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The Empire of Tiqr, also known as the Empire of Beasts, was a nation of northeastern Chandrar. It was vanquished in a war, alone against nine other nations.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar, Tiqr in the southwest of the map extent (Artistic rendition)
Flos' Map of Northeastern Chandrar.

Tiqr was a prosperous and powerful nation, on par with other dominant nations in its area, like Nerrhavia, Savere and Illivere.

Their predominant population was human[1], followed by a large Garuda presence.[2] The capital alone boasted several hundred thousand inhabitants, but there can only be guessed how many inhabitants Tiqr had before it fell.

The empire was rich in gemstones.[3]

Geography[edit | edit source]

West of Tiqr, there are the Killale steppes and the allied Garuda kingdom of Killale. In the east, there is the oasis of Pomle, the Illivere League and Savere towards the southeast. In the Northwest there is the Empire of Sands, although it is unclear whether or not they share borders with Tiqr. Far in the Northeast lies Flos' Kingdom of Reim.

A main feature of eastern Tiqr were the Reen Plains. There is also the river Reic where the capital city of Oliphant was located on. Other geographical features included the oases of Yov and Be'neld and Heda's Valley.[4]

Nation of Beastmasters[edit | edit source]

They were making use of their abandunt wildlife, like the Grand Elephants (that were used as war elephants), Hyenas, Lions and other beasts. Zebras were common mounts.[3] The empire had a Roc Pact, giving them flying mounts. The Rocs migrated to Tiqr on their six-year routes.[5]

Savannas and a number of oases made up the nation, and it was renowned for its [Beastmasters] and connection with animals.[1] The ruler Nsiia was known as the [Empress of Beasts], and had the Unit-Skill to create the [Laughing Brigade], and the [Wild Riot] skill that turned all animals in the kingdom against her chosen targets.[1]

Furthermore, the empire sheltered [Druids] as Wildkeepers.[1] They and other [Beast Masters] could encourage Nightmares to let themselves be sheared. Tiqr would sell the magical horse-hair that could turn one invisible in the shade.[5] Other animal-based products provided in Tiqr include spices from ants, and Ashfire Bee honey. This let them win cooking competitions against nations like Illivere.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

Tiqr joined Flos Reimarch's conquest of Chandrar willingly and was spared any violence from his side.[3][1] After Flos went to 'sleep', it supposedly soon returned to its former independence.

After Flos' awakening and subsequent declaration of non-aggression, Nsiia declared her support for that declaration while pronouncing herself not his subject. This unwise decision at the Conference of Pomle was reason enough for an the alliance of Savere, Nerrhavia and six other nations (among them Deimos, Xern, Lamult and Relaaquil) to invade Tiqr.[3]

The war was short and brutal, and despite considerable achievements against the invaders, Tiqr was overrun within just a few weeks. Nsiia capitulated after the allied forces arrived at Oliphant.[4]

Before that happened, the elite of her army around [General] Vasraf left for the Killale steppes. The [Druids] had already evacuated many beasts, followed by refugee treks of civilians that were welcomed in Killale and Pomle.

Afterwards, Tiqr was ready to be distributed among the coalition partners who all claimed territory. Savere wished to take Oliphant (and the south and center of the nation) but had to make concessions and could only claim the south. Deimos was to get land along the Reic river; Xern and Lamult argued about getting the Reen plains. Illivere ceded most territory to others, aside from a moderate border expansion. Nerrhavia was to occupy the rest and run it as a subservient state.[7]

People[edit | edit source]

  • [Beast Empress] Nsiia
  • Wildkeeper Jvaile ([Druid])
  • [General] Vasraf

References[edit | edit source]