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The Magical Door, which is its fandom name and the way it is most referred to, is a high-grade magical artifact that can be used as a portal doorway.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

It looks like a plain, wooden door.[1] When it is active, if someone walked to the side, it became two-dimensional, until it nearly disappeared. And from the back, the door was just…a door, standing up. The portal only activated and is visible from the front.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

While it is not known if Thresk is the one who enchanted the door, he did own it and used it in what is now known as the Ruins of Albez, to safeguard the room that contains his belongings, by stopping anyone who physically tried to force their way in with a reinforcement spell, and by teleporting anyone who tried to analyze it at close range, and anyone close to them, into a pit filled with magical runes such as lesser [Insanity], so that they end up killing themselves.

Chronology[edit | edit source]


After recovering the door and its anchoring stone, Pisces would study them, and with Ksmvr's suggestion, would find a loophole in the spell matrix, and figured out how to trigger it independently of the detection trap, as well as reversing the effect so that they could teleport from the anchoring stone to the door as well.


When Erin reached level 48 as a [Magical Innkeeper], the System deconstructed the Door and replaced it with the Skill [Inn: Door of Portals (500 Miles)]. There was a pile of ash where the Door was last placed.[3]

Enchantments[edit | edit source]

Teleportation[edit | edit source]

The door has a [Teleport] spell enhancement capable of teleporting a user towards a linked anchor, while the main door includes a primary anchor.

Pisces was able to modify the effect so that the anchor could be used to teleport back towards the door, which enabled the possibility of sending people back and forth between door and anchor. It is possible to move both the door itself as it's possible to move the anchor. Also, it's possible to change the anchors that the door is linked to, by replacing the primary mana stone that is kept in the door.

The teleportation spell uses up mana, and these costs increase disproportionately with increasing distance to the linked anchor. Pisces, Moore, Typhenous and Ryoka sat together once to measure the mana consumption for teleportations between Liscor and Celum and came up with an amount of 50 passages of Ryoka-sized people who could pass to Celum and back to Liscor before Erin's [Magical Grounds] would be depleted of mana and would need to recharge.

Graph of Magical door mana consumption. Further Details

They then measured the amount of mana needed for smaller distances, and measured the recharge rates of Erin's [Magical Grounds] at that point in time. It was also calculated (just hypothetically) after some extensive experiments, that the door would be able to send someone of Ryoka’s general weight, give or take twenty pounds, 536 miles, given minimal change in altitude or magical ambience. The door would exhaust its magic after such a teleport however, and require roughly 8.2 hours to recharge fully. The door itself can only store a limited amount of mana.[4]

Durability[edit | edit source]

The door was not possible to break or destroy - Pisces had to let Undead hack at its hinges to 'unlock' it. It was also possible to use it as a shield against an extremely hot fire golem. The durability has not been further tested later.[5]

Mana Recharge[edit | edit source]

The door has a mechanism that allow it to recharge itself by passively absorbing mana. The higher the ambient mana is, the faster it recharged. [Mages] can also recharge it faster by giving it their own mana.

Former Enchantments:[edit | edit source]

Detection Trap[edit | edit source]

The door had a triggering mechanism that detects people magically investigating its enhancement spells. Once triggered, it activated its automatic teleportation effect.[1] Pisces would later alter the enchantment to isolate and disable the detection trap.[6]

Owners[edit | edit source]

Former Owners:[edit | edit source]

Destinations[edit | edit source]

Nine or ten mana gemstone have been installed on the door, each one connected to a different door. The destinations are:

Destinations Installation Gemstones Additional Information
Celum Vol. 3 & 7 The Original Plain Stone Originally installed into Octavia's shop for Celum in Volume 3, but changed to Wailant's farm in Volume 7. After the City was burned, the Door would be moved back to give the city assistance. This would end up restoring the connection to the City again.[7]
Pallass Vol. 5 Green / Emerald


Installed on the eighth floor in Volume 5. After the original gemstone was destroyed, it was re-installed again in Volume 6. Always having been controlled by the Pallass City Guard, it was outfitted with a gate and portcullis in Volume 7.
Liscor Vol. 5 Yellow Originally installed onto the Western Wall, but changed to be close to the new Mage’s and Adventurer’s Guilds in Volume 7.
Invrisil Vol. 5 / 7 Orange Originally on the road to Invrisil from Volume 5, but reached its destination only in Volume 7.
Floodplains' Cave

Goblins Land

Vol. 5

Vol. 7

Red / Ruby Originally installed in Volume 5, into the Dropclaw Bats' cave that the 5 Redfang and Cave Goblins lived in.

Was re-installed in Volume 7 by Pebblesnatch inside a forest, into the Goblins Land, which is right next to Riverfarm.

Currently not in use due to there not being enough mana to activate it.

Numbtongue's Personal Use Vol. 6 Purple[9] Numbtongue carries a portable assemble door around when he leaves the Inn to mine on the mountains, for safety and ease of travel.
Amentus Grove Vol. 6 Used to gather the Amentus fruits, that are located in the Floodplains.
Blood Fields Vol. 6 Close to the Bloodfields for the workers and adventurers working on the contraction road.
Esthelm Vol. 6 Installed to form a political relationship between Esthelm and Liscor.
Ashfire Bee's Cave Entrance Vol. 7 Installed in front of the Ashfire Bee's Hive Cave Entrance, that is located in the Floodplains, by Numbtongue and Mrsha, to help the Bees.[10]

Unknown if it was removed or not.

Wailant's farm Vol. 7 When Erin was kicked out from Celum, the Door was moved to the Strongheart's farm.

After the Door was moved back to Celum, another Door would be installed for the farm.[8]

Hectval lands (Liscor army camp) Vol. 8 Liscor’s Second Army used the Door in the war against the Hectval-Luldem-Drisshia Alliance. This allowed them to quickly resupply, receive reinforcements, send soldiers back home on leave, and send reports to the council and the Free Hive.[11] At one point, the gemstone was destroyed by Manus' elites to prevent the Painted Antinium from fleeing during their assault on Liscor's camp. It was later replaced.[12]

Over 3 to 5 gemstones were used for Liscor's Dungeon in Volume 5, for the Gnolls' rescue. They were all destroyed after use to prevent Monsters from using them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Typhenous speculates that because the teleporting matrix enchantment was meant as an element of a trap, the portal wasn’t meant to safeguard the user, therefore if the portal is closed on someone's hand or leg they might lose them entirely.[13]
  • Its official name according to the System is the Personal Trapped Safe Room Door of Warmage Thresk.[3]

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