Grand Elephants

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Grand Elephants are a Chandrarian elephant species, related to regular elephants. They are only one of several Chandrarian elephant species.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

They look like regular elephants, but are much larger and one and a half times[2] or even twice[3] the size of elephants.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

They roam the savannas of Tiqr, where food is abundant for them.

They are long-lived and have excellent memories, which means that they are going to remember the war against Tiqr in which they were decimated. Those of the animals that remained in Tiqr, are going to be mankiller beasts.[3]

Use[edit | edit source]

The Grand Elpehants are tamed and/or trained by the [Beast Tamers] of Tiqr.

They could be used as mounts or as trained unmanned beasts in battle. Tiqr sent 1000 elephants into the first battles against Nerrhavia, led by Queen Nsiia herself. She could enhance them with Skills like [Bodies of Iron], [Rapid Accelaration] and [Sympathetic Healing], thus causing severe casualties in the attacking alliance, and was able to even damage Illivere's War Golems.[3]

As the war continued, Nsiia sent the Wildkeeper [Druids] and most of their herds, including the elephants, away from Tiqr into Killale.

The personal Grand Elephants of Nsiia, the [Empress of Beasts] of Tiqr, were the female Mezha[2] and the male Thef[3]. Nsiia had grown up around Thef, but her companion was killed in the Tiqr war by the Named Adventurer Alked Fellbow.[1]

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