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16 (Beginning)[1]
17 (Currently)[2]




Flos Reimarch


Trey Atwood (Twin Brother)


Flos' Attendant



First Appearance

Interlude - 1 (Archived)

Teresa Atwood, or Teres as she preferred to be called,[1] was teleported alongside her twin brother, Trey, from England to Chandrar, landing directly inside of the throne room of Flos Reimarch, the King of Destruction.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Like her brother, Trey, Teresa has moderately dark blonde hair, fair skin, and a height of 5’10. However, despite their striking similarities they are not identical twins, at least genetically.[1]

After a year living in Chandrar, her skin has become tanned from the sun, and her hair, now cropped, looks redder.[3] She was described to have become sharper-looking after leveling in her [Blade of War] and [Glory Seeker] classes, losing a dimple on her chin and growing an inch in height,[4] and later stated to have begun looking like a heroine from a story.[5]

Personality[edit | edit source]

While Teres is more inclined to wait and observe, she is far more bolder than her twin brother. She is not afraid to ask questions, even to Flos or Fetohep. She is friendly, always wanting to get to know newcomers, such as the Gnoll tribes who entered Flos's service.[6]

She often punches Trey if she thinks he's being stupid or annoying. However, she is highly protective of her twin, once shouting at Flos for accidentally using too much of his strength in a mock duel with Trey.[7] While Teres enjoys being cheeky with Flos, she is a firm believer in his strength and battle prowess, and is always surprised when he admits he can lose.[5]

After fighting in several battles, Teres has developed a [Soldier's] mentality, becoming inured to blood and battle. She has an appreciation for weapon and armor craftmanship, which she bonded with Fetohep over.[8] Teres has grown to love fighting, claiming to "feel alive," when fighting Nerrhavia's Fallen during their siege of Reim,[9] and was outraged at missing the opportunity to go fight in Izril. Due to Flos and Orthenon insisting that she stay away from the fray, Teres is eager to prove herself, and often chafes at their restrictions.

Despite not liking slavery, she agreed with Flos's reasoning with selling [Prisoners] to Roshal, which remains a major source of friction between her and Trey.[10]

Background[edit | edit source]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Blade of War] Lv. ?[11]
    • Derived from [Trained Bladeswoman] Lv. 27[12]
      • Derived from [Warrior] (last known Lv. 19[13])
  • [Glory Seeker] Lv.?[14]
  • [Rider] Lv. ?[15]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Flawless Parry]
  • [Lesser Strength]
  • [Shadow Cut]
  • [Weapon Proficiency: Sword]

Temporary Skills:[edit | edit source]

Skills obtained temporarily by Flos' [Army of the King] Skill. This Skill also temporarily gave her 8 Levels to her [Trained Bladeswoman] Class, making her stronger and faster.[12]

  • [Acrobat's Form]
  • [Enhanced Strength]
  • [Shadowcut Blade]
  • [Sword: Keening Edge]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • iPhone
  • Sword enchanted with Piercing and Toughness.[16]
  • Fine clothing containing Shockwool cotton (given by Fetohep).[17]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While she and her twin brother appeared for the first time in Interlude - 1 (Archived), their names were revealed in Ch 2.22 K, and their surnames were revealed in Ch 4.00 K.
  • When she was still a child, Teresa and her brother invented a secret language.[1]
  • Teres likes to draw and read.[1]
  • Much to Flos's offense, she named her horse "Frecklehooves," due to the white-yellow hair on the horse's leg.[18]
  • She, like her brother, can play sports fairly well, as a result, Teres was popular in team sports since she could keep up with her brother.[1]
  • Neither she nor her brother likes cricket, and they both prefer to "leave jams in the fridge, way in the back where they could rot forever." They both like movies, and music, and normal things, and both agree that the other world is terrifyingly scary.[1]
  • Her personal best on Flappy Bird is 83.[19]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Flos) “No matter what you say, we won’t change our minds, you—you bloody twit!
  • (To Flos) “I take it back. You were right. That’s awful. Come and see what you look like!”
  • (To Flos) “This place is a nightmare of a city to live in!”
  • (To Flos) “We’re not going to fight? But they’re just ahead of us. Four more miles! We can do it in an hour, beat them in two, and sleep at least three more before dawn.”
  • (To Nawal) “If. If you were there, back then. If you could follow them, for good or ill. Even if you knew how it would end, even if you changed nothing and history never remembered your name? Would you go?

References[edit | edit source]