Interlude – Talia

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Interlude – Talia
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A mysterious Knight by butts
November 30, 2019
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Interlude – Talia is the 68th chapter of Volume 6 and the 2nd chapter of Book 14, Hell’s Wardens.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The surviving knights from the Order of Seasons are slowly travelling across Izril on their way back to Terandria. They hear news of an ogre clan attacking from the wild and divert to investigate.

There are two bands of raiding ogres. The smaller has a slave tribe of goblins fighting with it. The larger, having crossed into Lady Pryde's lands, is confronted by a small human force led by Pryde herself. The humans destroy the ogre clan and Lady Pryde decides not to pursue the second band.

While searching for the ogres, the knights hear word of a lone, armored individual who passed by hunting goblins. They find this "Goblin Slayer" standing over a day-old goblin corpse. After some discussion, they decide to cooperate and hunt the ogres and the goblins together.

The ogres lead a night attack on the knight's camp. The ogre leader dies in the attack and the remaining ogres and goblins flee. The knights return to the village while the Goblin Slayer finds the remaining goblins. The Goblin Slayer is revealed to be Rabbiteater, who 'hunts' goblins as a pretense for rescuing tribes as much as he can.

The knights, Talia in particular, are intensely curious about the Goblin Slayer's identity and history. They invite him to accompany them northward.

Rabbiteater meets with Badarrow and Snapjaw that night. He provides them with supplies from the village and tells them he is going north with the knights. Badarrow gives him the bloody cloak of plenty.

Rabbiteater returns to the knights and declares that he wants to be called Solstice. That day, Rabbiteater becomes a knight.

Characters[edit | edit source]

(FAFirst Appearance) (NR = Name Revealed)

  • Order of Seasons (13 Spring and 6 Summer Knights)
  • Chalica (First Time Mentioned)
  • Belic (FA)
  • Chalt (FA)
  • Keida (FA)
  • Hammer wielding Ogre Chief (FA - Deceased)
  • Pryde Ulta
  • Beshard (FA)
  • ? - Large Ultanese Woman (FA)
  • ? - Ultanese [Longbow Archer] (FA)
  • ? - Ultanese [Scout] (FA)
  • ? - Old [Hermit] (FA)
  • Teresa / Teresa the Giant (First Time Mentioned)
  • Alonaid (First Time Mentioned)
  • Goblin Slayer - Revealed to be Rabbiteater
  • Club wielding Ogre Chief (FA - Deceased)
  • Bessy = Dog (FA)
  • Rolling Rocks Tribe Goblins (FA)
  • Mells (FA)
  • Badarrow
  • Snapjaw

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Izril
    • Ulta Lands
      • ? - Town
        • ? - Tavern
      • ? - Village
      • ? - Town
    • Lanchestret
    • Eldessale Foothills
    • ? - Village
      • ? - Inn
      • Smithy
    • ? - Town
      • Adventure’s Guild
      • ? - Inn

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Magical Hammer enchanted with Death Magic
  • Healing Potions
  • Dried Goblin’s Foot
  • Old Golden Ears
  • Bag of Holding
  • Club with Evercut Arrows
  • Golden Axe with the Green Edge
  • Cloak of Plenty

Statistics Obtained[edit | edit source]

Rabbiteater[edit | edit source]

  • Classes/Levels = [Champion] Lv. 28 (+?) 
  • Skills = [Steelcut Sunder] 
  • Classes/Levels = [Knight] Lv. 2 (+2) 
  • Skills = [Reinforced Armor (Steel)] + [Basic Riding]