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Zeres, also known as the City of Waves and the City of Storms, is one of the six Walled Cities of Izril.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Coat of Arms for Zeres in tower shield format, by Enyavar

It is most famous for its sea harbor, sailors and ships; but like all the walled cities it has many amenities to offer its Drake (and Drowned Drake[1]) residents.

In comparison to the other Walled Cities, Zeres is among the stronger ones with regards to military, as even Manus residents admit. Moreso, it is rich in trade, its wealth coming right after Salazsar.[2] Several references in the story have been made about Zeres being a hub in information brokering as well.

Zeres is ruled by nobility who are famous for their unique glowing or flame-like scale coloration.[3] They have "Lords of the Wall"[4], but the current city's ruler is the so called Serpentine Matriarch of Zeres,[5] Ieneessa.

History[edit | edit source]

Historically, Zeres has been the closest ally of Pallass, whose democracy even has a faction called the Zeresian Group, which is in the current storyline one of the smaller political parties of Pallass.[6] Pallass also maintains strong trade relations to Zeres, buying from the distant harbor city.[1] However, these strong ties don't mean that Zeres' strategists don't bicker during Joint Sessions about Pallassian "greedy" "idiots".[7]

Zeres was the first Walled City to be besieged by the Antinium during the First Antinium War; none of those sieges successful.[4] In the Second Antinium War, they attempted this a second time.[8]

A decade ago, when Flos launched his invasion from Chandrar, his armies never made it past Zeres, although Amerys was able to lock down Zeres practically by herself.[9]

During the storyline of books five and six, Zeres was locked in an ongoing conflict with Oteslia and was besieged by the other's city military. This siege also involved the Liscorian Army.[3]

To counter the goblin/human attack on Liscor led by Reiss/Tyrion Veltras, Zeres pledged 80.000 regulars and 5000 elite troops, the Saltscale Wardens,[10] who then battled Veltras in the Blood Fields.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Zeres is laid out as a circular harbor surrounded by the famous walls all Walled Cities are known for. Its port is large enough to hold multiple fleets. The harbor is also a vast gateway that can be closed if needed. Huge towers called the 'Fangs of Zeres' are visible, from which offensive spells are cast.[11]Each tower is different. One looks scaled, built in mimicry of Drake scales. Another looks like the shining head of a serpent.[12]

Government[edit | edit source]

Zeres is ruled by the Serpentine Matriarch and the Admiralty.

Serpentine Matriarch/Patriarch - Ruler[edit | edit source]

The Serpentine Matriarch or Serpentine Patriarch acts as the central ruler of Zeres. They are not a Monarch, as Drakes would not stand for that. Her lineage is related to Wyrms, and this is evident from some genetic tells in her features such as a longer tail.[11]

Current Matriarch: Ieneessa

Admirals of Zeres[edit | edit source]

The Admirals of Zeres are not merely stand-ins for [Generals]. They are leaders in multiple areas, like managing certain aspects of the city. They are semi-autonomous, each Admiral is a law onto their own. While they answer to the Serpentine Matriarch and each other, they can and do act without each other's approval. Their offices are located within Zeres' towers.[11]Zeres has a tradition of always keeping at least one Classless individual in the Admiralty.[13]

Known Admirals:[edit | edit source]

  • Admiral of the Supply - Asale
  • Admiral of the Navy - Krallow
  • Admiral of the Land - Horsthe
  • Admiral of the Sea - Irevescale
  • Admiral of the Harbor - ?
  • Admiral of the Fleet - ?

Sharkcaptain of Waves[edit | edit source]

The Sharkcaptain of Waves, or just Sharkcaptain, is another unique post in Zeres, for it is for the champion of the Serpentine Matriarch. The Sharkcaptain post is a hereditary post appointed to the fighter the Serpentine Matriarch chose to represent her—and accompany her. Personality and a talent for battle went hand-in-hand—not necessarily grand strategy. Hence the ‘captain’ bit. It differed from Sharkcaptain to Sharkcaptain. In its own way the Sharkcaptain is as important as an Admiral.[11]

Current Sharkcaptain: Femar

Military[edit | edit source]

Zeres maintains a powerful navy. They own one of the Tide Skills, the First Tide.

Saltscale Wardens[edit | edit source]

A unit of over 5000 Elite Soldiers.[10]

Economy[edit | edit source]

Slave-trading is forbidden outside of the docks.[14]

Traditions[edit | edit source]

TBA From Chapter 8.01

National Anthem[edit | edit source]

Zeres has a patriotic national anthem song, with at least 5 verses. Currently only the first 3 verses of the Anthem are known so far, which are:[11]

Verse 1:[edit | edit source]

“Through storm and Kraken’s Pass, do I see the shore at last?

Standing tall amidst the waves?

Where Dragonsail flies, my harbor remains.

Zeres, City of Waves to shelter me~?”

Verse 2:[edit | edit source]

“I shall sail to world’s end and carry my head high

For I have seen my Ancestors fly.

Each land I pass by, each sea I travel

Leads me ever to my glorious home.”

Verse 3:[edit | edit source]

“No city shall compare to Zeres’ sights,

No glories safe but the ones I leave behind

Oh come, travellers, and [King] and [Queen]

And speak jealous of where I have been.”

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Wistram started exporting scrying orbs for television purposes, Zeres and First Landing were the ports where the stuff sold for at least 400.000 gold coins.[15]
  • When the Walled Cities arranged for Lady Veltras' death, the [Assassin] was paid in Zeres with Zeresian money.[16]
  • One of the most renowned Drake strategists is living in Zeres;[17] while apparently Wil Kallinad has a [Strategist] pen pal in Zeres.[18] Also, incidentally, the Zeresian [Strategist] Kissi is famous for pettiness.[7] Those strategists could well be different Drakes, naturally.
  • Savere sent ships to raid Zeres four month before the Conference of Pomle.[19]
  • The Drake Gallheart was legendary as a [Ship Captain] from Zeres.[2]
  • Among all the Port Cities and Nations, Zeres is one of the top 5 worst places that [Pirates] avoid. While among dangerous spots at sea in general, Zeres isn’t even in the top 50.[20]
  • Zeres once endured an event called the World's Floods.[12]
  • Convicts in Zeres may serve their sentences as rowers.[21]
  • Currently, the admiralty of Zeres is entirely male.[22]

References[edit | edit source]