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The Ghostly Hand Tribe is one of the strongest amongst the Goblin tribes in the area of Liscor. They are located south from the Blood Fields.

Military Strength[edit | edit source]

The female Chieftain, a terrifying Shaman, was able to raise the dead, and was feared by the Broken Spear Tribe. The Broken Spear Tribe was another of the major tribes in the area, located around the Blood Fields, and was known for ruling its territory with an iron fist. Despite this, the Broken Spear tribe ignored the Ghostly Hand tribe because of their powerful [Shaman].

In the present day, the Ghostly Hand Tribe are considered a major power amongst most Goblin Tribes. Ulvama believes they could destroy a Drake city's army by themselves.[1]

The Ghostly Hand Tribe did not use solely magic: They used poison and traps to slay their enemies. Furthermore, there were other magic casters in the tribe besides the [Shaman].[2] They also harvested mushrooms with ghostly capabilities, which they ground up to a paste and coated their arrows with, giving them ethereal properties allowing them to pass through most defensive Skills and enchantments.

They tame spider monsters and ride Shield Spiders. In Baleros, they've been seen already trying to tame local spider species.[3]

Some of the members of the Ghostly Hand Tribe could see ghosts.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

During Velan the Kind's rampage, the Ghostly Hand Tribe was near the Drake city of Bentill and the Lomost Tribe, never attacking them. It was theorized by the Lomost [Chieftain] and [Shaman] that the Ghostly Hand Tribe was protecting them from the Goblin King's armies. Since then, the Lomost Tribe do not actively attack Goblins, preferring to scare them away. However, Bentill still consider them monsters.

Both Garen and Reiss were once part of the tribe. Both of them left to pursue their own goals and become mighty.[5] Garen knew from the Ghostly Hand Chieftain the rough location of Velan's treasure in the High Passes.[6]

The Ghostly Hand Chieftain was eventually killed by Reiss, who thus advanced to become a Goblin Lord. She was replaced by her daughter, Shaik, who bore a grudge against Reiss.

Some of the Ghostly Hand Tribe began following the Mrsha-rescue party.[7] Later, the entire Ghostly Hand Tribe showed up to defend the Lomost Tribe from Bentill. Niers offered them to join his army, but Chieftain Shaik had reservations, as Numbtongue carried Reiss's ghost, while Snapjaw was the Goblin Lord's former lieutenant.[1]

Once they arrived at the Meeting of the Tribes, Niers was sent back to Baleros by Belavierr. However, he used his new Skill to have the Ghostly Hand Tribe switch places with Perorn and her Centaurs. They aided in fighting the Jungle Tails forces and breaking the siege of Elvallian.[8]

As Niers couldn't send them back to Izril until his Skill recharged and their old home wasn't as safe anymore with the departure of the Lomost Tribe, they opted to try settling on Baleros. They refused Niers' offer to join his company, as they wanted peace while Niers' mercenary company would drag them into war, and because of Niers travelling to Izril to fight and kill Velan in the past.[3]

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