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First Appearance

Chapter 3.22 L

Xrniavxxel, also known as Xrn or the Small Queen, is an Antinium [Thaumaturge] and one of a hundred Centenium created by the First Grand Queen. Notable for being the only known member of her species to practice magic, she was part of an invading force that left Rhir to conquer Izril, and participated in the First and Second Antinium Wars. Formerly serving as Prognugator for the Grand and Free Hives, she is currently the Queen of the Seventh Hive, leading the Antinium [Crusaders] of Liscor's Second Army.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Xrn is a slim, short, and graceful Antinium with a blue carapace and eyes that glow with magic, containing a thousand colors.[2] Like Klbkch's new form, she only has two arms, unlike the Antinium Workers and Soldiers.[3] She has an abdomen and no rounded shell.[4]

Following her injury by Snatcher, she has a glowing wound on her face which leaks magic. She has a hairline fracture where her arm had been torn off and reattached.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

“I am the last memory of my kind. Thunder which moves grass. I am a Queen without a Hive. Fire burning in the heart of ice. I am Xrn, and I will not die here."[5]

Xrn is playful and light-hearted, with Ryoka noticing she enjoys conversing and socializing.[6] She is rather direct and straightforward in manner, and often speaks candidly. Xrn can be intense, with Erin admitting being scared of Xrn even while she was being friendly.[7] She is also pushy, seen by her patient and incessant pursuits of Erin and Ryoka to share information that could help the Antinium. Furthermore, she can be ruthless, such as when she briefly contemplated wiping out the Painted Antinium as they had disobeyed her.[8] By Wrymvr's claim, Xrn was made to love and grieve.[9] However, she follows Antinium custom of only mourning their greatest, and considers Pawn's treatment of each Antinium individual as if they were Queens and Centenium to be strange.

She condemns the death of innocents and children, which led her to assist Zel and Ilvriss in their fight against Ijvani, despite being enemies.[10]

Following her injury by Snatcher which tore into her mind, she has become emotionally unstable and even more intense. Her emotions seep into her words, affecting her magic.[4] She also has less patience than before, with more of an inclination to use physical violence.

Background[edit | edit source]

Xrn is described to be the height of creation, an untouched remnant of the original Centenium forms and was created to embody true perfection, not the flawed shells most, if not all, other Antinium wore.[11]

History[edit | edit source]

For the last two decades, Xrn had, aside from advising the Grand Queen, participated in several battles. At one point, she and the Grand Queen were forced to aid the Armored Antinium in their fight against the Giant Moles, which in some way are more dangerous than Crelers. They posed such a threat that even Klb's Queen considered to send her forces. While they succeeded in disposing of them, it led to a noticeable reduction of their forces. Xrn explained that if the Antinium had accidently found them already during the last war, the outcome would have been far worse. The same goes for the unearthing of the Caverns of Consumption. Those were filled with parasites that infected over 40 percent of the Silent Antinium's Hive before they could eradicate them. On the positive side, all those battles allowed Xrn to regain almost all of her levels she lost after her single death in Rhir, which the Grand Queen doesn't know of.

Xrn attempted numerous times to create Queens on her own due to the Grand Queen's reluctance to do it herself, though without success.[12]

Chronology [edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Xrn is able to immediately copy lower Tier spells after only seeing them for a few seconds.[13]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Thaumaturge] Lv. ? (derived from [Mage][14])

Skills:[edit | edit source]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

  • Tier 3:
    • [Ice Spike]
  • Tier 5:
    • [Valmira’s Comet]
  • Tier 6:
    • [Disintegrate]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [A Thousand Shooting Stars]
    • [Acid Wave]
    • [Aegis of Saimune]
    • [Ailendamus’ Lancearrows]
    • [Alter Velocity]
    • [Appraisal]
    • [Blue Lightning]
    • [Blue Ray of Lesser Disintegration]
    • [Bolt of the Lightning Giant]
    • [Bubble of Purity]
    • [Burning Lightning]
    • [Cenidau’s Complete Chill]
    • [Chaos Flamewheel]
    • [Defy Gravity]
    • [Fear of the Mighty]
    • [Featherfall]
    • [Flight of the Phoenix King]
    • [Frost Wyvern’s Breath]
    • [Glorious Radiance]
    • [Greater Dispel]
    • [I Call Open the Manaforge]
    • [Lava Wave]
    • [Lesser Teleport]
    • [Magical Field: The Somber World of Blue]
    • [Mana Burst]
    • [Mass Enchantment: Haste]
    • [Motionless Vortex]
    • [My Soul Shall Forge New Magic]
    • [Paint Spray]
    • [Powerful Digestion]
    • [Preservation]
    • [Ray of Disintegration]
    • [Repulsion Wave]
    • [Resonance: Chitrx Metal]
    • [Reverse Gravity]
    • [Siege Fireball]
    • [Stomach of the Cow]
    • [The ___slayer’s Arrow] (in development)
    • [The Bindings of Belavierr]
    • [The Light of Shali’vere]
    • [Thunderstrike Volley]
    • [Until Infinity Exhausts Itself]
    • [Venomous Snow]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She was mentioned for the first time in S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.2).
  • Unlike her fellow Prognugators, Xrn had never died during the Antinium Wars, thus never lost any levels but maintained the strength she had during those times.[15] She has only died a single time, and that was seemingly in Rhir.[16]
  • Xrn and Zel had never met during the first and second Antinium Wars.[17]
  • One of the most powerful males in the world desperately wants to meet her, though he’d never laid eyes on her before. The reason is that Xrn can create wonders, which aren't just mere acts of magic.[18] It is later revealed that Feor is the one who wants to meet her.[19]
  • Even Az'kerash regards her as dangerous.[20]
  • In their initial encounter, Belavierr mistook her for an Archmage of Wistram.[21]
  • Klbkch taught her how to use a sword.[22]
  • She holds great respect for Erin Solstice, going so far as to wish Erin would lead the Seventh Hive[23]
  • She can speak the Goblin Tongue.[24]

References[edit | edit source]