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Razorbeaks are large, leathery birds native to Izril.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

They are "gigantic" birds with leather wings and a beak longer than a human arm. They have light green skin with red markings.[1][2] Their beaks are full of very sharp teeth,[3][4] while the talons on their feet are also sharp, but less so.[5]

They emit a high, ear-piercing screech.[1]

Their eggs are three times larger than "normal" eggs[1] (which probably means chicken eggs) and are edible just like those.[4]

Their actual size has not been disclosed yet, but they are bigger than eagles.[5]

Note: With larger eagle species usually measuring 1 m (3 feet) body length and having a wingspan twice as large, this indicates that the Razorbeaks certainly reach the size of a human, but are smaller than some Pterosaur species from Earth: the ten largest ones measured wingspans of 20 to 40 feet, while many others were distinctly smaller. Smaller pterosaurs also sported teeth. A difference is the leather-like skin of Razorbeaks, while paleontologists now suppose that pterosaurs had either fur, proto-feathers or actual feathers.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

They are nesting on the ground in the Floodplains of Liscor and lay their eggs from late spring[6] throughout the summer[7] to even late in autumn.[1] But they also occur in the High Passes.[3] When disturbed, they usually flee quickly and may even temporarily abandon their nests,[1] as they are cowardly when alone.[4] When there are several Razorbeaks, they may observe the disturbance and return to attack the interloper when he or she tries to steal eggs. They hunt smaller prey, mostly smaller birds and rodents.[1][4] Sometimes, especially when numerous razorbeaks hunt, they also go after large prey: sheep, goats, cows[4] and even Gnoll cubs[8][5][9] and probably Goblins[10]. They may swarm wounded animals and individuals.[11]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Erin Solstice calls them Dino Birds, but besides her, only Pawn used that name as he didn't know their official name.[12]
  • Even a swarm of Razorbeaks isn't dangerous to mid-tier Silver-ranked adventurers like the original Horns of Hammerad under Calruz: They can be scared away easily.[2]
  • Razorbeaks are hunted by wildlife such as Rock Crabs and [Hunters] or [Trappers].[13]

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