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Flesh Worm




Liscor's Dungeon




Ruins of Liscor

First Appearance

Chapter 1.02 H

Skinner, Skinner! He’ll eat your tails and tear off your skin! He’ll pluck out your eyeballs and devour your kin! Skinner, Skinner! Run while you can! Your flesh will be taken with a touch of his hand! Hide in the darkness, hide in the light. Fighting is useless; Skinner is fright. He takes our scales and hides our bones And makes this place our very last home. Skinner, Skinner, never open his door. Or soon your bones will lie on this floor.”

Skinner was a particularly old, powerful, and intelligent Flesh Worm, and the Lesser Guardian of the Ruins of Liscor.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dead Flesh Puppet Form:[edit | edit source]

Skinner's puppet form had the appearance of a massive bloated slug-like body that reared upright. It was layered and congealed in dead skin and flesh that rippled, shook and twisted. It was yellowed in places, fleshy pink in others, bloody in spots, but mainly white. The skin carries the general features of the recent victims, making the imprints of their empty and vacant faces appear on the body.

It had no head but rather a sunken face with no nose, ears, or hair. It just had two sunken sockets filled with a crimson glow for eyes and a gaping, empty mouth. It did not have legs, but it had two massive arms with hands wide enough to curl around any human, with long, almost delicate, fingers of slick, white flesh. Exposed along the palms, red flesh could be seen underneath.[1]

True Form:[edit | edit source]

As a Flesh Worm, Skinner true appearance was that of a dark red, worm-like parasite with a segmented head. It had an eyeless face with a fleshy mouth, sharp teeth and two long antennae made of flesh. Two long, whip-like tendrils followed the main body made up of long and thick roots of corded flesh. It has yellow, pus-like blood.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Skinner was a guardian of the Dungeon under Liscor, and was designed to lead armies. When Snatcher turned on the other guardians, it was forced to flee, which resulted in a degradation of its abilities.

Skinner was entombed behind a magical set of double doors in what is now known as the Ruins of Liscor for unknown reasons. It was written down that the previous inhabitants had to hide their dead from him.[1]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Skinner was released from his prison when a few teams of adventurers approached his prison. Despite the Adventurers' precautions, Skinner opened the doors from the inside of his would be prison and managed to kill/steal the skin of most of the Adventurers standing by. Only those farther away got a chance to run and even most of them died. [1]

When Skinner escaped his crypt, he led an army of 40,000 undead[3] and tried to attack both the city and the inn nearby. He was fought against by the defenders on both fronts after numerous casualties but eventually Skinner was killed.

More information about Skinner's Attack on Liscor can be found here

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skinner had the ability to steal people's skin, ripping it from their living body, and integrating it as part of its gigantic dead flesh puppet. Appendages could be launched from its mouth to reach out and skin nearby victims as well.

Additionally, Skinner possessed two gems of terror that rendered the vast majority of living beings paralyzed with fear when they looked at him.

Equipment:[edit | edit source]

  • Dead flesh puppet
  • Two red gemstones enchanted with a [Terror] spell. By activating them, Skinner could immobilize its victims due to the sheer amount of terror they experienced.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Skinner moved whilst being covered in its victims' skin, it used the two massive arms to reach out and grab the ground, dragging the rest of its body behind it; a trail of white flesh was left behind, as it pulled itself forwards.[1]
  • A nursery rhyme about Skinner is etched into a dark stone wall in the Ruins of Liscor.[1]
  • The Free Queen seems to have thought that there wasn't much of a difference between Skinner and other flesh worms, aside from the equipment like the amount of skin it collected and the [Terror] gems it wore.[4]
  • Olesm revealed in 2.13 that Skinner was just a Lesser Guardian of the Crypts.

References[edit | edit source]