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Healing is what [Healers] do in Innworld. However, as a first aid measure, people mostly use Healing Potions. Seeking out [Healers], [Doctors] or other practitioners of medicine, probably including specialized [Witches], is often only a measure of last resort. This article is intended to be an overview of common InnWorld Medicine.

How Healing Potions work[edit | edit source]

Healing (especially via a Healing Potion) is basically achieved with acceleration of the natural healing abilities of the human body. With that in mind, most healing potions are specifically made as cures for injuries. While they can and should be applied orally and externally on the wound, there are several reasons why they are no panacea:

  • Potions can't regenerate missing limbs[1] or heal frostbites well.[2]
  • Potions don't heal viral or bacterial infections. In fact, they accelerate both the bodies immune reaction, and the strengthen the attacker, which can push a feverish body over the edge, and lead to quick death. It has been noted that liberal use of healing potions during the outbreak of an epidemic will stop that epidemic, because infected people die to quickly to spread the illness. This also applies to festered wounds: applying more healing potion when such a wound refuses to close, makes the situation worse and not better.[3]
  • Potions become ineffective with the passing of time, similar to Earthworlder medicines that often have a best-before-date. Also, a sealed healing potion should be used up quickly after being opened. It can be used several times by applying it sparingly, but it will go bad after some time.[4]
  • Potions can't be applied endlessly, since they use up the bodies' energy/mana supplies. After too many potions, the healing effects become weaker and the regeneration of the body just stops.[5] Higher-grade potions will develop the body's resistance to it faster compared to weaker potion.[6]
  • Potions can heal the flesh and injuries, but not bones, especially not splintered ones. They work best when the injury is brought into order before applying the potion: That way, less potion is wasted in fixing the body. A severely fractured bone however will slice open the healed-up tissue again.[7]
  • Potions will heal the body into a state it has been before. This is the reason why Grimalkin forbids his followers to heal little injuries, sore muscles and the like after his rigorous training sessions: The Healing Potion will nullify any effect that the training had on the muscles.[8]
  • It is possible for one to be allergic to healing potions.[9]

Healing and Magic[edit | edit source]

There are magical spells that can treat the symptoms of an illness, like a sore throat from having a cold. However, only a (high-tiered, high-level) [Restoration] spell can cure the cold. This hasn't been so difficult in millenias past, but apparently the viruses became resistant to lower-level magic.[10]

A [Restoration] spell is, of course, one of the most potent uses of healing magic, being a 6th tier spell. It can also restore a broken leg with shattered bones, for example.[7]

Priests and Clerical Healers who can cast healing magic, have gone extinct together with the gods. The Antinium Pawn is a recent exception to that rule, and with his leveling as an [Acolyte], he gained healing abilities to help his fellow Antinium.

Healing Potion Grades[edit | edit source]

Healing potions are a syrupy consistency, emerald green and have a shimmering effect. They do not hurt, burn or sting when used however they do taste terribly bitter like "a mix of the worst medications combined with what [Erin] thought bugs might taste like".

Low Grade Healing Potions are typically Eir-gel based and are healing accelerants. They cost a little less than 1 gold coin.

High Grade Healing Potions: This grade of potion is more expensive and rare but is able to combat minor infections and poisons. It is implied that this grade is not Eir-gel based but a purifying-type. Selys tells Erin that High Grade Healing potions, the kind Senior Guardsmen carry in Liscor, can "heal most big injuries in a moment. Unless you lose an arm or a body part, you’ll be fine". Ceria notes that high grade healing potions can range from "a few hundred or thousand gold pieces".

Related Classes[edit | edit source]

  • [Chiurgeon]
    • [Chiurgeon of Cloth]
  • [Doctor]
    • [Bloodletting Doctor]
    • [Mad Doctor]
    • [Plague Doctor]
    • [Saw Doctor]
    • [Sawbones Doctor]
    • [Ship Doctor]
  • [Healer]
    • [Arena Healer]
    • [Battle Healer] / [Battlefield Healer] / [Battlefield Medic]
    • [Bone Healer]
    • [Bonemender Healer]
    • [Cloth Healer]
    • [Crystal Healer]
    • [Headstrong Healer]
    • [Herb Healer]
    • [Infection Healer]
    • [Plague Healer]
    • [Potions Healer]
    • [Royal Healer]
    • [Stitch Healer]
    • [Telepathic Healer]
    • [Underground Healer]
  • [Herbalist]
  • [Masseuse]
  • [Medic]
  • [Medical Assistant]
  • [Medical Liaison]
  • [Midwife]
  • [Nurse]
  • [Physician]
  • [Renowned Tincturist]
  • [Restoration Mage]
  • [Surgeon]
    • [Bone Surgeon]
    • [Psychic Surgeon]
  • [Witch Doctor]
  • [Thought Healer] does not treat physical ailments, but is added here for completion's sake.

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