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40 or older



  • Oresha (Former Lover)
  • Embria (Daughter)

Senior Guardsman

First Appearance

Chapter 1.07 (Archived)

Relc Grasstongue, also known as the Gecko of Liscor, is a Drake, Embria's father and a Senior Guardsman of Liscor.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Relc is at least six and a half feet tall. His scales are light green, and he has huge arms, reminiscent of a bodybuilder's, with sharp claws on each hand. Relc's eyes are narrow, resembling that of snakes, being very yellow, with black pupils.[1]

He also sports a forked tongue that can be observed when he smiles. Relc pronounces his words with elongated s's, and has a deeper voice then Klbkch. Clearing his throat sounds deeper and more bassy then normal humans do. When rubbing his hands together, his scales makes them sound like sandpaper.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Relc is often immature. He prefers personal gratification such as eating or finding nice rocks to laze about upon while he should be performing his duties, much to the exasperation of Watch Captain Zevara. However, he is serious about performing his duties when the situation calls for it and is dependable in a fight. Relc is also fiercely loyal to his friends and willing to own up to his mistakes.

Relc can be inordinately proud of his physical prowess, and loves to fight. He is also extremely fond of food and Puzzles.[2]

When asked about his classes, he identified himself first and foremost as a [Spearmaster].[1]

Choleric when he is mistaken for, or called, a Lizardman.

Background[edit | edit source]

Relc served in the 1st Wing of the Liscorian Army[3] under Wing Commander Weillmet.[4] He was a [Sergeant] and a [Spear Drake]. After he bested and killed a [Spearmaster] in battle, he gained the class of [Spearmaster]. He was then given an enchanted spear, which he had to leave behind when he left the army.[5] That spear and his spearfighting skill in combination with his sprinting speed made Relc ideal as a specialist in going after enemy commanders and mages in battle. He earned his nickname, "The Gecko (of Liscor)", that way.[6] He served with General Zel during the 2nd Antinium War.[7] [Iron Skin] was the last skill Relc got from his [Soldier] class.[8]

Over a decade ago, Relc left the army and "retired" to become a Guardsman, much to the frustration of his daughter, Embria.[9]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

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When he and Klbkch were on patrol duty, they were told by their Captain to investigate the cause of the smoke that came from the Floodplains. After they located the source of it, they found Erin's inn.[1] When returning another day, Relc offended Erin by trying to kill Pisces.[10] She trusted him again while visiting the city for the first time and let him help her carry groceries back to the inn.[8] The next day he tried to sort out the "goblin problem" they had noticed around her inn and proudly presented Erin with three dead goblins.[11] This set Erin against him and lead to her policy of "no killing goblins".[12] When Klbkch was killed by goblins, Relc cancelled his friendship with Erin.[13]

Relc was then seen on patrols through the city, cracking down on adventurers by himself[14] and racing Ryoka.[15] It took Relc a while to visit the Wandering Inn again, but when he did so he was confident and brought several other guards to confront Gazi and Pisces.[16] Even so, Relc remained unfriendly with Erin even when he was willing to speak with her again.[17] However, he was trying to protect Erin from Ksmvr's machinations, but that turned out unnecessary.[18] Relc was holding heroically against the Undead during Skinner's Attack on Liscor.[19]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

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Klbkch's resurrection relieved most of Relc's bad mood towards Erin. Rejoined with his friend, he spent a great night at the Wandering Inn.[20] Near the Ruins of Liscor, he fought against Gazi, who won the fight effortlessly.[21]

Relc helped with Erin's efforts to rebuild her inn when it was destroyed by Toren.[22] While doing so, he beat up Rags which drove her away from Liscor.[23] Relc was seen again when he helped fight off a raiding party from the Goblin Lord.[24] When Rags later returned to Erin's inn, Relc could not separate her from his previous bad experiences with goblins along with their murder of Klbkch. He and Erin got in further arguments about this and Erin kicked him out of her inn.[25][26]

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

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Relc came back soon to apologize to Erin, but she had gone to Celum without a way to quickly get back.[27] When she did make it back, Relc was excited, but it took a while to build their relationship back up again. She had made more friends[28] and the goblin issue still hung over their heads.[29] With time things got better between the two, and Relc was back to full form when Erin introduced the idea of Christmas to Liscor. In an attempt to prove his good deeds and get presents from Santa, he dressed up as his own version where he gave ill-suited presents to people around Liscor. He and Klbkch ended up getting kicked out of most of the houses they visited doing this, but they did find a few thieves that they were able to apprehend. Afterwards, they headed back to the Wandering Inn and showed each other the gifts they'd gotten for each other.[30] The following day, Erin was overwhelmed with memories from home and fled the inn. In the chaos, Relc and the other visitors discussed Erin's past and how much they didn't know about it. This ended with a near brawl between Klbkch and Zel Shivertail that was interrupted by the other Centenium. Erin calmed things down when she returned and gave her gifts to Relc and Klbkch.[7]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

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Relc continued to be a regular patron at the inn as well as continuing his job as Senior Guardsman. His duties were ratcheting up as more adventurers came in to check out Liscor's Dungeon as well as Wall Lord Ilvriss occasionally causing trouble. The Wall Lord's lackey threatened Ryoka under the impersonation of a guard, and Relc was able to deal with this though nothing came of it given the Wall Lord's high position.[31] One other complication of his job was the death of Brunkr. Relc met Ryoka again (this time remembering her from their race when they first met) and told her about how he was investigating the suspicious circumstances around the gnoll's death.[32] Erin found out the truth and the entire inn fought against the true killers, Venitra and Ijvani. Relc helped out specifically by fighting one on one against Venitra for a time to save Ryoka.[33] Relc was also with Zevara when she came to the inn to threaten Erin for harboring five hobgoblins. Neither of them were happy about the goblins being present.[34]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

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Soon after, the Goblin Lord's Army came to attack Liscor and in the ensuing battle, the hero of drakes, Zel Shivertail, died. This caused tensions to rise throughout the city especially towards Erin who still harbored the remaining Redfang goblins she had taken in earlier. One drake decided to act on this frustration and attack Erin before Relc knocked him out, saving her. Relc then talked his way back into the inn. While the whole city was grieving, Relc was ready to move forward and he even acknowledged that Erin's goblins were different than those that supposedly killed General Shivertail. The two went back to the inn in better spirits and Relc got a free meal. Relc helped to bring the inn back to some semblance of normalcy as Erin introduced milkshakes to him and her few other customers.[35] That was why when Hawk opened up Pallass' side of Erin's magical door, he was one of the people that went through to explore the walled city. Pallass did not take kindly to the intruders, so all of them got in a fight and were luckily bailed out by Ilvriss' authority as a Wall Lord.[36]

As the fiasco with Palass wound down, Liscor had to start preparing for its rainy season. Relc did this in part by inspecting the city's wall for any small damages or fractures.[37] This inspection was well timed as soon after, a large group of Face Eater Moths attacked Liscor and the inn. The city was slightly forewarned with [Dangersense], so Relc and many of the guards had enough time to make it onto the city's walls prior to the attack.[38] Relc took on multiple of the giant Face Eater Moths during the attack and defended on the walls the entire time.[39] Relc was not injured though, and he was able to go over to the Wandering Inn with Klbkch to discuss the aftermath of the attack.[40] The next day, Relc left the inn to find that some members of Liscor's Army had come home including his daughter, Embria. Her and Relc immediately had a clash in personality as Embria was a staunchly traditional drake and Relc had been warming up to the more progressive mindset common in Erin's inn. He brought Embria to the inn as well which didn't help as Erin was selling cakes only with smiling goblins on them. Embria also gave Relc back his spear that he'd left at the army. Relc's history in the military was discussed then and Embria tried to convince him to come back, but Relc flatly refused and did not budge.[41]

Relc continued his guard duties afterward. With the death of Zel Shivertail, Zel's armor was given to his niece, Selys. Selys did not initially have the ability to guard it, so Relc was given the job. He also helped keep watch when Selys and Pisces moved Zel's ashes to be near Zel's lover Sserys' coffin as Zel had requested.[42] Other watch duties - these ones more officially - that Relc conducted were conducting a survey of damages at Erin's inn after a large scale fight happened over the contents of a play that Erin had set up.[43] Relc soon enough had to go back to his regular occupation of dealing with crisises. In this case, he had to deal with Raskghar.[44]The raskghar were a continual threat for multiple days making Relc pull double shifts to keep watch. On one night, his daughter came to him with her concerns, letting her guard down for the first time. She told him about having to watch the antinium and how she didn't understand Erin. Just then, Erin came by and gathered up the two to participate in a planned attack on the raskghar to save the kidnapped gnolls. Erin got Pebblesnatch to hammer in an access point for the magical door in the raskghar's base where Relc and everyone else Erin could find was ready to charge through.[4] The group successfully save the captured gnolls and defeated the raskghar.

Later on, the city heard news of the Goblin Lord's Army coming to the city. To limit unexpected variables, they moved to arrest the hobs working at Erin's inn. Erin wouldn't stand for it, so she tried to fight back, but she could not overpower Relc. He detained her while others got most of the goblins. Relc was then sent with others to keep watch at the inn and guard that important location. Unfortunately for him, some in the inn had other plans as Typhenous cast a high tier sleeping spell and put an extra dose in Relc's food that incapacitated almost everyone there in order to steal the door. In a dizzying series of twists, the door did not end up being stolen, though.[45] Eventually, time ran out and the large goblin army came to Liscor. Relc was one of the key defenders during the battle. He personally slew Garen Redfang during the fight after taking injuries himself.[46]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

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Despite his previous hatred for goblins and many arguments about it with Erin, when Numbtongue came into the city of Liscor, Relc flat out refused to send him back through Erin's door. He recognized Numbtongue and his fellow goblins' massive contributions in saving the city, and repaid him in his own way.[47] Relc continued to do what he saw as the right thing when he and Klbkch heard complaints about high rent. It was revealed that they had talked to overcharging landlords in the past and even unofficially arrested them when the problem became serious.[48] These good deeds aside, Relc did still have to deal with the fact that he had been the one to kill Garen Redfang which did not sit well with the goblins in the inn. Tactfully, Relc stayed away for a while, and even when he did come back to the inn, he said he would leave if it was trouble for him to be there. Erin and the goblins were fine with his presence, though, so Relc stayed. Relc wasn't completely bereft of problems with their forgiveness. The argument he'd had with his daughter earlier was not an isolated incident, though the two still tried to meet every week. During one of these meetings Relc revealed his love of puzzles, and went around the city with Embria. As every meeting went through, it ended in an argument with Embria wanting him to go back to the army and Relc refusing. Relc didn't give up though, the two ended up finding out what they had in common - their spearmanship - and in doing so truly bonded. They talked out their feelings and eventually even promised to spar together again in the morning. Their relationship wasn't perfect, but with them opening up to each other and truly talking, they did develop a friendship.[9]

Relc did go to the morning spar with Embria tiring him out and making Embria happy,[49] but in all his life wasn't much changed. The elections of Liscor were ongoing, and while Relc didn't want to get too involved, Erin did. She involved him and her acquaintances from Pallass in a bid to take attention away from Lism while also bringing attention to the wonders that herself aka humans could provide. Relc was involved with this primarily when Erin introduced the idea of a weight room and got him and Grimalkin interested in trying it out.[50][51] Relc and Grimalkin formed a sort of friendship over these weights and eventually even Embria joined in. They were meeting at one point in the inn when a customer got too unruly, and Relc had to throw him about. This wasn't before the customer managed to deliver a whole drunken speech about the hatred that many had for goblins, though.[52] The level of vitriol wasn't aimed only at goblins, either. At a later date after Calruz had been put back into custody, multiple Gnolls including guardsmen tortured him, and Relc had to put the guardsmen themselves in jail.[53]

Not everything was bad, though. Erin got her [Partial Reconstruction] skill and enlisted Relc to help her test out how much could be broken with it to which he happily applied himself. He also helped test out Erin's newly designed EZ weight bar with Grimalkin.[54] He was also present as a peacekeeper when the council was finally elected. The election itself almost ended with a riot, and later on when some of the new councilmembers tried to storm the council with all of the former councilmembers they could find, Relc was present to deter them alone.[55]

With one event dealt with, another arose. Wistram mages eventually made their way to Liscor with a mission of capturing Erin and any other Earthers, but also to get rid of the exiles of Wistram, Ceria and Pisces. They successfully captured the exiles, but Erin wouldn't be taken so easily. The Wistram mages failed to convince Erin after Mrsha smelled Pisces' blood on them, and she cleared out the inn until only herself, the Halfseekers, Numbtongue, and Relc were left. The two sides came to blows when the mages wouldn't tell the others what they'd done with the Horns. Relc primarily focused on fighting Isceil, and managed to bring him down, but the others weren't as successful. Relc was the last one standing before Grimalkin made it to the fight and saved him from being surrounded. Jelaqua made it to the fight as well and the three of them were able to turn the tides. They won the fight, and once Zevara arrived on the scene were able to calm things down enough to find the captured Horns.[56] High Command of Liscor was bribed into letting the Wistram mages go, and Relc was set to making sure nobody else caused any real fights.[57] Days afterward, Relc was present when Erin's dangersense started ringing horribly. Crelers were unearthed in the Bloodfields, and Erin opened the magical door to them saving some of the adventurers that were trapped on the other side, but releasing the horde of crelers in the process. Relc saved Erin from the chaos, but he was hurt in the process from the swarm. Embria and her 4th company came to his rescue and called for a healer, but he was poisoned and out of the fight.[58] Relc did recover enough later to help with the cleanup. He personally spotted the adult creler that the Horns of Hammerad had killed, and he was back in good spirits - albeit still injured - in no time.[59]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

With the fight over, the aftermath left Erin with a completely destroyed inn. She got it started rebuilding, and went on vacation in Pallass. Klbkch and Relc were some of the first ones to visit when the inn was finally rebuilt. They personally brought up the magical door after Relc did a poor job of welcoming new residents into Liscor. What they found, though, was that Erin was going to stay on vacation for a while longer leaving Lyonette in charge.[60] Lyonette being busy with the inn and the other employees taking time off as well left Relc as one of the only options left for a caretaker for Mrsha. During one of these babysitting sessions, the two watched plays, but Relc also had fun with her in his own way by pitting her against a baby Rock Crab in a fight.[61] It wasn't long after this that Erin's vacation was interupted by a large host of wyverns attacking Pallass.[62] Relc and Olesm went to reinforce Pallass from Liscor. This event like many recently was being televised by scrying orb, and Relc was one of the key figures seen around the world particularly when he went to attack the Frost Wyvern Lord alone. He wasn't enough however, and so he received help from some of Pallass' elite including Grimalkin, General Duln, Saliss, as well as surprise help from Bird who had snuck through to fight the big birds.[63] The group got literally thrown back into Liscor after Bird nearly started the Third Antinium War, and the inn was in chaos once more. Zevara wanted Relc to report his side, but others wanted information from those there as well including Erin who had been thrown back into Liscor with the rest. Klbkch was the least happy about the proceedings and he beat Bird repeatedly in front of everyone even with Relc trying to stop him. It wasn't until Erin got in his way that Klbkch left.[64]

Only later did spirits rise once again since despite the near war, Relc and the others were heroes of the Wyvern fight in Pallass, and Erin was coming back at the same time. There was a party in the inn to celebrate with plenty of jokes, and Liscor in general gained some more appreciation of the silly [Senior Guardsman].[65]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Archer] Lv. ? (Negligible)
  • [Carpenter] Lv. ? (Negligible)
  • [Trusted Sergeant of the Watch] Lv. 24+
    • Consolidated from [Guardsman of Trust] and [Sergeant]
  • [Spearmaster] Lv. 37+
    • Derived from [Vanguard of the Spear]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Armored Advance]
  • [Consecutive Spear Flurry]
  • [Continuous Spear Thrusts]
  • [Counter Backstep]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Detect Guilt]
  • [Extended Sweep]
  • [Eyes In The Back]
  • [Flurry Strikes]
  • [Indomitable Will]
  • [Iron Skin] / [Iron Scales] (high level, rare)[8]
  • [Lightning Sprint]
  • [Officer Headhunter Mode][2]
  • [Pierce Thrust]
  • [Recall Weapon: Spear]
  • [Relc Hug]
  • [Relc Kick]
  • [Relc Punch]
  • [Relc Sense]
  • [Sergeant’s Command]
  • [Spear Dance: The Fish Leap]
  • [Spear Flurry]
  • [Squad: Incorruptible Watchmen]
  • [Squad: Unity’s Coordination]
  • [The Law Upheld] (Can only use it 4 times per his entire shift)[2]
  • [Thick Skin] / [Thick Scales]
  • [Triple Thrust] (rare skill) 
  • [Wear My Integrity]
  • [Whirlwind Dodge]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Anti-Magic Spear[edit | edit source]

An eight foot long enchanted spear that was awarded to him for valor, during his time in the Liscorian Army. It looked completely normal beside having a grooved tip and the haft looked thick and made of a dark brown-grey wood. With it Relc can take on any Gold-rank adventurer, as it is enchanted to pierces magic barriers like soft cheese and is durable enough to at least hold his own weight without even bending an inch.[41]

As it is enchanted with anti-magic, it’s nearly as strong as a blade made of Naq-Alrama steel. This makes it a [Mage]-killer, or an officer-slayer.[9]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His surname was revealed in Chapter 1.38 (Archived).
  • It was revealed in Interlude - Embria that Goblins had killed his parents and wife.
  • He has alluded to eating Drowned Folk before.[9] Additionally, he has joked about eating Humans before.[65]
  • According to Selys, he looks ugly, as his face and his jaw don't match, though it is not known if that is the general view of female drakes or only hers.[66] However, Isceil also noticed that Relc looks ugly.
  • He never got any dagger skills.[8]
  • Klbkch estimated once that if it came to a fight he would be able to hold Relc off for five minutes and inflict serious wounds before Klbkch would die. If he tried to assassinate him, though, he would have had an even chance of killing him.[3] That estimation was based on Klbkch's levels before he was reborn.
  • In Ch 2.39 a dialogue between Erin and Selys hinted at Relc having a daughter “Look, it’s not just that. He’s older than me, you know? I mean, I’m almost the same age as his d—”'.[26] In Ch 5.13 it was revealed that he does indeed have one.
  • Relc once beat over 40 people in a fight,[26] presumably on his own.
  • Aside from Hawk, Relc is the only person in Liscor with a Courier's speed - at least when Ryoka and other couriers aren't around.[67]
  • Relc hates adventurers, as according to him, they pick fights when they’re drunk, they run away from tough monsters, and they’re rude to guardsmen.[68]
  • He killed his first Wyvern at the age of 28.[9]
  • He is frequently banned from inns, taverns and bars, either for offending the owner or other guests; or for being involved in brawls.
  • He often uses [Relc Headbutt] and [Relc Punch] despite neither being a real Skill and has remarked that it would be helpful if either actually did anything.
  • According to the Wandering Inn secret files: Employee edition, he is rated as a 3 star difficulty guest.[69]
  • Dried, spiced Prelons are among Relc favorite food, while dried sardines are among his most hated.[70]
  • He is in a relationship with Valeterisa Imarris.[71]
  • With his spear, he can cut through level 3 and 4 spells.[71]

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