class. He continued to live with Durene and teach her concepts he'd learned on Earth such as biology and the sciences. Laken soon earned his second level in [Emperor] just before winter came. A villager brought him winter clothes and offered him shelter away from Durene, but Laken declined. Kids came the following day to bully Durene and Laken finally used his first Skill, [Aura of the Emperor] to run them off. Finally when Prost comes to speak with Laken about the incident, they got heated and Durene admitted to Laken that she is a Half-Troll. Despite Durene's worries to the contrary, Laken still stayed with her and in doing so he leveled again in [Emperor]. He tripped over a bag of gold after getting turned around and when Durene came back to help him, the two started a romantic relationship. A few days later and one month into Laken's time in Innworld he fiound the way he could best help Durene was by giving her a powerful class as well. He convinced her to become his [Paladin].[4]

The following day, Laken heard more crying this time from a baby bird that he adopted and named Frostwing. That night, he gained another level in [Emperor] and gained his first level in [Beast Tamer] for his actions. In the following days, Prost and Laken continued to butt heads as Laken felt that Durene had been treated unfairly and Prost refused to apologize. In the end though, Laken used some of the money he found to pay Prost and the other villagers for extra food, and Prost did give a brief apology to Durene. A few days after this, Laken is approached by Frost Faeries who came to meet the new Emperor. They also accidentally warned him of upcoming danger, and to get more information about this danger, Laken gave them all titles in his Empire. They still would not tell him the details, but they did promise to spare his Empire specifically from the danger. Three days later, the danger is revealed in the form of an avalanche. As promised, Durene's Cottage was spared, but the village of Riverfarm was not.[3] Durene and Laken rushed over to the village to save the people there and after a bit, Laken was able to claim Riverfarm in order to save the people buried under the snow using his [Emperor] Skills.[5]

As the chaos from the avalanche begun to settle down, Laken had to further deal with the consequences of claiming Riverfarm as a part of his Empire. Gamel, one of the boys that Laken saved, started acting as Laken's personal bodyguard after the incident. Laken, Durene, and Gamel decided to go off to Invrisil to buy food and supplies for the village.[6] Once they got to Invrisil, Durene was harassed by a group of silver-rank adventurers. The guards got involved, but were not inclined to find the truth or escalate the situation in her favor. Both sides were let off with a warning and Laken cussed out the guard in German. His German was overheard by Ryoka and Ivolethe who decided to follow him because of this.[7] While Ryoka followed the Laken, another person was also on his trail looking to steal Riverfarm's gold from Durene. The thief stole their gold and Durene went to chase him. Ryoka took this opportunity to meet with Laken briefly and warn him about people's ability to track through phones as well as how to recharge it using a [Repair] spell.[8] Ryoka returned later to meet with Laken again as promised this time with Reynold in tow. After everyone was reintroduced, the group headed over to the Merchant's Guild on Ryoka's suggestion to buy and bring over supplies for Riverfarm. Laken got his supplies and also managed to hire two silver-rank teams to help protect the village that hadn't spurned Gamel earlier in the day: The Celestial Trackers and the Windfrozen Riders.[9]

Once the deal was finished, Ryoka once more went to talk with Laken. This time, after some convincing, the two managed to have a truly private conversation. Ryoka told Laken about Gods, trebuchets, building techniques, and other big secrets. Their conversation was interrupted when Ryoka turned on her phone and she got a call from [Black Mage]. Laken and Ryoka both had little trust for [Black Mage] and Wistram, but they did give advice on how to contact other Earthers in order to save them. Once the call ended, Ryoka left only to be called back once more by Laken who wanted to hire her to bring some of the supplies back to Riverfarm early given the impending snow storm.[1] Laken also offered a statue to Ivolethe to get her to help on the run and once the two were off, he gave a Christmas present to Durene.[10]

For a chronology of the Unseen Empire, see: Unseen Empire

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

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Laken took the longer ride back to Riverfarm with the two teams of adventurers getting annoyed by Beniar, the leader of the Windfrozen Riders, along the way.[11] Eventually though, Laken and his group did make it back to Riverfarm to celebrations of its people. Over the following days, Laken made changes to solidify his Empire. Seeing that Prost had become less argumentative and was trusted by the people, he made him his [Steward]. He also learned of a bear cave that had a mossbear in it. The mossbear almost attacked Laken before he was able to fend it off. This caused Laken to worry about his area of influence and what he would do without his protectors. He got his answer when a [Blacksmith] from a nearby village, Helm, came to Riverfarm looking for help after a recent goblin attack where the goblins had taken his village's food, burned down houses, slaughtered people, and stolen some of their daughters. To help them with this tragedy, Laken offers the safety of Riverfarm to all of Windrest's remaining villagers.[12]
Mountain City Tribe Goblins meeting the Unseen Emperor, by LeChatDemon

Laken needed to be prepared for further goblin attacks, so he got counsel from some of the other adventurers that he'd hired: Odevig and Wiskeria. The two tell him that there are rumors of a Great Goblin Chieftain living in Dwarfhalls Rest nearby. Laken decided to put up pallisades around the village to combat the potential of further attacks. Laken also met with more of his subjects as the people from Windrest made it to Riverfarm such as Tessia and Jelov the [Carver]. He also ordered the adventurers to help train his subjects into a militia with a new Skill he'd gotten, [Low-born Militia]. Finally, Laken went once more to meet the mossbear who had attacked him before and leveled in [Beast Tamer] in doing so.[13] The goblins started to make themselves known and the village grew more restless over the coming days. Laken had to confront some of his disgruntled villagers and investigate a series of suspicious circumstances that led him to believe that Wiskeria was sabotaging his village. In truth, Odevig revealed herself as the true traitor in the employ of Magnolia Reinhart and she managed to escape after her secret came out.[14] Soon after, the goblins attacked. Laken made some final preparations by setting out Jelov's totems, so he could see further, but the number of goblins was still too high. Villagers and adventurers started dying in the attack due to the overwhelming strength and number of the goblins. On the verge of losing, he used a new, unique skill [Undying Loyalty] which caused some people to seemingly come back from deadly wounds and eventually defeat the attacking goblins. All of those he used this Skill on except for Gamel ended up dying, but the casualties were fewer than they could have been. Laken gave Wiskeria a [General] class for her loyalty, and once he was done burying his dead, he was approached by a runner representing Lady Rie Valerund with letters from others who had heard of the new [Emperor] in Riverfarm. Laken also revealed that he had a mysterious source for many of his innovations that had allowed his Empire to thrive up until now.[15]

Days later, Laken is much more established. He had now taken control of some other surrounding villages including Tunslaven and Kiquel. He also gained better control over his mossbear to the point where he was able to ride on the bear through his village. He had begun construction on the trebuchets though they were not in a ready state yet. A representative from Trottvisk offered tribute for protection from goblins as well. Other nearby nobles and merchants also sent Laken gifts as his fame grew. All the while, goblins continued to attack nearby villages and eventually they sent a large force to assault the mansion of Lady Rie Valerund. Laken got word of this and sent his army to protect her.[16]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Emperor] Lv. 25
  • [Beast Tamer] Lv. 9

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Animals: Basic Command]
  • [Aura of the Emperor]
  • [Group: Surge of Inspiration]
  • [Imperial Levy]
  • [Intimidating Glare]
  • [King’s Bounty]
  • [Lesser Bond: Frostwing]
  • [Lesser Bond: Bismarck]
  • [Natural Allies: Sariant Lamb]
  • [Pact: The Hard-Working Lamb (Sariant)]
  • [Rallying Presence]

Empire Skills:[edit | edit source]

Skills that affect Laken's Empire.

  • [Art of the Builder]
  • [Blacksky Riders]
  • [Blessing of the Hearth]
  • [Fields of Bounty]
  • [Low-born Militias]
  • [Will of the Beasts]

Unique/Created Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Undying Loyalty]

Abilities:[edit | edit source]

  • Fluent in German[8]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • iPhone with Siri

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]