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First Appearance

Interlude - Food and Growth

Cirediel Anvi’dualln Olicuemerdn, or just Cire, is a young Earth-type Dragon, that lives in Oteslia. He is one of two Dragons, the other being Rafaema, who are under Drake possession/protection.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In his true Dragon form, his scales are green and brown, similar to the great tree of ostelia though not mundane, the brown being described as "wondrous". His eyes are a clementine orange colour mixed with rosewood pink.[1]

In his false Winged Oldblood Drake form; he looks like a young Drake of around sixteen, with a magnificent scale pattern; a blend of green there are few words for, mixed with a brown and purple that ran across his body. His neck-spines are a pale yellow turned almost to white, and his eyes shine with the bright warmth of the earth.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cire is extremely social and charismatic. He is also a bit of a brat and unmanageable, which is partially the reason why the previous six First Gardeners had short tenures. Though he is kind-hearted, he tends to indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle of fun, drinking and sex, always seeking the next pleasure. While not unintelligent, Cire can be short-sighted and does not think of the consequences of his words or actions.

Though he is seemingly unaware of the passage of time, in fact he is highly recognizant of the fact, and often tries to hide the truth from himself.

Background[edit | edit source]

His egg was found in a secret place in Oteslia's great tree.[3] He was hatched and raised and raised by the city, in the hopes that he would eventually lead them. Much of Oteslia's populace knows his real identity, and is passed off of the current First Gardener's son to everyone else.

TBA from Interlude - Food and Growth

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dragon Physiology[edit | edit source]

Though Dragons are unable to level, they possess natural advantages over most species. His powers and abilities are of a typical Earth-type Dragon. As he is still an adolescent Dragon, these powers and abilities may currently be weaker then an adult Dragon.

  • Enhanced Condition: As a Dragon, even an adolescent one, his condition is superior to other Races, like Drakes and Gnolls.
    • Enhanced Strength: He is stronger than any of his peers,[2] and can knock out others with a single punch.[4]
    • Enhanced Speed: He is faster than any of his peers.[2]
    • Enhanced Athleticism: He is as nimble as could be.[2]
    • Enhanced Vision: His eyes are superior to most Vision Skills, as they allow him to see for miles away.[2]
    • Enhanced Endurance: He never gets tired.[5]
    • Enhanced Durability: Unless enchanted, his scales can on and might even snap plain steel, without any harm to him. He can also take multiple heavy blows on pair of an [Enhanced Toughness] Skill.[4]
    • Enhanced Reflexes: He can evade arrows shoot at him with ease.[6]
    • Intoxication Resistance: He can imbibe vast amount of alcohol that would explode a lesser Drake’s stomach, without being the slightest intoxicated.[4]
  • Earth Manipulation: He is able to reshape the ground and earth.[7]
  • Nature Attunement: Plants grow faster when he plants them. He is also loved by animals,[7] and can do the equivalent of a [Wildcall] with his voice to call them to follow him in battle.[6]
  • Elemental Breath: As an Earth-type Dragon, he can breath more than one element.
    • Acid Breath: He can spit acid.[2]
    • Poison Breath: He can exhale noxious fumes in the form of fogs of various maladies.[2]
    • Benefic Breath: He can exhale beneficial substances.[2]
  • Flight: Has wings that allows him to fly. With them he can fly so fast that Winged Oldbloods and Pegasi Riders struggle to catch up to him.[2]
  • Dragon Sensing: Like any other Dragon he can sense when he meets an other Dragon even if they are under illusion spells. He can also sense when someone had not only run into a Dragon some time ago (possible a few months ago), but actually been close to one.[5]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

  • Shapeshifting Ring: A ring that allows him to change his Dragon form to a Winged Oldblood Drake form.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • To Shaerrha:
    • Mom. Mooooom! Guess what I saw? It’s those [Strategists] on the scrying orb! Can I visit them? Can I? Can I?”
    • Mom. I told you to call me Cire. No one calls me by my full name but you. All my friends call me Cire. And my girlfriend.”
    • “Yasy was cooler than you. She let me do what I wanted. Is she still touring the world?”
    • “Hey Mom, if Pallass has television, do you think we can get one? I mean, so I can be on it. Rafaema would flip if she saw that. Or—can I visit Pallass? Please?
  • To Rafaema:
    • “I knew. I can tell when they’re getting older. I don’t think about it. I don’t want to. Call me a child if you want, Rafaema. I don’t want to say goodbye. I looked at Mivifa—and I saw her dying. Rotting with age. I’m going…I’m going to see her die. She’s going to grow old and I’ll still be young. She’ll hate me.”
    • “No! No one lets me see intelligence reports after I took one to show the others!”
  • (To Rafaema) “Whoa. Raf, you have to stop hanging around with the Dulls. They’re armored plodders. Come on, you’re in my city! Let’s fly!”
  • (To Rafaema) “I’ll just tell her that I’ll scream, ‘I’m a Dragon’ from the rooftops if she doesn’t. Then, when she comes back, I’ll tell her I swore a death-pact with Lyonette. She has truth spells. Easy.”
  • To Oteslia’s council:
    • “You need to trust me sometime. I know I’m…daring, but I mean it. This matters. So—just listen. Just listen and trust me. Will you—will you just shut up and follow me?
    • Follow me! It’s the right thing to do, I know it! I can’t sit here any longer. Fly with me.
  • (To Rickel) “Rickel, you keep getting it wrong! Stop it. It’s so…terrible. No, wait, it’s cringe. Am I using that right?”

References[edit | edit source]