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Ilvriss Gemscale
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  • Wall Lord Ilvriss
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Zail (Father)
Helessia (Mother)
Navine (Younger Sister)
Nerul (Uncle)


Wall Lord



First Appearance

Chapter 2.29

Ilvriss Gemscale also known as Wall Lord Ilvriss, is a high ranking general and one of the sworn protectors of Salazsar.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He has dark red-purple scales,[1] and has topaz coloured eyes.[2] He is classically handsome in all the Drake ways, and is considered to be one of the most eligible bachelors in Salazsar.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Arrogant and haughty, Ilvriss is one of the most influential and richest Wall Lords in Salaszar. Though proud of his high status with a tendency to throw around his title, Ilvriss takes his Wall Lord duties very seriously, and strives to defend the Walled Cities and its people. He has a strong work-ethic, which is one of the reasons why his company is one of the top in Salaszar. While a competent military leader and warrior, he is more suited towards business and economy, describing his one power to be "making money."[4]

As a traditionalist, Ilvriss tended to favor the old guard (i.e. other traditional Drakes) and held patriotic values for Salazsar and the other Walled Cities, while being condescending and patronizing towards other races. He displayed outrage at the idea of a Human male marrying a Drake female.[5] Additionally, he once argued with a close friend, Wall Lord Tasilt for marrying a Gnoll, which resulted in Tasilt punching him.[6] However, he was willing to look past his own biases, such as when he hired a Gnoll, Alrric Kerrfa, as his second-in-command for his company[7] Ilvriss also tended to be snappish to being outright insulting and hostile towards people he disliked.

After losing his lover Periss, Ilvriss became vengeful and obsessed with hunting down Ryoka Griffin, the last person to see Periss alive. Though he would eventually discover that she was murdered by Az'kerash, Ilvriss fell into a deep depression, increasingly turning to alcohol.[8] However, seeing Periss in a vision induced by Erin's Faerie Flower drink snapped him out of his funk.[9] Ultimately, Ilvriss's experience at Liscor and The Wandering Inn changed him, forcing him to let go of his former prejudices towards other races (even Goblins). Other people would note his drastic change in personality.

Background[edit | edit source]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

He was first seen in the Blood Fields, fighting with his soldiers against the army of the Trisstral Alliance, led by Zel Shivertail. On the day when he first met Ryoka Griffin, he was distracted by the City Runner and subsequently ambushed by Zel. He sent his aide Periss after Ryoka and was caught unprepared for Periss' demise by an unknown enemy shortly thereafter. Again, this distracted him in his duel against Zel, and he lost the duel and the battle.[10]

He surrendered to Zel who then force-marched north after Ryoka, only to encounter the emerging Goblin Lord. Ilvriss and his remaining soldiers fought on Zel's side in that battle.[11] Afterwards, Zel and Ilvriss traveled to some Drake City where Wall Lords from several Walled Cities were assembled for arbitration.[12]

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

Ilvriss and Zel arrive at Liscor at the same time as the delegation from the other Antinium Hives. They nearly start a fight with Klbkch and Xrn, but were stopped by Pawn, the Free Antinium, and Liscor's Watch.[13]

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

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Ilvriss stays at the Tailless Thief and had his retinue be on the lookout for Ryoka Griffin. He and Zel discuss the Goblin Lord and the Antinium. He tries to get Zel to admit the superiority of Drake cuisine when Ryoka is carried off by Gnolls right passed them, and he immediately goes after her.

He tries to confront her, but the Silverfang Gnolls stand in his way, and Ryoka refuses to tell him how Periss died. Ilvriss wants to force the issue even when Watch Captain Zevara tries to talk him down when Erin and the adventurers arrive to defend Ryoka. Erin hits Ilvriss with a thrown pan.[14]Ilvriss has Zel talk to Ryoka on his behalf. She still refuses to tell them how Periss died due to harm possibly befalling them for it, which Zel confirms with a truth detector. Zel presumably placates Ilvriss with that information for a while. Erin is fined for hitting Ilvriss.[15]

After the two suppression armies send after the Goblin Lord were destroyed, he was part of a council in Liscor to appraise the situation and devise a plan of defense.[16]

He starts visiting the Wandering Inn with Zel, watching Ryoka and wandering why the Antinium are also interested in her. He once again asks Ryoka about Periss and again she refuses to answer, especially with Az'kerash's attention on her and his agents under the guise of Regrika Blackpaw and Ikriss Southwing present.[17]

Ilvriss is one of the people present when "Regrika" and "Ikriss" are uncovered as Brunkr's murderers by Erin, in preparation for apprehending them. Ijvani manages to teleport him and Zel with her into Liscor.[18]Ilvriss landed on a rooftop, and began fighting the skeleton mage with Zel, who was keeping them occupied. They struggled to hit her because of her illusions until Xrn aids them by continuously staring at Ijvani's true location. Ilvriss runs her through, but the undead throws him away with a spell and escapes.[19]

After the fighting ended and the two undead have disappeared, Ilvriss attended the funeral for the fallen with everyone. Before Ryoka left Liscor, she told him that The Necromancer was the one who killed Periss.[20]

Since then, Ilvriss drunk in excess, with fits of melancholy. He took a shine to Olesm and frequently invites him to drink, which he agrees to as he was ordered to keep the Wall Lord happy.[8]Zel also tries to console him before he heads north to meet with Magnolia. Ilvriss wonders how many sudden deaths and disappearances he'd heard about were actually victims of Az'kerash.[21]

Ilvriss went to the Wandering Inn to speak with Erin, to have her magic door attuned to Salazsar or at least to Pallass, so that he may return home faster. She doesn't like how rude he is however, and threatens to ban him from using it. He threatens in turn to confiscate the door and used his aura on her, but Erin was undeterred and pushed back.

Ilvriss sat down from their standoff and ordered a drink. Erin denies him any more alcohol and he starts to open up. After he talks about Periss, Erin agrees to get him to Pallass. He began to talk with the Halfseekers about their deceased Drake members. He eats cake and, feeling reinvigorated, decides to shape up with his retinue, and train Olesm in some sword drills.[7]

Ilvriss would frequent the Inn from then on. He complained about being denied more alcohol, so Erin gave him a Faerie Flower ale. Ilvriss dreamed about Periss, who gets him to focus on his duties instead of continuing his depression, and to care about saving the continent rather than focusing on the Drake half of the map.[9]

He talks with the other Wall Lords and Ladies of Salazsar about Zel Shivertail leaving for the north and allying with Magnolia Reinhart.[22]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

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Following the death of Zel Shivertail, Ilvriss promised Erin that he would be avenged. later, Hawk finally delivered the connector to the portal door to Pallass. Ilvriss steps in and Erin follows him, mad that he would go through before Hawk could use it to return. This uses up the door's mana, leaving them in Pallass for the day.[23]

They had arrived while the city was throwing a military parade and a funeral display for Zel. Soon they were attacked by the Pallassian City Watch, attempting to arrest them and Relc, Jelaqua and Seborn who entered Pallass to find them. Ilvriss leveraged his status as the Wall Lord of another city to avoid arrest, and the guards sent a message to the Assembly of Crafts about his presence.

He insisted that Erin and the Gold-ranks were to be left unshackled and be treated as guests. He arranged for Erin to be released by claiming her as part of his entourage. Ilvriss was forced by Pallass to return to Liscor[24]

Ilvriss participated in Liscor's defence during the Face-Eater Moths' attack.[25]In the aftermath, he congratulated Olesm for reaching level 30 and becoming a [Strategist].[26]After 4th Company of Liscor's Army returned, Ilvriss had his retinue inform Erin of Relc's past at her insistence.[27]He then got to see himself be portrayed in a play about the Face-Eater Moth attack.[28]

When Zel's body was returned and his will was read, he agreed that the Heartflame Breastplate belonged to Selys by law. During Zel's funeral and cremation, he was one of those that carried Zel's casket, and one of those that swore to avenge him.[3]He made a bid for the armour on behalf of Salazsar when Selys discovered how to activated the enchantment. Pallass made her a counteroffer to not give the armour to Ilvriss in any way. He was shocked to learn that if Selys died, the armour would go to Magnolia with instructions on its use.[29]

When the Players of Celum put on their rendition of Romeo and Juliet, Ilvriss was outraged by the depiction of a Human-Drake marriage, which initiated a tavern brawl between Drake and Human patrons, and involved the adventurers, the Redfangs, and Erin.[5] He and his retinue were considered the "winners" of the brawl, and managed to beat Headscratcher, Badarrow, Pisces and Ylawes with his bare claws before Moore threw him across the room. Ilvriss was fined for the damages in the inn. Ilvriss demanded the play be changed.[30]

When a massive horde of Shield Spiders was discovered the dungeon, he headed to the Mage's Guild with Olesm and Zevara to appraise the situation and see that it didn't develop into a second Face-Eater Moth attack. He and Liscor's security council were later informed by Pieces that the Antinium had a way into the dungeon, and he compensated him for the information.[31]

After the Raskghar attack, Ilvriss checked up on the inn, though pretended he was only there to see Venim and look for Olesm. One of the Cave Goblins was alive, and Erin stopped him from killing her so she could be captured instead. He was willing to fund the adventurers to swictly rescue the abducted citizens, offering 1,000 gold for each rescued civilian.[32] He then gave the adventurers from Pallass a brief orientation.[33]

While Olesm was trying to come up with a plan to defeat the Raskghars and rescue the Gnolls, Ilvriss was petitioning to his fellow nobles in Salazsar for aid, and was not making progress. That's when Erin came in with a plan of her own. He participated in the ensuing battle in the Dungeon.[34]

He inspects the artifacts recovered from the Raskghars that would be distributed among the adventurers. He talked to Erin about the issue of the numerous Cave Goblins now exiting the dungeon, and how they're a security risk for Liscor with the Goblin Lord's army not yet destroyed. She lied to him about how many Goblins there were, which was significantly more than he estimated. He gave her her share of the bounty for her services, as well as the Redfang Goblins' share and artifacts as well.[35]

He convened with the security council as they saw that Tyrion Veltras was deliberately pushing the Goblins towards Liscor, but at the time they thought he just planned to make the Drakes deal with the Goblins to weaken them and beat them in the annual battle at the Blood Fields. Worried that the Cave Goblins would make the situation worse, they discussed having them dealt with.

In the next security council, after learning that Tyrion had trebuchets, they understood that he means to capture the city using the Goblins. They scrambled to request aid from other cities.[36]

When Numbtongue led tens of thousands of Cave Goblins to demand the release of Erin and the other Redfang warriors, Ilvriss and Embria considered routing the Goblins but Olesm objected. He acceded to getting Erin to deal with the Goblins. Erin negotiated in exchange for the Redfangs' release and the return of their gear. Ilvriss returned the Cloak of Plenty he had taken from Rabbiteater.[37]

When the Flooded Waters Tribe arrived at the Inn, he thought it better to let Erin entertain them, only taking steps if they were still there the next day.[38]

Ilvriss had stayed sober in the days leading up to the siege. When a fight threatened to break out between the Watch who wanted to secure the magic door and the adventurers who wanted to leave before the Goblin Lord arrived, he intervened. He proposed that the door would go to Liscor, but that it can be used as an escape route if the battle is lost. He demanded that the adventurers stay and fight until the battle became unwinnable.[39]

Before the Goblin Lord's arrival, Ilvriss conferred with Salazsar's Head [Strategist]. They made sure that mages were scrying so the whole world could see the human treachery for what it was instead of Tyrion's propaganda. He wore the Heartflame Breastplate to inspire hope in the defenders.

He, Olesm and Zevara received an "apology" from the humans that it had taken them so long to engage the Goblin Lord, and assurances that there will be no mistakes made when firing their new ranged weapons, with further taunting later when the first shot hit the walls.[40] He watched as the Redfangs defended Liscor from the Goblin Lord's army.[41]

In the aftermath, Ilvriss came across Osthia. She told him that The Necromancer was alive, and he revealed that he knows, telling her to keep quiet about it so that he doesn't try to kill them for it. They would conspire together to kill Az'kerash once and for all.[42]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

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Ilvriss discussed body disposal with Zevara, and looked at the result of the battle at the Blood Fields. He had Osthia disguise herself and pretend to his aide under the name Asrira Shieldscale. Ilvriss to leave Liscor and was negotiating with Pallass for passage. When Numbtongue entered the city, Ilvriss acknowledged him as a person.[43]As a debt towards the Goblins, Erin asked him to sign a document that gives Numbtongue rights as a person. He invited her to visit the other Walled Cities.[44]

He encounters Olesm at the [Scribe]'s shop. They discuss various topics like Olesm's magazine, the smithing trade, strengthening Drake armies, and securing en envelope's contents. He had no objections to his piece on Goblins in the magazine's analysis of the Siege of Liscor. Ilvriss answered the Assembly of Crafts' pettiness in refusing him entry by having Erin go after them.

Ilvriss and Osthia then talked in private about Az'kerash. He had asked her to trace the origin of Regrika Blackpaw, the disappearances of people of note in cities she visited, the cities that 'Perril Chandler' visited, and important Drakes present in those cities at the time. He decided to hide the fact that Az'kerash is alive from all but a select few until the time was right. They and his retinue speculate on Az'kerash's level and talk about what caliber of people would be needed to kill him and his Chosen. Ilvriss made a list of people to ally with, people to investigate, and artifacts to obtain to defeat The Necromancer.

He then went to Erin to quietly have an anchor placed on the magic door. He slipped through to quickly make contact with a Salazsar operative in Pallass, at a village close to the city. He arranged for ten horses to be provided, then returned to the inn. Ilvriss gave Erin his ring for her friendship and hospitality, and left Liscor three days later with his retinue, months after he had arrived. He returned to Salazsar one day after that. Erin swore to give it back to him when they saw each other again.[45]

Back home, Ilvriss met with his administrator, Alrric. He commented on Alrric's black eye and reviewed his holdings. He then met with his friend, Wall Lord Brilm. Brilm showed him a song-crystal recording of the Singer of Terandrian. They discussed Liscor's election, and Ilvriss suggested that Liscor is a place worth visiting.[46]

There were several rumours surrounding Ilvriss in Salaszar about his extended stay in Liscor. He had a visit from his old friend Wall Lord Tasilt while he was having a Wardmistress sweep his estates for spying spells. It was the second mage he'd had inspect his home. He was later visited by his father, Zail. Zail asked him about his missing ring.

Ilvriss had researched Az'kerash's history on Terandria, and ascertained that there are highly-placed traitors within Drake society. He tested Osthia with a Diadem of Inner Thoughts, to make sure she was trustworthy. She then tested him in turn. They plan to discover his agent and arrange for them to have accidents befall them, just as The Necromancer had been doing to Drakes. He made Osthia the head of the secret force he planned to build, under the pretence that it will be made to fight the Antinium. He also assigned her to be his bodyguard. Ilvriss decided to hire one of Salazsar's Named Adventurers, Shriekscale.

He was lastly visited by his sister Navine, who also came to ask him about his ring. She pestered him to visit their mother, Helessia. He told them about his plan to form a counter-Antinium force. He promised he would visit Periss' cenotaph later that week, and visited her family.[6]

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

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After the Wyvern attack on Pallass, Ivriss couldn't help but find the panic Bird caused among the Walled Cities hilarious, as he knew this was no new prognugator or wider Antinium plan. He talked to Alrric about procuring funds, and left him in charge of his holdings. He talked with his father about the Antinium, and convinced him to let withdraw some heirlooms for his plan.

He attended the meeting of the Holders of the Wall. He presented his plan to create an elite force before the Wall Lords and Ladies of Salazsar, and used the worry generated by Bird to have it approved. It was called Project Periss.[47]

Ilvriss and Tasilt uncovered corruption in the Teleportation Network Shipments, and arrested the perpetrators. He rewarded Alrric for his tipoff, and assigned him to recruit people for Project Periss. He had already recruited Shriekscale at the time, and she was present as he consulted a [Weapon Master] and a [Field Trainer] with other Wall Lords and Ladies to talk about the soldiers for the project.

The next day, Ilvriss visited the company tunnels to use his Skill, which resulted in uncovering a vein of Adamantium, and then fighting off Stone Starers.

After Ilvriss' ring activated in Invrisil, he and Alrric had to deal with questions from his friends and family. Ilvriss invited Alrric and his family to his estate. During the evening, Alrric and his family made sure that Ilvriss doesn't find out that he's a white Gnoll.[48]

Ilvriss sent a recruitment offer to Commander Cirille on Rhir, but the reply was replaced by a message from Silvania, the Death of Magic. Cirille would soon perish at the 5th Wall.[49]

Ilvriss thought of recruiting from the Gnoll tribes with offers of land, but Alrric told him it likely wouldn't work. He asked Alrric if he would represent him at the meeting of the Tribes, but the Gnoll declined.[50]

Ilvriss received a message that Erin had been mortally wounded and frozen. He stopped himself from declaring an attack on Hectval, then headed to the War Room to meet with the First Strategist of Salazsar for more information.[51]

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

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Ilvriss collapsed while inspecting a mine shaft, and a healer informed him that it was caused by stress and lack of proper rest. After reassuring his family, he went to practice with his sword trainer Zelir.

He was having a hard time finding exceptional or high-level combatants, and realized that it was due to the military efficiency of Drake armies and watch that made it harder for individuals to stand out and excel. He was also looking for a Potion of Regeneration for Erin.

He heard about Salii, a high-level [Secretary] in Pomle. He hired some of Salazsar's elite Gem Regiments for indefinite duration. Tasilt and Brilm later took him to a high-class brothel, where he met Xesci, a high-level courtesan. She turned into Periss, which distressed him until she explained her class and Skill. As he walked out and travelled to Salazsar's lower parts, and unknowingly came across one of Sellme's paintings before it was meant to be discovered.

He greeted his uncle Nerul when he returned from brokering a ceasefire with the Trisstral Alliance. He later tried to purchase the Potion of Regeneration from the Emera family, but they refused to sell. He spared with Tessa and leveled up from the thrashing he received. The next day, he learned that the Horns of Hammerad were planning to raid the Village of the Dead, and arranged for other adventurers to attend.

Ilvriss realized that he could recruit from high-level noncombatants to help in his endeavours. He sent Tessa to find Sellme, and had Nerul help him aggressively negotiate the Emeras into selling them their potion. Tessa ended up scaring Sellme out of the city, but Nerul was successful in obtaining the potion to send to Liscor. The next day, Ilvriss confided in Nerul, Xesci, and Tessa about Az'kerash's survival, and recruited them to his cause. He also decided to attend the gathering in Oleslia to meet with Magnolia Reinhart.[4]

Ilvriss was petitioned for funds by Dragial's followers, but he refused. The Emera Company had his workers attacked in retaliation for the forced sale of the potion. Ilvriss responded by storming the Emera tower with his forces to settle the grudge immediately. He had their word that there would be no more attacks in exchange for four hundred thousand gold, a third of the profits of the adamantium vein. He then prepared to leave for Oteslia.[52]

He watched Eldavin's broadcast about Archmages Chandler and Zelkyr's lives. He found it illuminating and informative about his enemy, but was still resolved to kill him.[53]

Ilvriss arrived in Oteslia and attended the same party as Navine, Magnolia and Lyonette. He asked Lyonette for a dance during which he questioned her presence there, asked about the Horns' survival, and asked why she was wearing his ring. They performed a proper Oteslian dance.[54]

He has Xesci vet his priority list of people present at Ostelia, and became suspicious of Rafaema and Cire. He then had to deal with Tessa's distress over Hekusha's abduction and her relapse, and requested Saliss' aid whiel meeting with Lyonette. Saliss refused without properly elaborating why taking a magical cure would be inadviseable, but she took Xif hostage and forced him to make her a Faerie Flower potion anyway.[55] He was present for Magnolia's proposal of a fortified gate in the High Passes.[56]

Ilvriss probed Cire to see if he was suspicious, and was assaulted by Otelsian elite guards when Cire got a scratch while training him. Later, he fought gangsters with the Gentlemen Callers. He learned of how many high-level criminals every Walled City is likely to have.[57]

Ilvriss personally saw Salamani and Ci take the antidote for Erin to Liscor, and left Oteslia and linked up with the army from Salazsar.[58]He hoped to prevent conflict between Drakes and Gnolls at the Meeting of the Tribes.[59]

He tried to catch up to Dragial and the army from Fissival, but the former Wall Lord wouldn't hold off the attack on the Gnolls.[60] So Ilvriss instead ordered Salazsar's army to charge Fissival's forces, and sent Shriekscale to try to kill Dragial.[61]

During the battle, Sserys in Erin's body came to him and told him the locations of old Walled Cities to help him.

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

Ilvriss invited Archmage Valeterisa to recruit her to train mages. She declined to meet him in private, suspicious of his many precautions and cautious of possible traps or ambushes.[62] As everyone was scrambling for the new lands, he made plans to send expeditionary forces with Alrric and Zail to secure trade routes to the half-Elven and Drowned colonies, and potentially find resources and explore ruins. He made deals with other Salazsar companies, and sent a missive to Rags to hire her tribe.[63]

Erin briefly called him among others as she them she knew Gnomes and Elves, then contacted again asking him to help change Drake society to decriminalize and accept Turnscales, and telling him that he'll gain 10 levels if he does.[64]

Ilvriss also engaged Fissival's forces in battle, but he underestimated his foe and was nearly killed. His father Zail and the other old Drakes stepped in to win the battle.[65] But Ilvriss did not stay to reconnect with his father, as he travelled north on an expedition to uncover former Walled Cities. The goal he stated to his group was Grunvel the City of Pacts, but secretly, his true objective was Naamreles the City of Purity, to obtain weapons to use against Az'kerash. Ilvriss reunited with Erin. In an attempt to help his expedition, Erin posted a Quest asking the northern nobles to make sure no harm came to him. This had the opposite effect, instead galvanizing the north against him.[66] Xesci went to the Sisters of Chell to secure their aid to protect him.[67]

While awaiting the Winter Solstice and its tribulations, Erin gave him a magic sword.[68] He surivived the battle of the Winter Solstice.

Volume 10[edit | edit source]

A month after the Solstice, Ilvriss has started excavation in the north. The nobles didn't give him trouble besides showing off their militias.[69]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Dangersense][70]
  • [Flurry Strikes]
  • [Productivity Spike]
  • [Reaching Slash]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • An amulet that can locate a target in a radius of about ten feet.[19]
  • Several Magical Rings:
    • Ruby Ring that sets his scales aflame with Magical Fire.
    • Large Yellow Topaz Ring that creates a Projectile Shield.
    • Magical Ring that provides him with Strength Enchantments.[7]
    • Turquoise Gem Ring that is enchanted with a Tier 5 [Denial of Observation] spell.[45]
    • Invisibility Ring
    • Violet Dusker's gem ring that protects against physical harm, but not from magic. Activate by twisting it.[48]
    • Ring of [Lesser Paralysis Ray]
    • Ring of [Fireball]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His surname was revealed in Ch 5.01.
  • When he was Olesm's age, Ilvriss hadn’t even reached Level 20.[8]
  • Zel was a higher leveled warrior than Ilvriss.[7]
  • Prior to Chapter 9.55 (Pt.1) it was revealed in Chapter 2.48 that he did not have [Dangersense]. It is currently unknown when he obtained the Skill.

References[edit | edit source]