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The Free Antinium are the Antinium under command of the Free Queen, living in Liscor's Antinium Hive.

Ever since the arrival of Erin Solstice, the Free Antinium have undergone drastic changes in their organizational structure, which is still shifting into new patterns.

Traditional Free Antinium[edit | edit source]

The "freedom" of the Free Antinium originally only applied to the Free Queen herself, who was trying to re-create the True Antinium of old, and for that reason distanced herself from the other hives who are under a much stricter control of the Grand Queen. Aside from the Free Queen, her Prognugators Klbkch and his potential replacement-in-training Ksmvr, all the rest of the hive's Antinium were regular Soldiers and Workers, practically slaves of the Free Queen without a will of their own, and rarely leveling or specializing. At times, some of these Antinium would recognize how they toiled without purpose, and became Aberration.

For the traditional structure of the Free Hive, see: Liscor's Antinium Hive.

First Individuals[edit | edit source]

After Erin introduced Antinium workers to the game of chess, the workers who partook in those games leveled as [Tacticians], which was recognized as a valuable improvement. Subsequently, Klbkch let many more Workers play against each other, and many of them would find purpose in this new activity. After Klbkch died, some of the Workers wanted to learn more about chess from Erin herself, and contacted her on their own. Pawn became the first Individual: a worker who recognized his identity and named himself. Shortly before Skinner's Attack on Liscor, even more Individuals named themselves and went to protect Erin from the attack after they rebelled against Ksmvr. Most of these thirty Individuals perished against Skinner, among them Knight, Bishop, Vladimir, Calabrian, Emanuel, Milner-Barry and Jose. Only Pawn, Bird, Garry, Belgrade and Anand survived that dire fight. They all eventually assumed very important roles as new leaders among the Free Antinium, but this took some time:

  • Pawn was first aimless, until he was told about God and became an [Acolyte][1]. He still needed a lot more time to find his true purpose as a [Priest] to guide the Free Antinium to the potentially fulfilling afterlife.
  • Bird became a [Warrior] and took up the bow,[2] then specializing as [Archer]. His eccentricities grew, and he became a bodyguard for Erin. The Free Queen recognized his worth as a [Singer], but Bird finally renounced the hive. He is now the most recognized Antinium besides the original Centenium & Ksmvr. Gaining the epithet, Bird the Hunter.
  • Garry started to experiment with food and soon became the personal [Cook] of the Queen. He later opened up a bakery in Liscor, known for its incredibly cheap & delicious food. Garry’s business would later become a refuge for the poor, forgotten, and the elderly.
  • Belgrade became a full-time [Tactician] with emphasis on defense, eventually becoming a [Trap Tactician] & later a [Combined Arms Strategist]. He’s the only recorded Antinium to have been put in charge of a non-Antinium force. Belgrade would go on to lead one of the most successful units of Liscor’s Second Army. Titled by his [Soldiers], Belgrades Ants.
  • Anand became a full-time [Tactician] with emphasis on offense, eventually being offered to start Prognugator-training. He is currently helping construct a navy for the Antinium of Izril so they can return to Rhir.

Second-tier Individuals[edit | edit source]

After Klbkch had reviewed the remaining five original individuals, he used the tried Antinium approach to create more of them. To replicate the situation that created the originals, he ordered Workers to train their capabilities in chess.

As a result, the Free Antinium hive soon had about a hundred 'individuals' at the start of the winter season[2], but they were much more uniform than the originals, and didn't step up to fill more important roles within the hive.

These workers were later branded as "autonomous" instead of full individuals.

Soldier Individuals: Painted Antinium[edit | edit source]


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