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Oliphant was the capital city of Tiqr on Chandrar.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar, Oliphant is located in the southwest in Tiqr (Artistic rendition)

Oliphant is, surrounded by plains, located at the river Reic, which naturally flows through the city and nurtures it.[1] The agriculture all around the city is rather rich.[2]

Most buildings are made of sandstone, and spread in a sprawling low city instead of high buildings. Even the Empress' palace doesn't give a overly elevated vantage point. There are little stairs and no fortifications to speak of, aside from low walls. Instead, ramps allowed the tamed wildlife of Tiqr easy access to the city.[3]

The city had 400'000 inhabitants.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

During the war against the coalition forces that conquered Tiqr (see main article: Tiqr), the city wasn't fully evacuated. Hundreds of thousands fled to the west, but in their place, more refugees from other places of Tiqr found shelter.[1]

Following Tiqr's surrender, Oliphant was spared destruction and was occupied by the coalition forces. Savere's claim to occupy the city was denounced by the other forces who allowed Nerrhavia to lead the occupation.[2]

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