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Rags with her Goblin Tribe by Auspiciousoctopi

The Flooded Waters Tribe or the Goblinhome Tribe is a powerful Goblin tribe led by Rags.

Background[edit | edit source]

With an origin as the weakest tribe in the Floodplains, the Flooded Waters tribe flourished under the new leadership of the Goblin Rags, growing larger and more powerful through the course of the story, though not without their own calamities. Currently, they are one of the most powerful Goblin tribes on Izril.

however since their technological developments, they absorbed any tribe that they could get their hands on. Meanwhile, the Redfang Tribe summoned many tribes to the High Passes in order to unite against the Flooded Waters tribe.

Absorbed Tribes[edit | edit source]

While the Flooded Waters Tribe were initially few in number, under their new leader, Rags, they started overrunning the other Goblin Tribes by slaying or defeating their Chieftains and absorbing their Goblins into the tribe.[1] Over time other Tribes started joining and letting themselves be absorbed all on their own.

Some of the known absorbed tribes are, the Jawbreaker Tribe, Sword Taker Tribe, Bloody Hand Tribe, Gold Stone Tribe,[1] Still Grass Tribe, Fire Bite Tribe,[2] Furgather Tribe,[3] Rockfall Tribe[4] and Frostfeeder Tribe.[5]

There are two more Tribes that were only initially partially absorbed. These two tribes were the Redfang Tribe and the Mountain City Tribe. Following the Siege of Liscor, all remnants of those tribes along with those of Reiss' Army and the Cave Goblins, were absorbed into Flooded Waters.

After Goblinhome was established, Rabbiteater, under the guise of the Goblin Slayer, directed other tribes he came across to head towards Goblinhome, where other tribe members would escort them. Such tribes include the Rolling Rocks Tribe[6].

Redfang Tribe[edit | edit source]

While it was true that Garen, the Chieftain of the Redfang Tribe, intentionally lost to Rags, by Goblin traditions the Redfang Tribe should have been absorbed, but due to Garen usurping Rags’ authority, the absorption did not happen. This led to the Redfang Tribe splitting in two with those who saw Rags as their true new Chieftain and those who did not understand what was going on and were confused by the whole order but were still loyal to Garen.

When Rags finally had enough of Garen's insubordination, she abandoned him, and took the Redfangs that acknowledged Rags as leader with her, thus absorbing them into her own tribe.

The other Redfangs that stayed with Garen ultimately saw the error of their ways when they were reunited with Garen's old adventurer team and 5 of their lost brothers. After the Redfangs heard the true events of Garen's betrayal of the Halfseekers, and listened in on how they themselves had betrayed Rags by not siding with her from the start, the Redfangs changed their mind on who would be the true chieftain. Finally, the remaining Redfangs watched the five elite warriors stand up to and fight Garen because he was not their true Chieftain. This culminated with the remaining Redfangs leaving Garen and siding with their 5 lost brothers and thus with Rags.[7]

Mountain City Tribe[edit | edit source]

When Rags left Dwarfhalls Rest, she took with her dissatisfied members of the Mountain City Tribe, such as Poisonbite's group, Noears, and Quietstab.

When Tremborag was slain by Tyrion Veltras, Rags' speech convinced roughly half of the Mountain City Tribe to join her over Reiss or Garen. However, before they could be fully integrated into the tribe, Reiss tried to murder Rags due to their conflicting plans, in an attempt to consolidate the combined Goblin forces under him. This resulted in most of Flooded Waters' new members being absorbed into the Goblin Lord's army.

When Reiss died, all remaining Mountain City members and Reiss' army joined Flooded Waters for good.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

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Erin Solstice encountered six members of the Flooded Water Tribe in the Amentus tree grove located near the First Wandering Inn. They were harvesting Amentus fruit. They drew knives and chased Erin[8] over a stream and into her inn, where they dealt her a few cuts before she wounded and chased them off.[9] At nighttime a day or two later, a Goblin from an ambush group-armed with the tribe's best weaponry, half-rusted shortswords-entered the Inn, while Erin was out, and attempted to leave without realizing Erin, had returned. The ambush group waiting outside received the unconscious scouting goblin, thrown through the doors by Erin, before running away.[10]

A few days later, Erin was walking to Liscor and realized at last three Goblins were watching her. She threw a rock at one, causing them to run away. As she continued to walk and occasionally threw stones, more Goblins watched her, looking for weaknesses to exploit.[11] As Erin returned to the Inn that night, Goblins threw rocks at her, causing her to bleed, but Relc chased them off.[12]

The next morning, three Goblins were killed by Relc and their heads brought to the Inn. As Erin was burying the three Goblins, she was attacked by a small goblin with a knife wearing a stained loincloth and a few rags, who she slapped away and kicked in the stomach. She returned to the newly buried grave and remained there until she heard a horn and realized she was surrounded by the Flooded Waters Tribe. As Erin began to run, she dodged arrows shot by the Chieftain and the only Hobgoblin in the tribe. She passed the ragged Goblin and told her that she didn't kill them. The entire tribe, around 40 or fewer Goblins, followed Erin back to her inn, where she went aside and started boiling oil in her pot. The Chieftain broke the door down a few minutes later.[13] After the Chieftain knocked her to the ground and attempted to assault her, Erin fought back and was stabbed through her midsection before she threw the boiling oil on the Chieftain, slowly killing him.[14]

Four Goblins were harvesting fruit at the Amentus tree grove when Erin appeared which caused them to run away in fear. Later that day, around dinnertime, Erin invited the four Goblins to share free dinner with her, which they hesitantly accepted. That night, their stomachs stuffed, the Goblins tried to pay her three silver coins, which she refused.[15] Later, Erin watched the Flooded Waters Tribe chase down and kill a Rock Crab, which they then ate. The ragged Goblin paused her eating when she saw Erin and thought about the coins she'd been collecting.[16]

Later, a group of nine Goblins lead by the ragged Goblin, nicknamed 'Rags' by Erin, came to the inn with money to eat food. The group ate food and played chess, and Rags played chess with the Antinium that came with Klbkch, managing to beat two Workers back-to-back. As Rags attempted to hide a chess piece with her as she left, Erin stopped her and told her she can come back and play any time.[17]

The group of nine goblins lead by Rags received beatings when they returned to their tribe. The next day, the group of goblins, now down to four from nine, hid near the inn. The rest of the Flooded Waters Tribe, forty in total, surrounded the inn. The four goblins, led by Rags, wanted to intervene but were too afraid. The tribe entered the inn and briefly fought Erin before Klbkch arrived and reduced their number to nine, but at that point, he was gravely injured. The four other goblins entered the inn and fought the nine remaining. Together, they managed to kill seven more, and Rags' group chased the two left that fled.[18]

The four Goblins, including Rags, returned to the inn some days later.[19] After this, Rags usually came with two larger Goblins guarding her or rarely alone, almost always with injuries from scuffling or fighting.[20] Later, Ryoka Griffin saw Rags leading a group of Goblins against a leaderless group, using formations and fighting together.[21] Later, in Rag's narration, it's revealed that the Flooded Waters Tribe has splintered, and Rags is leading a smaller breakaway group that believes humans shouldn't be eaten on sight against the remainder of the tribe. Erin offered to hire Rags' group as guards and they refused, leading Erin to sell them the weapons she bought for them to guard with and some small jars of acid.[22] Rags and her group of Goblins, now nine in total, visited the inn when three adventurers entered and began to fight them. The Goblins looted the adventurers of healing potions and other things after they were downed.[23]

Later, Rags was given a lesson in magic by Pisces at the inn. Erin made a deal with Pisces to teach Rags magic every other day in exchange for free food.[24] Days later, Erin intervened and stopped the Horns of Hammerad from killing Rags' Goblin group outside the inn.[25] Rags' Goblins later watched Erin beat Pawn at chess.[26] Later, Rags, with a huge bruise on her side and cuts on her face, now leading thirty-odd Goblins, entered the inn when only Erin and Toren were there and played a few games by herself before Toren sat down opposite her and started to play.[27] Erin came down to the common room and played with her.[28]

Ryoka Griffin, passing through the Floodplains, witnessed Rags' Goblins defending with notable coordination against another group of Goblins wearing feathers. As Ryoka watched, she saw Rags leading another group of Goblins in formation into the right flank of the feather Goblins. The fight ended when Rags set the enemy Chieftain on fire with [Firefly]. A Goblin sentry saw Ryoka and called to the main groups, resulting in the Goblins chasing Ryoka for the rucksack on her back. Ryoka kicked Rags away and dodged [Firefly] as she ran.[29]

Later, Rags' Goblins hid in the grass and watched Skinner enter Liscor.[30] Rags, officially the Chieftain of Flooded Waters, watched the undead attack the inn and struggled with deciding whether to aid the Antinium in defending it.[31] A few minutes later, Rags led her Goblins to kill the fleeing Skinner and delivered the finishing blows.[32] Twenty-seven dead Goblins lay around Skinner's corpse as the Goblins ate him.[33]

Military Strength[edit | edit source]

The tribe is currently estimated by information brokers to have over 6000 members, and is rated as a Level 40+ infiltration job.[34]

After absorbing notable tribes, the Flooded Waters tribe has many Hobgoblins in its army. Many have gained advanced classes from surviving the Siege of Liscor. The Redfang warriors make up its elite combatants as well as its cavalry with their Carn Wolf riders.

They have strong ranged forces, from Badarrow's disciples of trained archers and snipers, as well as their [Tinkerers] manufacturing crossbows. They've also made siege weapons like huge crossbow-ballistas made from Wyvern hide, sinew and bones dubbed Thunderbows, and a model a third of its size dubbed Roarwings.[35] They've added glass magnifiers to extend their range of accuracy, and also possess trebuchets and ballistae.[36]

They have a flying force of Wyvern riders, thanks to their multiple [Beast Tamers] that usually provide the Redfang's Carn Wolves, and possibly a few remnants of Reiss' Army which was known to employ Shield Spiders, establishing bonds with Frost Wyverns. On top of their breath attacks, they've mounted their Thunderbows onto their backs. They are led by Snapjaw.[35][37]

Because of the alliance with the Tormek Al clan of Ogres, some have joined the tribe, and they were made into shock troops by being trained by Redscar and fully armoured, with plans to enchant that armor when possible to make them even tougher.[38] They carry shields,[36] and some are armed with Thunderbows, which they can carry by hand.[39]

The tribe has other specialist forces to rely upon. Headscratcher's disciples of [Berserkers]. Shorthilt's disciples of weapon experts, who use rare weapons.[35] Poisonbite's mostly-female, grey-clad ambushers, armed with poisoned weapons. Calescent's Spicy-brigade, who lace their weapons with pepper dust.[38] There is a growing number of [Goths] who can defend with their negative auras.[40]

They know how to make some of Velan's alchemical creations, such as a strength drink.[35]

The tribe's greatest strength the the strategic talent and ingenuity of its chieftain, Rags.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

While they have [Shamans], the tribe lacks magical resources, be it spellcasters, magic sensors, and enchantments. This was mitigated when members of the Molten Stone Tribe were convinced to join. Niers also noted that their defenses are vulnerable to high-level [Rogues], perhaps because they had not yet encountered such a threat.[39]

Members[edit | edit source]

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Name Tribe Origin Additional Information
Rags Flooded Waters Tribe Chieftain
Redscar Redfang Tribe Second-in-Command and Leader of the Redfang Goblins
Poisonbite Mountain City Tribe Officer
Female Rockfall Chieftain[41] Rockfall Tribe Officer
Calescent Mountain City Tribe Officer and Chef - Working at The Wandering Inn.
Leapwolf Redfang Tribe Second-in-Command of the Redfang Goblins
Badarrow Redfang Tribe Officer and Leader of the snipers. Currently separated from main tribe - on Baleros
Rabbiteater Redfang Tribe Currently separated from main tribe - on Baleros
Numbtongue Redfang Tribe Currently separated from main tribe - at The Wandering Inn
Furgatherer[42] Redfang Tribe
Starstarer[43] Redfang Tribe
Ulvama Mountain City Tribe Currently separated from main tribe - at sea
Hammersteel[44] Mountain City Tribe
Snapjaw Reiss’ Goblin Tribe Officer and Leader of the Wyvern Riders
Raidpear Redfang Tribe Currently separated from main tribe - in Laken's Empire/The Goblinlands
Chanium Gold Stone Tribe Currently separated from main tribe - in Laken's Empire/The Goblinlands
Holdnose Flooded Waters Tribe Currently separated from main tribe - in Laken's Empire/The Goblinlands
Garnish ? Stick Picker
Glowfinder Gold Stone Tribe Stone Picker
Shineshield Redfang Tribe [Shield Maiden]
Sparkstones Gold Stone Tribe Currently separated from main Tribe - in Laken's Empire/The Goblinlands
Sharpstick[39] Cave Goblins [Sniper]
Somo[38] Tormek Al Clan Ogre warrior
Taganchiel Mountain City Tribe The best [Shaman] in Goblinhome
Rasktooth Cave Goblins Currently separated from main tribe - travelling with Infinitypear
Gothica Cave Goblins [Goth]
Dirtmouth Redfang Tribe Warrior
Atter Mountain City TribeRedfang Tribe Was formerly from the Mountain City, but now is a Redfang warrior.[45]
Pillowhead[45] Redfang Tribe
Fightipilota Redfang Tribe [Wyvern Rider]
Prixall Molten Stone Tribe [Witch]
Peggy Redfang Tribe Working at The Wandering Inn.
Inkpaper Mountain City Tribe Working at The Wandering Inn.
Sticks ? Working at The Wandering Inn.
Picker ? Working at The Wandering Inn.
Balanceboard ? [Boarder]
Ressga ? Working for Magnolia Reinhart.

Former Members[edit | edit source]

Name Tribe Origin Additional Information
Goblin Chieftain Flooded Waters Tribe
  • Was the chieftain before Rags.
  • Killed by Erin.
Garen Redfang Redfang Tribe
  • Only pretended to be part of tribe.
  • Rags abandoned him for not acknowledging her as his chieftain.
  • By the end he joined for real.
  • Mortally wounded by Az’kerash, and finished off by Relc.
Pyrite Gold Stone Tribe
  • Second-in-Command.
  • Killed by Tyrion.
Greybeard Mountain City Tribe

(Originally part of Velan's Tribe)

  • Only pretended to be part of tribe.
  • Left when his true identity was revealed.
Quietstab Mountain City Tribe
Noears Mountain City Tribe Deceased
Headscratcher Redfang Tribe Killed by Az’kerash
Shorthilt Redfang Tribe Deceased
Spiderslicer Redfang Tribe Killed by Az’kerash
Grunter Redfang Tribe MIA


Bugear Redfang Tribe MIA


Rocksoup Redfang Tribe MIA


Leftstep Redfang Tribe MIA


Bitefly Redfang Tribe MIA


Orangepoo Redfang Tribe MIA


Patchhelm Redfang Tribe MIA


Justrust Redfang Tribe MIA


Fleetfur Redfang Tribe Deceased
Beetlestare Redfang Tribe Deceased
Twofeather[47] Gold Stone Tribe Deceased[48]
Ecraw Redfang Tribe Deceased[45]
Seizhe Mountain City Tribe Deceased[49]
Filthblade Redfang Tribe Deceased[49]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the Flooded Waters Tribe gained more power, Relc was well-known in the tribe. He had killed more of their kind by himself than the rest of the other guardsmen combined. He was faster than any Goblin—faster than arrows—had skin tougher than metal, and he could kill even a Hob with his bare hands.[50]

References[edit | edit source]