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  • Little Bird
  • Bird the Hunter
  • Bird the Liar
  • Sky Hunter
  • Bird of the True Antinium of Izril
  • Second Queen of the Free Antinium



2 (almost 3)[1]

  • Male (Volume 1-9)
  • Female (Volume 10 - )
Alive (Resurrected via Rite of Anastases

  • Guard
  • Bird Hunting
  • Antinium Queen

The Wandering Inn

First Appearance

Bird is an Individual Worker Antinium who was formerly a part of Liscor's Antinium Hive. He currently resides in The Wandering Inn as security.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bird bears the standard Antinium Worker's appearance, having a dark brown chitinous body with a huge abdomen, rounded backs, bipedal legs, four arms, rounded feet, and two feelers on his head.

He normally wears a loincloth for clothing, and has a red feather hanging from a simple cord around his neck.[2]

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After his death during the Winter Solstice, Bird was resurrected via the Rite of Anastases by the Free Queen. Bird's new body is female, having requested the change after becoming curious to see if it would make her different. Described to be the most advanced Antinium since they arrived on Izril, Bird's second form has a yellow-green carapace with four bright green wings that unfolds from a pair of beetle-like elytra. Her build is more humanoid. She is also taller and more compact, and curved at the hips. She has long legs, while her number of arms is reduced to two. She has a pair of "breasts" on her chest, which serve as energy reserves. Unlike other Antinium, her neck and torso has more mobility, allowing her to shake her head or twist her waist. Her eyes are faintly purple and have the ability to cry. Her voice has also become distinctly feminine.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bird is considered "weird" even by the other Antinium. He is child-like in nature, being perptually cheerful and uncomplicated in his desires and wants. perfectly content with living at the inn. His defining trait is his obsession with birds. His favorite activity is hunting and eating them - especially when they're "mushy" (i.e. rotting and covered in maggots) - and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge on many different species. His archery ability is almost unparalleled, having shot down numerous Frost Wyverns by landing arrows in their eyes. He is excellent at mental calculations, being able to almost instantly solve complicated mathematical problems, and can instinctively calibrate his arrow shots for wind, distance, and movement.[4]

While Bird is entirely straightforward - albeit with skewed priorities - he often fails to see or even consider the potential ramifications of his words and actions. For instance, he almost killed Halrac by shooting at him in a stand-off, assuming that Halrac wouldn't die because he was a Gold-rank adventurer and went into shock when he realized that he actually almost killed him.[5] Another time, he bluffed to Pallass about being a Prognugator and declared war, almost kicking off the Third Antinium War.[6] He is also unflappable in the face of danger, to the point of nonchalance. When fighting during the inn's numerous attacks, like Face-Eater Moths or Crelers, Bird has never shown fear. He has willingly risked his own life to save others, having ventured into Liscor's dungeon alone to try to find Mrsha, and "happily" stood in the path of a Creler about to attack Erin with nothing but a knife.[7]

Background[edit | edit source]

Bird was one of the members of Erin Solstice's chess club who became Individual, the ability to think and act by themselves. He helped defend the inn from Skinner and undead, and was one of four survivors.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

Bird was a member of Erin's chess club that chose to name himself and guard her during the Attack of Skinner. Bird was severely injured during the attack, but he did survive. Out of over 30 Antinium that chose to defend her, only Bird and three others survived.[8]

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

Bird and Pawn came back to help rebuild the inn after Skinner's attack. The two were in charge of the construction project and helped to coordinate other Antinium workers while taking breaks to play chess.[9] Bird continued to accompany other Antinium at a later date when he acted as guardian/minder of the Antinium visiting the inn. It was also at this time that he was introduced to the second variety of Antinium-specific food the inn offered in the form of fried bees from a nearby hive.[10]

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

Other Antinium Hives eventually connected their hives to Liscor's Free Hive and in doing so could meet with some of the important Individual Antinium, including Bird. It was at this point that Bird was noted for having superior archery skills. To hone these, he was allowed to venture out of the hive and hunt on a regular basis.[2] Bird also showed a growing obsession with other birds around the time of this meeting.

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

Bird's obsession with birds was discussed further with Erin when she tried to figure out how he could love birds but also want to kill them. Bird was one of the first and only Antinium to show disobedience to the hive by stating that he occasionally ate the birds he shot instead of returning them directly to the hive.[11] This discussion ended with Bird setting up a deal to provide birds to the inn that Erin could cook for him. Soon after this, though, Bird was hired on a more permanent basis to work as a guard for Erin's inn.[12] This hiring and more common appearance in the inn did come with some problems, though. Other new hires at the time like Maran and Safry were very uncomfortable around Bird and Antinium in general.[13] These hires did not last, but Bird stayed.

Erin's inn eventually needed to be expanded again, so she decided to build a tower for Bird to use along with a third floor where he would live. At the same time, she noticed that Bird's bow was fairly poorly made and bought a new recurve bow for him. She also set him up with archery lessons from Halrac at the same time.[14] While the inn was being worked on, Bird became a permanent fixture of the inn spending most of his time on the third floor while the tower was being built[15] and eventually preferred to spend as much time as possible either in his room or in the tower just above it.[16] Bird came down from his tower at one point when the named adventurer Regrika Blackpaw was revealed as a fake identity for Az'kerash's minion Venitra. Realizing that he could not hurt her, Bird dumped a bucket of feces from the outhouse on Regrika to annoy her into chasing after him instead of any other person in the inn.[17] Although he and the others did manage to chase Venitra away, people did die in the process and those deaths weighed on Bird.

Once the remaining Redfang Elite Warriors got near the inn, Bird decided to attack them reasoning that Erin's rule of "not killing goblins" didn't apply to hobgoblins.[18] The goblins beat Bird, knocking him out though he was saved by Lyonette, Drassi, and Mrsha who found him in the snow. When Eater Goats attacked Erin, Bird and the goblins worked together to defend her.[19]

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

The goblins ended up setting up a more permanent residence in the inn and were hired as supplementary guards. Bird was given a mission by the hive to keep an eye on them,[20] but for the most part he spent his time guarding the inn and shooting birds. This daily life was interrupted when Face Eater Moths attacked Liscor and the inn.[21] The amount of moths quickly overwhelmed Bird as they swarmed him heavily damaging his tower, and breaking his recurve bow as well as severely injuring him. Bird was saved by the inn inhabitants and he rejoined the fight using his original crude bow.[22] For more information on the attack of the Face Eater Moths see its associated article. In the aftermath of the attack, Bird briefly had to stay in the basement of the inn though he did find ways to get back onto the roof even before the third floor and his tower was rebuilt.[23][24]

At a later date Bird was called back to the free hive in order to provide proof of his contributions to the hive. This served to show his oddness compared to not just the other regular Antinium, but also the other former chess club members. When walking through the hive, Bird couldn't keep himself from singing and fidgeting which temporarily halted the entire procession around him. When he met up with the other individuals he was much less focused on doing "things of note" and benefiting the hive. Instead, he focused on birds.[25] Regardless, the others were extremely jealous of him due to his fortress of fluff where he slept and due to the fact that he was being paid by Erin. They also noted his odd chess playstyle which focused entirely on trying to make pictures of birds regardless of victory or defeat. This playstyle would even allow him to occasionally win against Erin, a feat that few could achieve. Despite all of this, his immediate use to the hive was in doubt, so when he met with the queen, the others tried to protect him or guide him in what to say. Of course, Bird's mental immaturity was quickly spotted by the Free Queen. She moved to correct what she saw as a flaw by killing him, but on the verge of his death, Bird sang another song which is something no worker on Izril had ever done. The queen stopped killing him when she heard this and attempted to keep him there, but Bird again surprised her by refusing - this refusal included her offering to fix his mind. Bird was released back to the inn with a promise to return to sing to the queen again later, and he was also given enough gold coins to buy the best new bow he could.[25]

On the night after Bird came back with his bow, he had a chance to use it when he signaled the alarm of Raskghar attacking the inn.[26] With his shooting and alarm, the inn managed to repel the attack killing most of the Raskghar that came to the inn along with the cave goblins that came with.[27] Bird continued to defend the inn from subsequent Raskghar attacks during the following nights. During one of these, he got into an accidental archery duel with Halrac, nearly killing him thinking that himself and Badarrow were trying to shoot Halrac for an unknown reason. Bird was confronted with this childish decision and had to deal with the consequences of his actions.[5] During the chaos of the attack, Bird and everyone else in the inn missed Mrsha getting abducted. Bird saw this as another failure on his part and to resolve it, he ventured into the dungeon on his own to rescue her.[28] Bird was found in the dungeon by other adventurers that had come down to save Mrsha and Ceria. Bird was surrounded by the corpses of moths and again very injured.[29] Bird came back to the inn where he supported the adventurers in the dungeon. While he shot arrows, Erin used the magical door to retrieve Mrsha. [30]

Once Mrsha was retrieved and things had settled down a bit, Bird finally got his chance to talk with Bevussa, the gold-rank adventurer that he'd seen earlier who looks like a bird. Despite a shaky start, Bevussa found out that Bird was only two years old and that his fascination with birds was innocent. She ended up trading him one of her feathers for four of the ones he'd brought. This became his most treasured possession.[1]

Eventually, the Goblin Lord made his way to Liscor. Preceding him though was Greydath who had come to test promising goblins. He attacked the Redfang Elite Warriors, but Bird was able to provide support from his tower. Bird nearly to hit Greydath with a [Piercing Shot], which triggered the memory of Velan's death in Greydath and, in a fit of rage, the goblin threw his greatsword at the tower. This blew apart Bird's tower and tore through half of his body. On the verge of death, Bird was brought to the hive where his only chance of survival was to be brought directly to the queen.[31] Even with the Free Queen personally overseeing Bird's safety, it wasn't until she got help from the other queens that he was stabilized. Once he was able to, Bird proceeded to cry despite not being able to produce tears.[32] Bird recovering in the hive did have some good effects, though. While he couldn't leave he was able to keep the Free Queen company which gave Garry some free time in which he could go to the inn. Bird brought back his fortress of fluff to recover in while in the hive.[33]

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

Bird singing for Free Queen, by Cortz

Bird continued to recover and sing in the Free Queen's care. While there she tested Bird and Garry for a second time and, when they failed, the true purpose of both tests was revealed. Bird learned that true Antinium had a fully telepathic connection with other Antinium that was lost when they lost so many resources crossing to Izril. The Antinium's true purpose in coming to Izril was also revealed in that they were meant to gain a foothold then return to Rhir shortly, but their capacity to do so was greatly hindered by the amount of losses they took on the way to Izril. That was when Bird revealed he could read the Queen's mind like a True Antinium by learning her mentor's name. So to gain any of that back, the Free Queen was very tempted to kill Bird to study what made him different. He was sent away to stop this temptation with the warning that when he did die, the Free Queen would take him apart instead of performing the Rite of Anastases on him.[34]

Bird later appeared near the inn in the midst of a chaotic scene where members of Wistram had come to investigate Earthers as well as the whereabouts of Pisces and Ceria. Bird added to the chaos by shooting at the Wistram mages. He came with a new bow as well.[35] Bird returned to an inn still without its tower, so he built his own makeshift one.[36] Once the tower was finished once more, Bird used it to help fight against a creler attack that came from the magical door into the inn. He sent out an alarm as the inn was overrun. This time his alarm reached other workers and soldiers from the hive. Bird was saved, but once again the inn and his tower were destroyed.[37][38]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Classes/Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • [Bow-Queen of the Free Antinium] Lv. 35[39]
    • Downgraded from [Bow-Singer Queen of the Free Antinium]
  • [Amazing Liar] Lv. 12-17? [39]
    • Derived from [Liar]

Classes Consolidation:[edit | edit source]

  • Class Consolidation to [Bow-Warden of the Songbird]:
    • [Singer]
  • Classes Consolidation to [Queen]:
    • [Revalantor]
    • [Tactician]
  • Class Consolidation to [Bow-Singer Queen of the Free Antinium]:
    • [Queen of Freedom] Lv. 22
      • Derived from [Queen] Lv. 10 → [Antinium Queen] Lv. 18

Former Classes:[edit | edit source]

  • [Bow-Singer Queen of the Free Antinium] Lv. 40[40]
    • Derived from [Hunter] → [Bird Hunter] Lv. 33+ → [Bow-Warden of the Songbird] Lv. 42

Titles:[edit | edit source]

  • [First of Izril: True Antinium]

Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Antinium Telepathy (Weak)]
  • [Ballista: Covering Fire]
  • [Convincing Lies]
  • [Eagle Eyes]
  • [Homing Shot] / [Homing Arrow]
  • [Long Range Shot]
  • [Lesser Dragonbreath Arrow (Lightning)]
    • Advanced from [Swallow's Arrow]
  • [Lure Song]
  • [Marionette’s Imitation]
  • [Owl's Vision]
  • [Piercing Shot]
  • [Prey Sense]
  • [Ricochet Arrow]
  • [Royal Robbery: Birds]
  • [Song of the Clear Skies]
  • [Soothing Melody]
  • [Synced Aim: Ballista]
  • [Truth is Never Certain]
  • [Unitasis Shared Skill: Flawless Shot]
    • Advanced from [Unistasis Network]

Lost Skills:[edit | edit source]

  • [Wings of Escieda]

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Abilities:[edit | edit source]

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Gliding: The wings on Bird's new form allows her to glide.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Current Equipment[edit | edit source]

Former Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Recurve Yew Bow[14] (Broken during the Face-Eater Moth attack)[22]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Interlude – Bird, his age and birthday were revealed.
  • Bird is considered weird. Even Pawn, Anand, Belgrade and Garry agree on Bird’s weirdness.[11]
  • Erin calls his chess games the ‘weirdest games she’d ever played’.[20] He attempts to shape the game so that the pieces form bird pictures, instead of aiming for the victory at all times. This occasionally leads to him defeating Erin.
  • He chose to be called Bird because he likes birds and because of Henry Edward Bird, who invented the Bird's Opening and Bird's Defense in Chess.[1]
  • After hearing stories about Erin's world, Bird dreams of meeting Batman, or Hawkman, or an airplane.[42]
  • Bird first asked for a ballista for the inn when it was suggested in Chapter 4.29, and finally received one in Chapter 9.57 B.
  • According to Ishkr's secret employee files, he is rated as a 5-star difficulty guest.[43]
  • Bird was once told by Kblkch, Chaldion, and Saliss that he was completely allowed to try and kill Wrymvr the Deathless.

References[edit | edit source]