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Stitchworks Catalogue by Enuryn
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Stitchworks is an [Alchemist] shop, managed by Octavia Cotton. It used to be located in Celum, but now it is located in Liscor, within The Wandering Inn.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The shop used to be located in Celum, in a smaller side-street off the main path and position next to two other shops. It had a nice facade, belongs to a decently-wealthy district and it had boarded up windows and plywood in the display area instead of glass. It had a sign over the shop, that reads Stitchworks. Potions, tonics, herbs.

Octavia was low-level, but was intent on improving her abilities as an [Alchemist]. She also drove hard bargains to sell more potions and gain larger profits than she probably should have, which was to the detriment of Garia Strongheart, for example. Ryoka and Erin, when confronted with her practices, called her out on that, but became good business partners nevertheless.

Ryoka handed Octavia very marketable ideas that she could easily reproduce, among them tanglefoot bags; sets of flour+ignition bags; the stink potion; and last but not least, matches. Erin also tasked Octavia with researching Penicillin.

Octavia's competitors in Celum eventually caught on. Quelm ruined or took over the other [Alchemists] because of this business opportunity, but Erin eventually put a stop to his gang.

In Volume 7, after the Celum government's falling out with Erin Solstice and her Magical Door, Octavia would go to live in Erin's Inn, and would relocate her shop to occupy one of the 4 common rooms within the Inn.[1] There the shop was separated with some reinforcement to ensure the Inn and its residents are unharmed when an experiment fails. It has a new sign hung over the door that reads Octavia’s Stitchworks.[2]

Octavia eventually produced a bacteria-killing substance, shortly before Geneva reached out to Erin to help with antibiotics research. The substance was named Occilium.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Formerly in Celum, the full name of the shop was Stitchworks. Potions, tonics, herbs. Now in The Wandering Inn, the new shop was renamed Octavia’s Stitchworks.
  • Once in Celum, Octavia had concocted a brew that set her store on fire.[3]

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