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Protectors of the Wall

Manus, also known as the City of War, is one of the six Walled Cities remaining in Izril.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Coat of Arms for Manus in tower shield format, by Enyavar

Manus is famous for its military, as the city has the foremost training academy for officers and soldiers. It takes in Drake and Gnoll recruits, and has produced military leaders like General Sserys and Dalthson Forwing.[1] The city's academy also trains [Tacticians]/[Strategists] and [Negotiators]/[Diplomats] as well as [Infiltrators] and [Saboteurs].[2]

Layout[edit | edit source]

Manus was planned as a Walled City that would never fall. Its outer layout, seen from the air, resembles a multi-sided star with overlapping zones of control. The high outer walls surround and protect the lower city consisting of residential buildings. This first set of walls are slanted outwards to deter siege ladders. Murder holes and machicolations prevent enemies from taking cover below the walls as well.[1]

An inner wall is ready to take on any invader that manages to occupy the outer wall, and all important buildings are behind that higher inner wall. Beyond the second wall is what is considered the "heart" of Manus. This heart is yet another series of fortifications, each of them well defensible even if the inner wall should fall. Besides the protection against land-based enemies, the city is also prepared for aerial and magical siege, namely from Dragons.[1]

Government[edit | edit source]

The ruling council of Manus meets in one of the most secure and secret places in the world, in a central building of the city.

The ruling class consists of Wall Lords, but unlike Salazsar where the oldest bloodlines are the most valued, anyone can theoretically be elevated into high status, and heritage is not blindly trusted. In a meritocratic approach, Manus chooses the most valorous, highest-level, and those with the most sound judgment as its leaders. These leaders consist of [Generals], [Captains], [Commanders], and [Strategists] regardless of race. Trust and loyalty are also important factors in this choice. These leaders meet in various councils to discuss matters and only decide things of utmost importance on the highest level.

The current highest council, the "Protectors of the Wall" recently consisted of eight individuals (six Drakes and two Gnolls), led by a ninth, the [Dragonspeaker of Manus], whose symbol of office is the "Fang of Manus", an electricity-enchanted glaive that is said to be able to damage the Walls of Manus. The current Dragonspeaker is the Oldblood Luciva Skybreath, who has ruled for fourteen years. Among the other councilpersons are Wall Lord and [Hunt Commander] Makhir (Gnoll), Wall Lord and Spearmaster Lulv (Gnoll), Wall Lady Rafaema (Drake), Wall Lady and General Milka (Drake), and four other Drake Wall Ladies/Lords. The only change to this was due to the recent death of General Milka[3] and recent appointment of General Williv.[4]

Military[edit | edit source]

Manus is one of the only Walled Cities to incorporate Wyvern Riders (alongside Fissival).

Manus manufactures Ballistae and their ammunition for other large Drake cities.[5]

Manus has multiple [Spearmasters].

Economy[edit | edit source]

In war-time, Manus prospers thanks to the loot that its soldiers bring from their conquests, while peace-times see the economy of the city at a disadvantage.[1] Still, Manus produces weapons and armor on its own and doesn't have to completely rely on imports.

Manus is considered the second-poorest Walled City after Oteslia: Of all Walled Cities, it is located closest to the Antinium lands and the trade routes are not without danger. For that reason Manus is not as dependent on constant trade and has stockpiles of food rations for War emergencies. Stockpiles regardless: Manus has the desperate need for trade, and imports Pallassian steel, Oteslian produce and the best magics of Fissival. [1]

History[edit | edit source]

Manus recovered from a decline in its importance during the Antinium Wars, when it became the natural bastion against the invading insects.

After Zeres committed to send a large army to aid Liscor in the goblin/human attack of Reiss/Tyrion Veltras, Manus also sent a contingent.[6] The battle against the humans then took place in the Blood Fields and proved especially bloody for Manus, leading to the death of the Dragonspeaker's only daughter.[1] As an act of revenge, Manus contracted dozens of Oldblood [Infiltrators] and [Saboteurs] to instigate trouble in the human lands. One in six of these [Saboteurs] died in the process, but the operation was overall considered a success.[2]

Residents[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Manus and Fissival were the last Walled Cities to be revealed by name in the main storyline in Chapter 5.08. Afterwards, Manus was the third city to be actually featured and described in its overall structure, in Chapter 6.33 E.
  • The crest of a Manus consists of a City made of Swords and Blades.[7]
  • Criminals in Manus are given military duty, and may be lashed.[8] Related to this, the city used to have a policy of permanent conscription for discovered Turnscales.[9]

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