Liscorian Army

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The Liscorian Army is Liscor's army.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Liscorian Army is renowned as being one of the strongest forces on the continent, and most notably for selling its services as mercenaries to any nation who will hire them. As such, the soldiers and commanders seldom stay near their city and instead fight constantly on battlefields for pay.

History[edit | edit source]

During the First Antinium War, the Liscorian Army under General Sserys was one of the few successful armies against the Antinium. The army's reputation as mercenaries initially prevented Sserys from rallying a unified coalition army, until their first great victory against the Antinium at Shivering Falls Pass. Sserys became the leader of the First Coalition Army, which presumably included the Liscorian Army, and thus it could also be assumed that much of the army perished along with Sserys when the coalition was ambushed at the end of the war.

In the Second Antinium War, the Liscorian Army had a far lesser impact and was defeated by a single Goblin Lord’s army,[1] likely Tallis the Stormbreaker, who was the only Goblin Lord in charge of the goblin forces in the south.[2]

During book 1, they were fighting near a Walled City.[3] As of the books five and six, Liscor's army was involved in a conflict between Oteslia and Zeres, participating in Oteslia's siege near that Walled City.[4] Once that "defense contract" was confluded, the army moved west looking for work either in the dispute between the cities of Grailhess and Veish, or in the conflicts between Drake cities and the Woven Bladegrass Gnoll tribe.[5]

Following the Face-Eater Moth Attack, the army sent back the 4th Company to reinforce Liscor. They later also sent back the 6th and 9th Companies during the war against Hectval.

The army stayed under Zeres' contract as it sieged Oteslia, and went with them when their focus changed to attacking the Meeting of the Tribes. However, they were stopped by Sserys in Erin's body, who rallied the army and got them to change sides, attacking Manus instead.

Relationship with Liscor[edit | edit source]

Previously the army and the city were much closer and amicable, and parts of the army often came back to Liscor to rest. High-ranking officials were friends or former members of the army. [Strategist] typically earned their first 20 levels in the city before being hired into the army, and retired [Soldiers] and [Veterans] would join Liscor's City Watch.[6]

After the Antinium Free Hive moved to Liscor after the end of the Second Antinium War, the army refused to return home. Older member no longer retired to Liscor and preferred to stay in the army until they were dead or dying.[6] The city also started to resent this, as the army was no longer around to defend them in their times of need.

Military Strength[edit | edit source]

They can field two thousand Drakes, and a few hundred Gnolls at any given moment, with the average soldier being around level 16 and the elite being above Level 20. In battle the overall strategy consisted of forming heavy ranks of soldiers with defensive classes with [Tacticians] and [Strategists] assigned along each column, using their active abilities to reinforce their position. They take very few casualties thanks to the extensive quantity of healing potions, [Healers], and skills of [Commander] classes combined with rotation of wounded soldiers on the battlefield. They have a high number of officers by technically inducting every citizen of Liscor into the army in childhood. This allows them to stack multiple Unit Skills on top of one another in battle, turning even low-leveled soldiers into powerful combatants.

In Chapter 4.16, General Garusa Weatherfur compares the Liscorian Army during the Second Antinium War to their combined army of 20,000+ soldiers, saying "I would hardly like to compare myself to that force of old, although between us we might be close.".

Companies[edit | edit source]

The army is composed by at least 11 companies:[7]

  • 4th Company, nicknamed the Skywalker’s Company, is an infantry-based unit use the [Light Bridges] Spell to run overtop the enemies forces or walls to attack them.
  • 6th Company, nicknamed the Bull Bastards, is an all-mounted cavalry unit, specializing in heavy charges.[7]
  • 9th Company, nicknamed Arrowstorm, is an infantry-based unit, specializing in long-ranged archery.[7]
  • 11th Company, is an infantry-based unit.[7]

Members[edit | edit source]

Known Members:[edit | edit source]

High Command[edit | edit source]

Name Race Position
Sendel ? General[8]
Axter ? General[9]
Zweiltan ? Strategist[10]

Unknown From Which Company[edit | edit source]

Name Race Position
Scartail[11] ? ?
Durrell[12] ? ?

4th Company / Skywalker’s Company[edit | edit source]

Name Race Position
Embria Grasstongue Drake Wing Commander
Wikir Gnoll 1st Squad Captain


Vell Drake 2nd Squad Captain
Pielt Drake 3rd Squad Captain
Igissi Drake ? Squad Captain
Gna Gnoll 3rd Squad Sergeant (promoted)


Kesa Gnoll Lieutenant 
Fika Drake Sergeant
Tlik ? Sergeant
Barkhus / Barkus[12] ? ?
Igessi[7] Gnoll Corporal
Samul[7] ? ?

6th Company / Bull Bastards[edit | edit source]

Name Race Position
Narkr Gnoll Wing Commander

9th Company / Arrowstorm[edit | edit source]

Name Race Position
Xith Drake Wing Commander

Former Known Members:[edit | edit source]

  • Sserys - General (Deceased)
  • Relc Grasstongue - Sergeant of the 1st Wing Company (Retired/Left)
  • Menolit (Honorably Discharged)[13]
  • Weillmet - Wing Commander of the 1st Wing Company (Deceased)
  • Rudss (Retired)[14]
  • Halliss - Captain of the 4th Company[15] (Deceased?)
  • Maksie - Scout Leader of the 4th Company[12] (Left)[7]
  • Craus - 6th Company (Retired)[16]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The relationship between Liscor and its army has always been strained.[17]
  • When Olesm was still a Level 22 [Tactician], Klbkch said that he isn't just the highest leveled [Tactician] in Liscor but also within the army.[18] That said, even after he reached Level 24, Olesm said that this is nothing compared to their army's [Strategists].[19]
  • Due to the 4th Company running on [Light Bridges], they are also known as the Skywalker’s Company.[20]
  • The 6th Company is one of the slowest companies.[7]
  • When it was smaller, the Liscorian Army used to use Shield Spider chitin for armor, before it lowered in quality due to the method to assemble the armor with glue being forgotten.[21]

References[edit | edit source]