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The Fellowship of the Inn refers to the group that set out from Liscor to rescue Mrsha following the attack on The Wandering Inn by Belavierr.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Formation[edit | edit source]

The group was formed from various individuals who mainly either wanted to ensure Mrsha's safety or had a debt of gratitude towards Erin Solstice, with few joining for other reasons.

Badarrow convinced Numbtongue to go instead of staying to guard Erin's body. Rags had to manage her tribe, but she allowed Snapjaw and her Wyvern to go with them. Ulvama chose to go after Mrsha rathar than return to the Flooded Waters Tribe. Badarrow recruited twelve Goblins from Goblinhome: nine Cave Goblins and three Redfangs.

Pawn was incapacitated from the recent battle, but Bird was free to go. He recruited fifteen Antinium from the Free Hive to travel with him. Pivr and Xeu objected to his departure due to his importance, but the Free Queen made him a Revalantor, so they joined to ensure his safety as they had no authority to stop him.

Fierre joined at Ryoka's request to find Mrsha.

Normen and Alcaz, two of the Brothers of Serendipitous Meetings who were guarding the inn, joined as a matter of honour despite all debts being paid.

Garia, Fals, and Octavia volunteered to join for Mrsha's sake.

Sergeant Gna was assigned from Liscor's 4th Company to go with the group.

Salkis Blackwing joined for the thrill, excited at the prospect of fighting.

Niers was found by Bird and hid on his body, secretly leading the group through the Antinium. Apista followed along.

Goals[edit | edit source]

The Fellowship's main goal was to bring Mrsha back to Liscor. Secondary goals included ensuring Erin's revival, saving Gnoll tribes from Drake armies, preventing a war between Plains Gnolls and the Walled Cities, stop the Doombearer killings and uncovering the plot behind it.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

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The group gathered for the first time from those that were able to go after Mrsha. They departed towards Southern Izril, into Drake and Gnoll territory which would likely be hostile due to the groups majority Goblin-Antinium composition. Ulvama's magic prevented the group from getting scried on their journey[1]Apista reveals that she grafted the remains of the Naq-Alrama needle onto her stinger.[2]

They travelled past the Bloodfields quickly, but still far slower than Wanderer is travelling. Niers, through Bird, organized their camp when stopping for the night, and Rakstooth was assigned to cook. Xeu scouted around eliminating minor threats, and went to gather provisions for the Antinium from the Bloodfields, as a significant portion of the food the group took were noodles with gluten in it. The Goblins made fun of the non-Antinium, non-Goblin members for not wanting to eat bugs, resulting in them trying some. The group took stock of their good combatants. The next day, Infinitypear was revealed to had gained the [Adventurer] class.[3]

Bird got a hat from the Brothers to hide Niers underneath, so that he could follow his instructions without having to go speak to him in private repeatedly. He got Numtongue to play tunes with his [Bard] Skills so the group would go faster, and Ulvama to apply her magical paints to the non-Goblins, made using Octavia's ingredients. Fierre and Garia practiced fighting, and were joined by Touma the Great, who became a [Martial Artist]. Another Cave Goblin, Gothica, started imitating Fierre's style and gained the [Goth] class.[4]

Interesting friendships began to form within the group, such as Rakstooth and Infinitypear, Octavia and Ulvama, and Pivr and the two Brothers. Rakstooth and Infinitypear went on an adventure together.

Niers was frustrated that they were moving too slowly due to moving through rough terrain, and was struggling with boredom. Bird was having fun upsetting him. Unknown to him, Niers' high level was keeping monsters at bay, as they could sense the danger.

Gna's tracking Skill kept the group on Mrsha's trail. They came upon a trade route. Niers started leading the group more directly thanks to Bird's new Skill, [Marionette’s Imitation]. Basic disguises and Niers' Skill also made it so they could take the road without terrifying or being attacked by other travellers.

The Fellowship ran into an army training group, and Niers was infuriated by the [Captain]'s encouraging demeanour towards his troops. Soon, an army from Fissival also appeared on the road. Niers got so upset that he took control and forced everyone, the caravan and the armies, to sprint until they couldn't move. Most of the runners levelled from the experience. The Fellowship had picked up members of the Ghostly Hand Tribe on the way. The fellowship left before the armies could recover and the Wyvern Riders could catch up.

Fierre figured out that Niers was acting through Bird. That night, the two started talking. He used his then highest-level Skill to level up Snapjaw, Gothica, Ulvama, Gna, and the oldest Soldier of the Free Hive into more advanced classes. It failed to work on Fierre though.[5]

Numbtongue was working on his ballad when they encountered a Gnoll group of the Lomost Tribe who started travelling alongside them.[6]

When Niers discussed the actions of the Drakes and the suppression of Gnollish magic with Bird, he told him to ask Ulvama about the difference between arcana and shamanic magic. This gave Bird the idea to declare that Grass Shell would be a Shaman. Afterwards, Grass Shell contemplated what being a Shaman meant and received the class that evening. [7]

The Fellowship lost Mrsha's trail, and considered their next move. They went to visit the Lomost Tribe for the time being. Numbtongue started writing the Epic of the Wandering Inn, a Ghostly Hand Goblin stole and unlocked Ryoka's phone in Salkis' possession, and Bird thought about how to make the nameless Soldier into a Painted Antinium.

They came upon the Lomost Tribe under attack by an army from the Drake city of Bentill. The Fellowship wished to help, but worried about how to do so without dying. Niers revealed himself to lead everyone into battle.

They attacked the right flank. The Soldier became The Crimson Soldier and entered the fray. The Gnolls were rallying thanks to the Fellowship, but the Drake [Commander] refused to retreat, realising that Niers' Skill was preventing her soldiers from dying. Their morale broke when two things happened. First, Numbtongue channeled Reiss' ghost and unleashed his necromantic might, which could kill them despite Niers' Skill. Then, the Ghostly Hand Tribe appeared and joined the battle. The Drakes were forced to surrender.

The Fellowship was victorious and the soldiers were ransomed back to their city to delay future retaliations. The Gnoll and Goblin tribes allied with the Fellowship and agreed to travel with them, with the aim of gathering more tribes on their way and reach the Meeting of the Tribes or a harbor city. Niers then set a trap for the Doomslayers using fake white Gnolls.[8]

Niers joined the group chat on Erin's revival towards the end to provide the ethereal mushrooms cultivated by the Ghostly Hand Tribe for Erin's antidote. He gave those mushrooms to Salamani and Ci to take to Oteslia.[9]

Niers is giving out tips for the other members to level and advance their classes when the Doomslayers led by Merish attack, having fallen for the bait. The Fellowship and their allies counterattacked and started killing or capturing the Doomslayers when they were ambushed by four of Niers' students and the Wild Wastes [Berserkers]. This allowed Merish and the remaining Plain's Eye Gnolls to escape.

Niers let the too groups keep fighting for a moment as a lesson. Afterwards, he informed his students on what was happening and commissioned them as officers into his current forces. The group had managed to capture Viri, who had tried to warn them before the ambush and informed them about Merish. The students started interacting with the Fellowship.[10]

The Fellowship forces beat an army of Fissival on their way to the Meeting of the Tribes and acquired their Mage Throwers. Niers planned to stop the Drakes by threatening to help the Antinium, incentivise other continents to invade, and allow the Gnolls to take Drake cities if he could not return to his company.[11]

Niers wanted to take out the Plain's Eye Tribe and then rally the Gnolls to beat the Drakes, but Chaldion had hired Belavierr to remove Niers from the battle. She teleported him back to his company. However, Niers used his then-highest levelled Skill to switch the core of the Ghostly Hand Tribe with Perorn and her Centaurs.[12]

Perorn and the Fellowship make a plan of attack. They enter the fight against Steelfur warriors and try to rescue Mrsha.[13] Snapjaw has to engage enemy Wyvern riders, and is saved by the Archmages Valeterisa and Amerys dealing with them. They are confronted by Ulcreziek, who proves stronger than the group, until Apista stings out his normal eye. She's hit by a flame spell in retaliation, but is saved by Infinitypear and Rasktooth. They are nearly killed by Manus soldiers but are in turn saved by Berr. Sserys, in Erin's body, summons the Beriad of the Antinium, and Venaz and The Crimson Soldier join them in holding back the army of Zeres. In the mist of battle, Bird creates a Unitasis Network and gains the assistance of the Queens for the battle.[14]

After Mrsha was repeatedly sought after and taken from multiple groups, Fals manages to pick her up and deliver her to her various protectors, who close ranks.[15] Their objectives achieved, the Fellowship returns to Liscor and witness Erin's revival.[16]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Inspired by The Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship's name first came up in Chapter 8.35 but was officially named as such by Numbtongue in Chapter 8.65.
  • As pointed out by Niers, ‘Fellowship’ implies that that the members are all male.[10]

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