Rafaema Manusara Coloseuvia

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Rafaema Manusara Coloseuvia
  • Raf (by Cirediel)
  • Raef (As a Gnoll)









Protector of the Wall



First Appearance

Chapter 6.33 E

Rafaema Manusara Coloseuvia is a young Lightning Dragon and one of Manus' Protectors of the Wall.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In her true Dragon form; her true scales are a deep blue, not like sapphire; not purely one color. They looked like the color of sky before dark storm clouds overtook them. Her eyes shine like gemstones with the two colors of topaz and amethyst.[2]

In her false Winged Oldblood Drake form; she is a beautiful young Drake, that looks no older than 23,[3] with teal scales, that shine and flow, akin to water. Her wings and the yellow spines along her neck, looked as if they were sculpted. Even compared to a True Oldblood, showing the full extent of their heritage, she radiates like the sun itself.[4] Her voice is crisp and loud.

In her illusory male gnoll form, Rafaema masquerades as a tall male gnoll with dark black, silky fur, with a slight blue tinge.[5]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Rafaema is the Dragon's equivalent of a moody young teenager. In her adolescence, Rafaema was a wild child, having multiple relationships and trying various drugs; by her own admission, she was "lazy." However, when she wasn't allowed to fight when the Antinium sieged Manus, she began training, recognizing that the Antinium were a credible threat. While she strives to become the leader and hope of Manus, she is often frustrated by being left out of decisions by Manus' High Command and Dragonspeaker Luciva. She also has a temper, which have led to incidents.[1]

Rafaema often becomes melancholy at the thought of being the last of her species. However, she dislikes the other last of her species, Cire, annoyed by his immaturity, though she is empathetic towards his mental anguish over everyone around him dying while he continues to live.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

TBA From Interlude – Queens and Dragons and Chapter 8.21 L

Her egg was found in a hidden vault deep in Manus' Citadel.[6] She was hatched and Manus' leadership raised her, in the hopes that someday she would lead the city.

She had had many instructors over the years, but some of them turn out to be Turnscales and had taken the risk of telling and showing her things about them which she never forgot, so that when the day comes she would lead them as her people as well.[7]

Chronology[edit | edit source]


Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dragon Physiology[edit | edit source]

She has the same natural powers and abilities of a typical Lightning-type Dragon. As she is still an adolescent Dragon, these powers and abilities may currently be weaker then an adult Dragon.

  • Enhanced Condition: As a Dragon, even an adolescent one, her conditions are superior to other Races, like Drakes and Gnolls.
    • Enhanced Hearing: Her hearing is as good as a Gnoll’s.[8]
    • Enhanced Speed: She is faster than the younger Earth Dragon, Cire.[2] Her speed can be on pair of an [Enhanced Agility] or [Greater Agility] Skill.[7]
    • Enhanced Strength: She is stronger than the younger Earth Dragon, Cire.[2]
    • Enhanced Durability: Unless enchanted, her scales can on and might even snap plain steel, without any harm to her. She can also take multiple heavy blows on pair of an [Enhanced Toughness] Skill.[7]
    • Intoxication Resistance: She can imbibe vast amount of alcohol that would explode a lesser Drake’s stomach, without being the slightest intoxicated.[7]
  • Lightning Breath: As a Lightning-type Dragon, she can breath Lightning.[1]
    • Thundercloud Breath: She can exhale a cloud charged with electricity, possibly because she may be a Stormheight-subtype.[9]
  • Flight: Has wings that allows her to fly. With them she can fly so fast that the younger Earth Dragon, Cire, labours to catch up to her.[2]
  • Dragon Sensing: Like any other Dragon she can sense when she meets an other Dragon even if they are under illusion spells. She can also sense when someone had not only run into a Dragon some time ago (possible a few months ago), but actually been close to one.[5]

Spells:[edit | edit source]

She can cast Spells as well as many [Mages].[1]

  • [Detect Lies]

Abilities:[edit | edit source]

  • Swordsmanship: She is rated highly with a blade, even if she pretends to use Skills.[1] True to this she was seen to perform a perfectly-executed cut that severed the targets arm and knee tendons in the same stroke; swiftly followed by a beheading strike.[2]
  • Spearmanship: She is training to use a Spear in combat,[1] but her proficiency is currently unknown.

Possessions[edit | edit source]

  • Bag of holding
  • Shapeshifting Ring - Winged Oldblood Drake: A ring that allows her to change her Dragon form to that of a Winged Oldblood Drake.[2]
  • Illusion Ring - Male Gnoll: A ring that conjures an illusion of a Male Gnoll on top of her Winged Oldblood Drake form.[5][7]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was revealed that she was a Dragon in an invisible text in Ch 7.03.
  • Her full name was revealed in Ch 9.38 TV (Pt. 1).
  • Whenever Manus puts a magical seeker on her, and then she finds them, she blast a hole through a priceless painting or statue, so that they stop it.[5]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • To Luciva:
    • “If they attack us, we attack back. It’s as simple as that, isn’t it? Why are you all debating about it?”
    • “It’s fairly normal to me. Humans have always been Humans. The Antinium bother me more. They’re new.”
    • “I just said what I felt. See you, Luciva. Um…sorry about Hedica.”
  • (To Ferris) “Then the Dragonspeaker will be finding a new minder for me. Because the old one went flying with all his fur burnt off by lightning and his bones broken. Before he landed.”
  • (Thoughts) I heard there was one in the north. But he died too. Are there any of us left besides…Cire?
  • To Ferris:
    • “Ferris. Report. Ferris. I am going to murder you.”
    • “…Yes. Yes, it does. Good work, Ferris. I can…use this. There’s no need to convince this Human to go to Manus, either. There’s a way for me to meet you in Oteslia.”
  • To Cire:
    • “You’re not ever ‘cool’. Better this than seeing you chasing after another Drake and telling me how many people you’ve had sex with this month.”
    • “…Do you think before you ask me these things?”
    • Where do you feel it? Because if it’s where I think it is—I’ll stab you. Right where you feel it.”
  • (To Ferris & Makhir) “Either way, an actual attack is beyond unlikely. So, Ferris, Hunt Commander. Kindly stop breathing down my tail or I will toss you over the walls.
  • (To Cire) “Well, you need to get her alone. Not to sleep with her, you twit! To ask her about what we both picked up on! The other Dragon!
  • (To Tyrion) “Look at this. Look at this. You—you are emblematic of what haunts us. War without end. You did not have to attack, again and again. Here you stand in Liscor. Do you have no shame?”
  • (To Lulv and Ferris) “They just don’t stop biting. It’s every time I go to sleep. They just nibble on my wings, and—they ate my house! Every single day! And then they bray and bray and—”

References[edit | edit source]