Skinner's Attack on Liscor

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Skinner's Attack on Liscor was a major event that was the conclusion of Volume 1 of the Wandering Inn. Triggered by the discovery of the Ruins of Liscor and the subsequent release of Skinner by adventuring teams, the First Attack led to a significant overrun of Liscor's walls by the undead.

Release of Skinner (Retouched from original, by DemonicCriminal)

Attack on Liscor[edit | edit source]

After the release of Skinner, the city was stormed by a massive wave of zombies, undead, and Crypt Lords.[1] While the initial attack was held to a standstill by Relc, Pisces, Zevara, and members of the Liscor's City Watch, it was not enough to push back against the onslaught of undead without the assistance of the Liscor's Antinium Hive. However, Ksmvr, as the acting Prognugator, refuses to send more than 15 soldiers to help defend the city, as the Queen of the Free Antinium was undergoing the Rite of Anastases to revive Klbkch.

After Klbkch was revived, he countermanded Ksmvr's order to retreat and defend the hive. With the support of all the Antinium Soldiers, Liscor's Watch was able to overcome the attacking undead and push them out of the city.

Skinner went into the city, following the first wave of his Undead, but the monster retreated after a duel against Relc. Relc couldn't follow it, because he was needed to repel the Undead that still pressed on the defenders.

Attack on the Inn[edit | edit source]

Skinner's Attack on the Wandering Inn (illustration by DemonicCriminal)

Simultaneously with the attack on Liscor, Skinner sent a large group of undead and crypt lords to attack Erin's Inn. The individual Antinium Calabrian reported “over forty thousand undead creatures” attacking the city.[2] The Inn was defended by Erin, Toren, Rags and her tribe, and several individual Antinium workers who had left the hive.

After Skinner retreated from Liscor itself, it went directly towards the inn. When it got there, the defenders of the inn were already exhausted, but Erin and Rags defeated Skinner. The revived Klbkch also went to the inn to sweep away the last Undead.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The attack cost 27 Goblin lives and 28 Antinium worker lives at the Inn. Over 80 guardsman and nearly 200 civilians perished in Liscor, and 65 Antinium workers and 47 Antinium soldiers were killed during the defense of Liscor. Zevara attempted to put the blame of the attack on the adventurers, but the only surviving adventurer was the catatonic Yvlon.[3]

Note: Calabrian's report of more than 40,000 undead attacking Liscor seems implausible: The undead forces had been able to intrude into the city with impunity, which is not mirrored by the relatively low casualty numbers in the city. Either, there had been less undead than Calabrian counted; or they were not able to act as a coherent army and most of them were not actually attacking, but simply lurking around the dungeon and the city after being released. Crypt Lords and also Skinner were probably each controlling a dangerous retinue of undead while the larger mass didn't have specific orders.

Az’kerash had noticed the surge of Undead activity near Liscor, and ordered the Undead to bring Skinner's treasure hoard towards him.[4] However, Az'kerash never received any artifacts from returning Undead, and blamed the remaining Fleshworms of the Dungeon for that.[5]

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