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This map assumes that Savere controls an entire gulf that opens in the eastern flank of Chandrar, dubbed the "Saverean Sea" - that's not established canon.

Savere, also known as the Kingdom of Bandits, is a coastal nation of Chandrar.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Savere has been described as prosperous, dangerous and seafaring,[1] as well as a "heavy hitter" in the political landscape of Chandrar.[2]

The population of Savere consists mainly of humans and Drowned People.[3] Its port-capital is called Runsblud.

Sigil[edit | edit source]

The sigil of Savere consists of an anchor, a curved dagger, and a raincloud all in one.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

Flos Reimarch of Reim looted Savere extensively during his conquest of destruction across Chandrar, which earned him the ire of Queen Revine. Other nations saw this as a fitting punishment since Savere often does the same to other nations.[3]

Savere's ships raided Zeres four months before the declaration of war against Tiqr.[3]

War Against Tiqr[edit | edit source]

Soon after the Conference of Pomle, Savere, Nerrhavia, Illivere and six smaller nations (among them Deimos, Xern, Lamult and Relaaquil) declared war on Tiqr,[3] which was a landlocked Empire with a landscape of mostly savannahs.

In the course of that war, Savere contributed mainly irregular forces ([Pirates], [Rogues], [Bandits], [Raiders]) under several commanders, among them [Queen] Ravine herself, [Commander] Calin and [Bandit Lady] Urele.[5]

Savere's forces contributed heavily in the fights against Tiqr, but [Beast-Empress] Nsiia despised Savere most of all the allied forces and chose to capitulate towards Femithain of Ilivere. Savere then pressed to occupy Oliphant, but while it was thwarted again, at least there were promises of large tracts of land in southern Tiqr.[6]

Thousands and then hundreds of thousands of Tiqr's population fled towards Pomle and Killale. A side-attack on the neutral state of Pomle which harbored refugees was thwarted by Pomle's finest.

Government and Policies[edit | edit source]

Savere is currently ruled by [Queen] Revine, who is known as the Siren of Tides or Siren of Savere.

Savere is one of the more chaotic, wild states,[3] and the leadership is both mostly female[5] and riddled with lawless elements, like [Pirate Captains] and [Bandit Ladies]. Other nations of Chandrar don't like their attitude, which makes Savere and Savereans unpopular abroad. This goes so far that even allied nations sometimes band together to curb Savere's influence.[6]

Savere is a nation that thrives off piracy and banditry in other nations. Abducted ships from all continents are welcome in their harbors. Their queen describes her policy as her ships and ports "offering sanctuary" to everyone, and that foreign rulers shouldn't get involved in how she governs her land.[3]

Note: Few nations and kingdoms across Innworld are able to combat the unofficial navy of Savere, but among them are Zeres, the Lord of the Dance, the Iron Vanguard, the Minotaur navy, the Drathian navy, and the navy of Imor Seagrass. The Thalassocracy of Medain might also be a capable threat to Savere.

Savere practices a heavier-handed form of slavery than most nations, and seems to maintain good relations with the Traders of Roshal. Their ships are well-equipped for slave transports.[6]

Military Strength[edit | edit source]

While many landlocked leaders of Chandrar don't see Savere as a major threat to them, Savere is not only seafaring: their army consists of many [Raiders] and [Bandits] who can move swiftly[7] into other nations and deal great damage there.

Among the armadas that obey the [Queen] of Savere are the Sandwave Fleet and the Bloodtear Pirates.[5]

Savere has dangerous [Assassins] called Savere's Stilettos, who work as the Siren's personal killers.[8]

Notable Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Savere's means of long-range communication are enchanted conches that are used like magical telephones.[6]
  • Mustard is for some reason a top-level condiment in Savere.[9]

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