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The Floodplains is a broad expanse of land near the High Passes in Izril. Liscor and The Wandering Inn are located here.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Floodplains of Liscor by Asanee

Due to the dangers of the High Passes, the only option for a quick journey is through Liscor, given that travelling along the coast lengthens the journey greatly. Unfortunately, even after one passes Liscor, there is still great danger. South of Liscor lies the Bloodfields, a dangerous place containing remnants of Az’kerash's undead army and other dangerous monsters.

Following the battle of the Winter Solstice, part of the sky became pale due to the visible concentration of death magic. Rheirgest's bone giant looms tall, restrained by Magnolia's bindings.[1]

The region contains flora and fauna in the forms of orchards of poisonous Amentus fruit, sturdy trees with explosive bark, Rock Crabs, and more. In years past, the Floodplains were a pastoral land capable of hosting a larger variety of wildlife including Corusdeer and grazing animals such as cattle and sheep. However, Shield Spiders, an invasive species from Baleros, arrived in Izril and dominated the Floodplains, eating or driving away the other animals. Recently though, the majority of the Shield Spider population was wiped out by Nalthaliarstrelous, allowing for the development of farmlands.[2]

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Floodplains are flat in some places, but it also has many valleys and hills. The look of endless grassy plains can create an optical illusion of uniformly spreading grass when in reality, there are ridges and valleys thousands of feet wide, easily making people get lost.[3]

Beyond the boundaries of Liscor, the wilderness is truly a plain, with coniferous trees, pines and evergreens forming large forests in between the open expanse of land.[4] The east and the west of the Floodplains lies the High Passes, and to the south, the Bloodfields.

The Floodplains are so named because of the valley that had been formed between the High Passes, one of the two routes between northern Izril and southern Izril. At least, for most of the year. For two months out of the twelve, the floodplains fill up with water as the spring rains poured down non-stop. All but the highest hills are then engulfed in water until the rains stop. The water drains when the summer begins.[5][6]

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Villages typically used for farming, on top of the highest hills above the flooding mark. There are at least 14 villages.

  • Village Site #14[7] - Lischelle-Drakle family farm

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