Chapter 4.00 K

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Chapter 4.00 K
January 6, 2018
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Chapter 4.00 K is the 1st chapter of Volume 4 and Book 5, The Last Light.

tl;dr[edit | edit source]

Flos had a good dream. Trey nags him to bury Drevish's head finally and eventually Flos agrees.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The chapter begins with Flos dreaming of the past - he speaks to Drevish as they overlook an opposing armies camp. Drevish is designing a new wall which he wants to test but asks Flos why the King agreed to a ceasfire with the enemy. Amerys is the first to arrive shortly followed by Gazi. Gazi tells them about the layout of the enemy camp and they begin to discuss their plan of attack once Orthenon and Takhatres arrive. Takhatres has brought wine and the six drink together.

Amerys remarks that it's been two years since they've had four of the Seven alongside Flos and Orthenon - with the fifth, Mars, arriving the next day. Takhatres says that it's pointless for all of the Seven to be together since they're too strong, but Flos disagrees and tells him there's some meaning in his gathering.

Flos wakes from the dream and sees the block of ice containing Drevish's head and begins to weep, but quickly gets ready for the day.

The twins, Trey and Teres are eating breakfast when they feel Flos awaken. They argue while finishing breakfast and Trey recalls how they arrived to this world. The two of them had arrived a month earlier after stepping off the London Underground and suddenly stepping into Flos' throneroom. Flos stops Orthenon and his guards from killing them and eventually the pair end up telling Flos about Earth. Trey thinks back to when Drevish's head was delivered and how Flos had immediately declared war - but then Flos had stopped and only sent Takhatres out to raid the Empire of Sands that night.

Flos arrives at the banquet hall and has the twins walk with him as he eats breakfast: a bacon roll as described to him by the Earthers. Orthenon, Gazi and Mars finds them after he's finished. Teres has a crush on Orthenon but Trey can't stop staring at Mars' breasts.

Orthenon informs his King that he's discovered two of Flos' former vassals working as mercenaries on Baleros, he has sent encoded message spells to them already but notes that it will take time for the messages to arrive. Orthenon has also tried to keep Flos' awakening from spreading but Gazi thinks it's likely that the powerful leaders of a few nations, Wistram and the slave traders of Roshal already know. Flos believes that if word of his return spreads then it would endanger his vassals and allies before they can arrive. Takhatres and his tribe has begun crossing the Zeikhal desert.

Flos goes to inspect the wall repairs while ordering Trey and Teres to learn from Orthenon before having Mars test their combat aptitude. On the way Trey asks Orthenon whether Takhatres will be okay fighting the Emperor of Sands, but before answering Orthenon has them look at a map of Chandrar. He explains that Takhatres tribe won't be hindered by the vast Zeikhal desert unlike the Emperor of Sands and they will conduct a guerilla war.

Trey asks why Flos hasn't marched for war yet and Orthenon believes that it's due to him realising that they need to gather their strength. The twins move to the training ground where Mars disagrees with Orthenon's justification. Trey continues to stare at her breasts before she reprimands him for it and has the two take up swords. As they try the weapons out Mars explains that she thinks Flos is waiting until he's ready - trying to regain his skill before he leads his armies.

Afterwars the twins get into an argument over Trey's new obsession and Teres tells Trey that Mars' breasts are fake. Gazi interrupts the pair and brings them to Flos. Trey musters his courage and asks Gazi why Flos hasn't set out yet, but she just tells him she doesn't know. They arrive at Flos' room and Flos tells them what he needs of them: honesty and clarity - he needs people that will speak to him openly like he had with Drevish. The two of them are startled by the head and why Flos still keeps the enchanted ice. Flos says it's a reminder of his promise to the Architect: to build a city that the world has never seen but Teres tells Flos that it's wrong and they need to bury Drevish. They argue and Flos refuses and commands the pair to leave but as they do Trey turns and also tells Flos that it's wrong. Teres calls Flos a twit and Flos finally relents, promising to bury him in private that night. He cries for Drevish once more but tells his friend that he's found two more people that can tell him the truth in his stead.

Trey finally manages to ask why they haven't gone to war yet. Flos isn't able to explain so instead he asks them to follow him so that he can show them.

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