Moth's Attack on Liscor

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The Moth Attack on Liscor was a significant breach of Liscor's Dungeon, where tens of thousands of Face-Eater Moths emerged and attacked Liscor, Liscor's Antinium Hive, and The Wandering Inn. This event occurred between Chapter 5.07 and Chapter 5.08 of Volume 5.

Attack on Liscor[edit | edit source]

The attack was slightly forewarned by both Zevara and Olesm having their [Dangersenses] go off before the attack came. This gave time for many of the city watch to gather on Liscor's walls.[1] They still needed outside help though since the amount of moths attacking was too overwhelming.

Defended by: Liscor's City Watch (Zevara and Relc included), Olesm, Ilvriss and his escort, Griffon Hunt, Krshia and the other Gnolls, Selys and lower-ranked adventurers, Hawk, Pawn and the Painted Soldiers, and Tekshia.

Attack on the Inn[edit | edit source]

The inn was able to utilize Erin's magical door to send away the non-combat ready guests quickly and proceed to barricade the inn leaving everyone fairly protected except for Bird.[1] As the fighting got desparate and an injured Bird was retrieved, Erin called for the help of Celum's City Watch who could further use the door to help with the defense.[2]

Defended by: Silver Swords, Halfseekers, Horns of Hammerad, Bird, Redfang Elite Warriors and Celum's City Watch.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After the successful defense of Liscor, Tekshia Shivertail, as Guildmistress of the Adventurer Guild, declared the Dungeon to be Gold-rank. The adventuring teams who helped defend Liscor and the surrounding area were celebrated in a parade throughout Liscor.[3]

It was later discovered that the release of the moths was due to the negligence of Vuliel Drae, who destroyed eggs from the Face-Eater Moths.[4]

The event was broadcasted around the world to many people using an amplified scrying spell. Because of this, people started to make inquiries about notable occurrences there. For instance, Erin's magical door got a lot of attention due to its teleportation power, and Wistram fully realized that Pisces and Ceria were alive and in Liscor.[2]

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