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Chapter 2.20 (First Appearance?)

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Ivolethe is a Frost Faerie, and a friend to Ryoka Griffin.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In Innworld, Ivolethe is a small Frost Faerie, with a body seemingly made out of ice and crystal and dragonfly-like wings.[1] Her teeth are sharp enough to take a chunk off a person's finger.[2] She is seemingly naked and lacks breasts or genitalia. As spring grew closer, Ivolethe appeared to be melting.[3] To the eyes of the inhabitants of Innworld, she is a fuzzy blue blob, being masked by glamour.

In Avalon, Ivolethe is full-sized, being taller than Ryoka Griffin, and estimated to be six foot three. However, she retains certain aspects of her Frost Faerie form, having wings and blue skin like ice and crystal. She wears clothes fit for a courtier at a noble court.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Being older than the other Winter Sprites, Ivolethe has a certain world-weary view, being less flighty and impetuous. However, she is prideful and is swift to enact retribution when insulted. She is sharp-tongued, and often exchanges friendly insults with Ryoka (and regular insults with everyone else). Ivolethe delights in both listening and telling tales and stories; however she lacks patience with reading. She cherishes her friendship with Ryoka, to the point that she broke the rules of Oberon to save the Runner's life from Venitra leading to her banishment from Innworld.[5] Shaestrel described Ivolethe to be "warrior-born," having used to run with the Wild Hunt.[6]

As a Winter Sprite, Ivolethe takes full advantage of her small stature, and enjoys being carried around and eating snacks the size of her head.[4]

Background[edit | edit source]

Ivolethe is one of the older members of the Faerie Court in Avalon. A long time ago, she was given a prophecy that she would become great friends with a mortal. According to Shaestral, Ivolethe "swore a blue streak for a hundred years afterwards."[6] She searched for such a mortal for ages, until she became jaded and tired, and eventually almost forgot about the prophecy.[4]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Ivolethe" is not her true name, which is unpronounceable to mortals.[7]

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